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    This as already started happening. It was in the news that Harrison County school system is closed this week, their nursing homes have put a hold on all visitations, and churches didn't hold services. Edited to add: I'm sorry, but the fact that someone felt the need to downvote a post on the preventative steps a community has taken to keep a virus from spreading, just because they have a personal vendetta towards me for unknown reasons, shows just how absolutely pathetic some people on here can be. You ought to be ashamed of yourself. With that said, please keep these communities in your thoughts and pray to whomever your belief stands with for this to go away as quickly as it popped up.
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    Madisonville Southwest Hopkins - The Carpenters - From Jesus to Karen Russell County - For Real this Time: An Homage to North Hardin The Combined Madison County Outdoor Performance Ensemble - Variations on that Song from Tetris Millersburg Military Institute - Kinky Boots!
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    In Ben Dovers defence,his credibility is pretty good. This topic was so hush hush though the no uk seemed most likely. Good on Mike Honcho though. UK is way more acceptable than eku.
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    It would seem Mike Honcho knew something all along. State is officially at UK on October 31st! Crisis averted people!
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    UK has announced that the rest of their semester will be online, and Berea has cancelled the rest of their semester and order the students to be moved out by Saturday. I'm absolutely thrilled that these communities are being proactive instead of procrastinating.
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    The downvote trolling on here has been craaaazy as of late. When I see obvious cases of it I just ignore it because in the end it’s just a digital splash of red, and they want people to complain about it. But I think there’s times when trolling with a downvote goes from childish to just disrespectful. This is one of those times.
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    That is fantastic to hear that they've stepped up to take action like this. Thank you for reporting, because I wouldn't have heard of this otherwise. I've been living in China for a few years now, and as most can guess it has been quite scary here at times during the past few months. The city I live in stepped up and took immediate actions to prevent things from getting as bad as it has in most other cities here. Being proactive like that is what helped save people. It absolutely sucked having things be more difficult, and schools here had to do exactly what UK is now doing - online education. But it is 100% for the best. No inconvenience can outweigh the alternative, which is having this virus destroy our communities. We need state and local governments to step up and be proactive in this. I hope everyone can keep a calm mind, and use common sense when it comes to how you deal with things. Don't panic - wash your hands frequently - and stay indoors and away from people as much as possible.
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    Someone will leave again when they realize that they're not going make finals even with the changes.
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    I know, just giving him a little crap. When it's Ben Dover time, no one is more ready than me.
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    I don't even care to know. I'm just glad it's not at EKU. Things should go much smoother than originally planned.
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    BOA is expanding finals due to increased participation the past few years at Regional comps. KMEA is expanding in hopes to increase participation. I’d say there’s a difference.
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    I am so so so so so EXCITED to see what 2020 brings for us, marchers and band directors!!! Lots of great things to come I believe ❤
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    Which is why I pointed it out. I've been downvoted with every post I've made, and I can live with people being that petty, but when it comes to something serious and can affect kids it becomes disrespectful, childish, and downright pathetic. In all honesty it should be removed because of times like this, but then you have the children crying because their fun got taken away from them, and thats when you know who the culprits really are.
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    They will if they drop down to 4A...😒
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    KyBand posted it on their Facebook page. They never post without hearing from KMEA. There was also an email sent out to directors today as well.
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    Can confirm Central Hardin is returning
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    Considering I spoke of the email that was sent out and EKU was the preferred site and date, UK came as a surprise to me after all the debate that had been taking place between KMEA, the directors, and the host sites. I'm perfectly happy with UK, as it's my preferred site, but as of a month ago it was highly unlikely that an agreement was to be reached. However I'm absolutely satisfied with this choice. Thank you @Mike Honcho for being right!
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    I know of a few bands that have their show reveals coming up soon and one that had theirs tonight, feel free to send me dates so I can try my best to compose a list of band shows :))
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    I enjoy following this site for entertainment purposes but opinions and hope override facts most every time.
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    Russell just didn't have the show last year in comparison to the bands that beat them. They're still a very good band and I firmly believe they will bounce back from 6th.
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    I predict Washington wins 1A Cumberland will continue to improve and narrowly be 2nd. Hancock will be on finals but in the 4th-6th range Estill drops back to 2A and wins. Murray Beechwood and Russell Ind. will be the solid top 4 and the next 2 could be any number of programs. Russell, Adair, and Pulaski become an interchangeable top 3. I give the champ nod to Russell right now. I feel they have a rebound in plan. Taylor & Glassgow become definite finalists 6th will most likely be Garrard but could be Boyle or another dark horse. Harrison finishes top 2 Bourbon does not finish top 2 Harrison, Bourbon, Anderson, South Laurel, and MNHHS are your top 5. Lafayette wins again MC gets 2nd. Ryle, Eastern, and PLD remain definite finalists and 6th becomes an open door to groups like GRC, Campbell and Davies. Unless Central Hardin returns.
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    My predictions for finals next year: Class A: Cumberland County- 1st, Owensboro Catholic- 2nd, Williamstown- 3rd, Mayfield- 4th, IN THE EVENT THEY TAKE 6 AT FINALS NEXT SEASON Danville- 5th, Nicholas County- 6th Class AA: Beechwood- 1st, Murray- 2nd, Russell Indepdent- 3rd, Washington County- 4th, IN THE EVENT THEY TAKE 6 AT FINALS NEXT SEASON, Harlan County- 5th, Casey County- 6th Class AAA, Estill- 1st, Adair- 2nd, Glasgow- 3rd, Taylor County- 4th, IN THE EVENT THEY TAKE 6 AT FINALS NEXT SEASON, Russell County- 5th, Pulaski County- 6th Class AAAA: South Laurel- 1st, Bourbon County- 2nd, Anderson County- 3rd, Harrison County- 4th, IN THE EVENT THEY TAKE 6 AT FINALS NEXT SEASON, Madisonville N. Hopkins- 5th, Owensboro- 6th Class AAAAA: Madison Central- 1st, Lafayette- 2nd, Larry A. Ryle- 3rd, Paul L. Dunbar- 4th, IN THE EVENT THEY TAKE 6 AT FINALS NEXT SEASON, Eastern- 5th, George Rogers Clark- 6th
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    I’d rather have a chance to audition as a middle schooler and not make it oppose to not being hand picked by the director... somebody show me the moral flaw of an audition for middle schoolers... show me any well developed high school sports team that takes every single 7th grader from their feeder school who wants to join... marching band is a HIGH SCHOOL activity, a director has absolutely no obligation to place 7th and 8th graders among that. Many schools in this state choose to and that’s fine. But even then it is not EVERY 7th and 8th grader selected. And since when did we decide auditioning was taboo in the music Ed world. You audition for your chair and what part you play, you audition for additional ensembles such as jazz band and symphonic, you audition for solos, you audition for honor bands, audition for color guard (I’ve never heard of a school taking every kid who wants to be in color guard), you audition for your schools winter guard, you audition for DCI... it’s a performing art. Auditions are expected. To be in middle school marching in a high school program is a privilege and who are we to say that choosing those best suited for it isn’t through auditions. We don’t know the ins and outs of each program, what’s worked for them in the past, or how things are even truly done at these programs.
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