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    You'll just end up going back to the old problem of directors cutting playing members just to stay in a lower class
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    Two girls (one who is my daughter) from Lafayette color guard are marching Crossmen this year.
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    I for one am reviewing the shows as I saw them. And the designers of those shows. Not the kids marching them. I have no doubt the kids have all worked extremely hard for the past month. The kids have to sign up most of the time before they even know what the show is going to be, so they get zero say in it. All they can do is make the best of the design they are given. Same is true for our high school bands. Each band’s kids work just as hard as the next. But I watch a show and either love it, like, indifferent, dislike or hate it. Never once have I thought “if only this show had a different group of kids performing it!! Then it would be great!!” Having watched a few corps rehearsals, they don’t baby the kids, so I don’t see why we should either. They are tough and can take it.
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    So...you want us to lie about what we really think about a corp's performance? Say positive things in public, even if we really don't believe it?
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    Bullitt Central always does.
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    Back then, it was more about the music. More about the marching. Bands weren't afraid to wear white shoes. Bands wore the same uniform for years...because that was the brand, and they were proud of it. You saw the red and navy of GRC in the late 80s and early 90s, you trembled. You saw the yellow plumes of E-town in the mid to late 90s, you bowed. Now, design is the God that rules all...and the students have no say in design whatsoever. *oldmanyellsatcloud.gif *GrandpaSimpson.gif
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    I know Dixie has like 3 members all marching Scouts this year! 💚
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    The criticism here is nowhere near as harsh as what they write in Drum Corps Planet
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    According to Instagram Phillip Sohn is the new assistant director at Anderson.
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    Chris mudd to Casey Co. Sorry kiddos
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    Carolina Crown is rehearsing at Lafayette tonight, if anyone is near Lexington... Think I heard it starts at 7.
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    I really doubt there is a corps out there that can march a drill like Madison Scouts 1988, Star of Indiana 1993 and let alone anything as clean as Cavaliers 2002. Just my opinion. The drill is not the important part of the show anymore. Come to think of it... What are DCI judges actually judging anymore? (that is a rhetorical question - you don't have to answer it.)
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    Nope. I’m in the same boat with you.
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    As I understand it, Lucas Morgan has taken the Webster gig. He was under Burris/Stovall at Muhlenberg and a recent MSU grad. I think he's a trumpet player. Hopefully Webster can get some stability, but it's a weird place.
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    With the amount of bands dropping out of the SMBC, do any of you think it would be a viable option to start a festival class circuit where bands go for ratings (bronze, silver, or gold) based on their performance rather than classes and scores? They do this in Indiana, and I know it’s a way for them to attract lots of smaller bands struggling financially. Perhaps this would be a strategy to help get some of the bands that have dropped out in recent years due to financial reasons? Possibly even the non-competitive groups like Scott County and Franklin County could go with the types of shows that they do...and it might be a terrific experience for those kids who probably otherwise would never get to experience anything remotely close to a band contest. What do you guys think?
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    Hazard was pretty good with competing in the past.
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    Estill County - The Crossing Looks to be something about a train. Gives ghostly vibes but that’s just my speculation. Not much info on it. Marion County - The Experiment Green color scheme. Show’s about the dangers of conformity and groupthink. The band tries to get a soloist to conform with them.
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    I'm behind Phantom, Boston, and Mandarins for some great stuff this year.
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    He can hook you up with some excellent beef summer sausage.
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    Give me East Laurel every time.
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    Very good show, by the way!
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    Not sure if GRC was the first, but the first year I remember a prop in a GRC show was 1987. The show's theme was The Nutcracker. There was a large box with ribbon and a bow on it to resemble a Christmas present that moved around the field. Some story characters emerged from the box and the colorguard executed a flag change using the box.
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    I second this, the downvote is absolutely unnecessary. The other reactions are find to keep though. DCP forum doesn't use the downvote probably for this same reason. I also am part of a staff of a 9000+ member Discord server and we don't allow that.