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    The way I look at it is do ANYTHING to give these kids a season after the year we've had. Do whatever you have to do because the kids deserve something positive after the last 5 months.
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    Can we have this auto-populate into every post someone makes on this forum? Something along the lines of "it's not about us at all, but rather the kids and giving them something positive. Are you certain you wish to save what you have just written?" 🤷‍♀️ 🤣
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    The KMEA Marching Band Committee held a meeting today to discuss their new guidelines for having a season due to Covid-19. Does anyone have any news on this? I know that there are three scenarios, but from my understanding we are currently facing scenario one, which includes 3 phases and schools returning to in-class school for the next school year. Just wondering what the guidelines for the season are.
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    Exactly, and it's not about us at all, but rather the kids and giving them something positive after the last 5 months. I personally think it's going to be important to their mental health and having some sense of normalcy after not being able to attend the last 3 months of the school year. It isn't about us and our feelings, or what we want to see happen or not at all. I'd rather see the kids happy that they get to have a season even though it might be the worst season due to circumstances. I'd rather not be able to attend a competition than these kids not get a season.
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    So, basically turn ourselves into OMEA😂 I understand all sides of everyone's arguments bc they all some validity to them. I personally don't have an issue with kmea doing what ever they can to salvage some sort of season for the kids. Will it be perfect? Nope. But I will take what I can get and so will the kids. Of course $ is a factor for KMEA and always will be. That's reality. I also agree that yes, as a whole, few seemed upset when concert season was canceled and yes much music education is taught there. However, although us true musicians and music lovers may be the majority here on the forums, in the real world we are the minority. Marching band is fun, exciting and competitve and that's why it brings in the $$. Its why after every state comp we all congregate here to fight to the death on who should have won. We can see past the flash and gimmicks that transfixed an audience and say yes that was cool but the music performance was subpar. There is plenty of music education being taught on the field and the proof is listening to a group at the beginning of season compared to the end season. There is no easy fix for this season and I cant be the only one who never guessed she might have to argue not only points of music and visuals but now possibly internet band width. I mean what would that judges tape sound like? " Beautiful tone coming from the mello section and great technique battery. Visually a very thought provoking show which I would give high marks to but unfortunately had to deduct a couple of tenths due to buffering " 😂 At least we have something new to argue about y'all! Lol.
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    You must be familiar with a different KMEA than I am. Some have their heart in the right place; others can't see past their nose (i.e. egos). And don't think for a second that it's not about the money...........because it is. I'll gladly eat crow if I am wrong.
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    That is not financially viable. Hosts must make $$$$ to pay judges. The goal with the restart of school is the continuation of music education. Virtual learning and events will likely have to be a part of the process all year. Do not plan on or expect 20-21 being normal. This year will be about keeping things afloat and providing adapted music education experiences in a covid 19 world. In a post covid 19 world many things will eventually return to normal. Local HS band will look like it did before. Nationally things may be different. I’m not sure Music for All (BOA) and DCI can survive a year (or longer) without events.
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    I’m totally fine with the recommendation and it is, as BandGeeks stated, probably for legal purposes. But if you think our 200+ groups (NH, Lafayette, MC) are going to strictly follow it, I’m not buying it lol. They might make some modifications (I.e. visuals with no performer-on-performer contact, limit small interval sets) but the 3-step interval at all times is not realistic for groups like that, imo. All three of them are planning to compete nationally this next season and will design their shows accordingly. I could be wrong though. As Ben Dover mentioned, I’m just happy to have a season.
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    Realistically, I think most directors will design shows like normal in regards to drill and spacing while enforcing social distance guidelines off the field. If they’re going to let football teams play normally, they should let marching bands operate normally on field as well IMO. Don’t see the logic in letting the football players line up shoulder to shoulder and make physical contact on every play while the band kids have to maintain 3-step intervals while on field. Marching band is already way more socially distant than other activities.
