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    I won't downvote you for no apparent reason. 1A 1. Washington County 2. Cumberland County 3. Hancock County 4. Owensboro Catholic 5. Mayfield 6. Williamstown 2A 1. Beechwood 2. Murray 3. Russell Ind. 4. Mercer County 5. Hart County 6. Casey County 3A 1. Russell County 2. Estill County 3. Adair County 4. Glasgow 5. Taylor County 6. Pulaski County 4A 1. Harrison County 2. Anderson County 3. Bourbon County 4. Madisonville North Hopkins 5. South Laurel 6. South Warren 5A 1. Madison Central 2. Lafayette 3. Larry A. Ryle 4. Eastern 5. Paul Laurence Dunbar 6. Campbell County/GRC
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    I agree. I hate to be that person, and I know this is going to start some controversy, but to me the only true finalists will always be the top 4 in each class. To me the finalists added on will be like the next 8 at Grand National semis. That said, I hope that bands like GRC and Campbell continue to push towards the top so that maybe the directors who come back because they finally got their way will learn some humility. Then again, a lot of people simply never learn even when the dish is steaming hot and placed in front of them.
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    Plus, there were only 11 bands in 5A last year...........and now we're going to put 6 in finals? Over half?? Oh, I'm sure a few that were bellyaching to get this change pushed through will return (and remember, it was a 6-6 tie with the chair breaking it)......and then preach their praises of how they now have a "finalist" band (when they wouldn't even be in the top 10 in Indiana or TN). We have a lot of fixing to do in KMEA, and it's all going in the wrong direction. But we can't see the forest for the trees. Lots of humility needs to be spread. Jmo
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    Agreed. watching the fith and sixth spot band will be like making us sit through 10 unnecessary exhibitions. I guess it's possible that one of the top 4 in any class could just absolutely fall apart and one of these bands sneak into a top 4 finish or maybe even the planet's align just right for a surprise top 4 finish aka Dunbar last season but it's highly unlikely. I suppose kmea will just have to implode on its self before meaningful changes will take root like keeping finals elite and competitive instead of sprinkled with honorable mentions.
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    I live less than 5 minutes from downtown Cincinnati. I have Cincinnati Reds season tickets. I do not park in downtown Cincinnati for any reason. This is all pie in the sky thinking. State is not going to be held in Cincinnati. People constantly think KMEA just picks wherever they want to host the event and it magically happens. I do not envy the powers that be who have to do the hard work of securing a site for state. I'm sure it's not easy, and I would guess it gets more challenging every year. Z Would be happy to travel 5 minutes to a state finals in Cincinnati.
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    I'd much rather KMEA some how strike up a contract like ISSMA and BOA have with the Colts that way we know where it's gonna be every year, a centralized location, and directors never have to play a guessing game. Preferably UK or UofL. Would this be possible? Granted the date would be different every year due to football schedules, but at least we would have some consistency. We've been thrown around the state for going on 35 years now, it's time.
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    Hello everyone! I know this is early, but what are your predictions for 2020? 🤔
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    Meh, I'm usually on the side of 'less is more', but all this talk about not being a 'true' finalist is a bit too much. For better or worse, sports have changed the way they do playoffs so it's somewhat natural for other types of competition to do the same. We are talking about teenagers doing their very best and getting recognized for their work, so maybe hold off on talking down to their future accomplishments. Or don't. I can't make anyone do what they don't want to. Just enjoy the day of finals. HAVING SAID THAT. If anyone complains about being in 7th place in their class, they are automatically kicked out of KMEA.
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    Totally agree. Expanding to 6 bands cheapens the whole process. If you aren't top 4, you aren't a true finalist.
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    Russell's gonna be out for blood this year. Them being in the top is very believable👍
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    Just received word that UK wants more money and KMEA isn't willing to budge this year. An email was sent out with the sites and dates asking directors which they prefered, and it looks like we will be heading to EKU on Oct. 31st. Among the sites listed were EKU, UofL, WKU, and Murray.
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    I know what the email said, but I was adding to it. From my understanding Stroube wants to draw up a contract with UK to have them either host every other year or become the official site, not sure which. If I understand correctly that is UKs issue. Either they keep the event or they don't want it.
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    UK isn't completely off the table, they have just responded no to the current offer. Stroube wants to see if a contract can be drawn up that will satisfy UK. That being said the only sites big enough to host 30 bands without some big uproar because someone has to move their semi are UofL and UK. WKU was a nightmare this year with just 20 bands, and EKU should never be an option again after 2014.
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    Full availability of stadiums for 2020. Only showing dates that have been used in the past (third Saturday of October through first Saturday of November), and only showing stadiums that have been used in the past: October 17 (same date as BOA St. Louis Super Regional): University of Louisville Western Kentucky University October 24 (same date as BOA Indianapolis Super Regional): University of Kentucky Western Kentucky University Eastern Kentucky University October 31 (Halloween): University of Kentucky Eastern Kentucky University November 7 (same date as Mid-States Band Association Championships): University of Kentucky University of Louisville Western Kentucky University
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    There's only about one class, maybe two, where I see 6 per class as a somewhat good change but overall I think it's unnecessary. 4 per class in finals right now feels like the better fit for Kentucky Bands...
