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  • Administrators will enforce the guidelines, however, it is not possible to review every message. Please use private messages or email to report rule infractions.
  • Administrators reserve the right to 1) alter the guidelines when necessary without advanced notice, 2) suspend/ban users from the forum for rule infractions or at the request of the user's respective band director, 3) review all data held in the forum database, which includes personal messages.


Prohibited Behaviors



  • Linking to forums of a similar nature to this one.
  • Linking to pornography or distasteful text/images.
  • Linking to copyrighted material.
  • Creating more than one user name.
  • Creating an obscene user name.
  • Spamming, which is creating topics or posts that contribute nothing to the forum, on- or off-topic. In addition, users who constantly spam topics will have their posts deleted and post count set to zero.
  • Creating topics directed at another individual outside of the individual discussion thread. There are personal messaging options.
  • Bumping, which is resurrecting dead topics.
  • E-mail spamming, which is when e-mails are collected on this site and used for unsolicited e-mailing.
  • Harassing other members.
  • Using obscene or hateful language. Any attempts to avoid the word filter will result in suspension or banning.
  • Posting content that is obscene, vulgar, sexually-oriented, hateful, threatening, racist, sexist, discriminatory, in violation of local or international law, encouraging of drug use or gambling. This rule covers posts, signatures, avatars and profiles.
  • Publishing false/defamatory statements in order to ruin another's reputation and/or doxxing.  We reserve the right to hide or delete content we feel rises to that level.  Remember, your posts are your own and do not reflect the views and positions of the administrator(s) of this board.
  • Abuse of the forum reputation system.
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