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    At 6-feet of distance, they'd need a line about 1/3 of a mile long just walking to the field. 🤔
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    I personally think that this would be the most reasonable thing at this point. Would hate to see it since this is my girl's senior year. But... you know, we'll survive. She will hopefully play her instrument in college, and we'll come back and cheer our band on after she's graduated.
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    I mean KMEA is still a business that still needs money to survive. I’m sure there are people in the ranks of KMEA that does, in fact, only look at the money. but that is a needed aspect of every business. Non profits, charities, state band associations, all have to look at their money and make sure there is some coming in and make moves to make it and preserve it. Money smart choices will have to be made wether we like those choices or not, they are made for a reason. It’s not rainbows and fairies people... the fact is. There’s no money in comps without spectators. But there is also no money in virtual competitions. If it comes to that it would be the money smart decision to just simply not have a competitive band season. I’d rather have KMEA around In 2022 than have them die in 2020 because they poured money into something that’s not at all viable. there are other ways to expand music education beyond the field. Nobody was this upset about concert band being canceled which is arguably the more important side of music education.
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    My thought exactly. I understand that nothing alternative is ideal, but the entire circumstance is ideal. If it’s at all possible for the kids to have any semblance of a competitive season while staying safe, than anything in that regard is better to me than nothing at all. It disappoints me that people don’t seem to want an alternative season if they can’t view it in person.
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    I guess I'm wrong in thinking we have to do anything we can to give these kids any sort of season. Shame on me.
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    Same. There are just too many issues that come into play with it. And it’s still a season I guess but is it really? I think if i was a student and I was told that every competition would be a glorified practice run I’d probably opt out to take pottery or something... not to mention there would be a total lack of accountability on all ends. And I guess we expect the weather to be the same across the state for 3 months? Horrible idea. I agree with chase. It had to be dead the minute it was suggested. it’s funny to me that y’all want to complain about the judges and then think they can be trusted to judge a livestream from their home.
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    Not a viable option at all. Jmo
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    It was discussed that bands would live stream their performance to a central base for the competition, and judges would be judging from home while watching the stream. Yes, this was a viable option because it would give the kids some sort of season. This isn't about us, as spectators, but the kids. They are what is most important right now because it is on their shoulders for the continuance of the activity after this. If they don't have a season this year a lot of programs will see dips in numbers, so to repeat what I said a few posts up, do anything to give these kids a season.
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    Buy GLORY on iTunes.
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    I agree with this. The guidelines are well meaning and appreciated by me and also probably serve more as a legal protection for kmea in the event anything should happen and that's understandable to me. 1A-3A can probably follow them easily. 4A gets harder and it becomes almost impossible for 5A especially for Lafayette and the beast that is MC. How do you socially distance a group of 280 off the field? It would be worth going to a practice of theirs to see it in action. However, if you've ever seen where they practice there won't be room for anyone else but their band bc it will take the field and parking lot next to it to accommodate that😂 I wish all the groups the best of luck and will just say right now to the staffs of all programs the extra work they will be putting now due to all this is greatly appreciated!
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    We just got our show music for our winds and all i can really say is 1. I LOVE IT 2. Britney is the ballad
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    Lassiter has had 2 bands make a BOA regional final before. I don’t know about KMEA, but both Avon and Broken Arrow have competitive and non competitive marching bands. Z More likely to see no marching bands than 1 school with 2 marching bands in 2020.
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    I'm honestly down for that. Freshmen JV and Varsity. So down, but is it allowed for a school to have 2 bands? I've never heard of a rule stating that particularly, but never know. There isn't a rule against counties combining forces, but KMEA said no before.
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    Split them into 2 competing bands . Varsity and JV 😁
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    According to word of mouth, "it is recommended that drill be kept at 3 step intervals, or 5.75 feet apart". Good luck Madison Central.
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    I think directors are waiting to see if they can even have a season before getting kids excited for a show, honestly. Show reveals can be a great recruiting method, though, so the moment they get the go-ahead I’m assuming we’ll see about a dozen reveals that same day.