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    Well, there is no baseball at that time. No basketball. And you would obviously be doing it on a weekend with no Bengals game (though they play on Sunday anyway). There's not really a hell of a lot else going on down there...those parking garages are pretty much there to accommodate events at the stadiums on the waterfront. So I don't know what "secure" means in this context, but there should be ample public parking for finals if there is consistently enough for much larger events at the stadiums...right? If not, then I don't know there would ever be enough parking for Bengals/Reds/UC basketball games, and to my knowledge parking has been adequate for all of those larger events. I understand you doubt it, but I'm really not sure why you doubt it. I think it would be hilarious to have the Kentucky state championship in Ohio. Obviously bands in Northern Kentucky would love it....and they are very much a part of the Cincinnati region. And, frankly, if the two major universities with sufficiently large stadiums in the Commonwealth won't step up and host, then why should we thumb our nose at a stadium right across the river that is willing to host? (And if I recall correctly, before KMEA finals, it was common practice for a band winning the KY Governor's Cup at the Contest of Champions to be considered the "state champion"...despite the event being held in Tennessee.) Of course, all of this is probably a moot point, since I'm not aware of any effort or offer from Paul Brown Stadium to host. But it's interesting to consider.
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    I'm just saying if bands have to travel to Murray we may see a good amount drop out due to travel times/cost. For some Indianapolis would be a shorter drive. Take Beechwood for example, and this could go for most bands north of Lexington. Murray State - 4 hours 52 minutes Indianapolis - 1 hour 56 minutes.
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    Russell just didn't have the show last year in comparison to the bands that beat them. They're still a very good band and I firmly believe they will bounce back from 6th.
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    I was told the first retreat would go after 1A and 2A. Now I'm confused and I thought I finally had all my ducks in a row. Do we know if they will be making the first batch of finalists equipment trailers leave to make room for the next batch? Now I sound like I'm baking.
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    I google maped both campuses and both are nightmares to even try to figure out. Lets also remember travel times for bands like Russell Independent who are on the opposite end of the state next to West Virginia. They made finals for the first time last year and would more than likely not attend due to what I would guesstimate would be a 7 hour drive for them to Murray State. 1A and 2A will have retreat after 2A performs, and then 3A, 4A, and 5A will have retreat at the end of the night. It's also not good if you sit any higher than the 3rd row in the upper deck, because you can't see or hear the pit in any band unless the pit is out on the field. This makes me wonder how many bands will make design choices this year to move their pit off the front sideline due to 1. You can't hear them otherwise and 2. You have to squish in to fit onto the sideline and still have room for your drum major podiums. Either way you look at it, the move to 6 bands in finals this year is going to be a logistical nightmare, let alone having state at a smaller venue like EKU. I'm going to take a wild guess that KMEA is going to require the 1A and 2A bands to move their equipment out of the lot as 3A and 4A arrive. 5A will already be there of course, which will limit the room in the lot as it is.
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    UofL or UK are pretty good options for sure. Convenience wise, UK is the best choice as far as the centralized location. It makes sense trying to make that a permanent site for the future. I can't lie though, I definitely prefer UofL. As a spectator, it's paradise to me but if it's UK instead I won't mind. As long as it's not WKU again for awhile, I'm happy in the end. I hate driving for hours... especially when I accidentally forget finals tickets and realize as soon as I pull in the parking lot🤦‍♂️
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    UofL wasn't always the prefered site. That only started in 2007. Part of the issue that UK being the official site will fix is the concerns with unsafe field conditions at semis, which I believe is one of the biggest reasons to name it the official site. Also looking at the map the majority of competing bands in the state are in/around central Kentucky. That being said, UofL and UK are the only sites that will be able to hold 30 bands without someone having to move their equipment trucks. We had bands having to do this last year at WKU, and ending up parking behind random businesses and in alley ways that WERE NOT blocked off. EKU has similar issues, with there being little to no parking for spectators once they move bands in, and some bands will have to be parked across the bypass and will be at risk of moving to and from camp. I prefer UK, as it's closer to home and my personal enjoyment of finals in Commonwealth (it will always be Commonwealth to me) as a spectator and competing band, but UofL is a viable second choice. I doubt we will see state at WKU ever again. At least if they are wise we won't.
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    Yeah, UK is just too far east to make the "official" sight, but I know UL has always been the "preferred" sight. And now you add in finals having to start around 3:00 ish (depending on if they split the awards/retreat, or wait until the end....30 bands is a long wait on top of semifinals). Then this wacky draw of 2/4 instead of 3/3 or just having it random. Makes my head hurt.....
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    Yep, no UK; Oct 24 at WKU, Oct 31 at EKU, or Nov 7 at UL
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    I am so so so so so EXCITED to see what 2020 brings for us, marchers and band directors!!! Lots of great things to come I believe ❤