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    I can't believe this says "average programs"!!!! These are some really fantastic band programs!
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    I still wouldn't consider their marching bands "average." South Oldham has been in finals multiple times, and when they're not they're usually 5th or 6th. Central Hardin is consistently top 8 in a very tough 5A. Henry Clay does very well too (I just don't know as much - but I've seen them, and they're not "average.") I THINK you're saying they'll be average in the BOA circuit. And yes, that's a possibility. But even then, I don't think you have to be top 30 in BOA to be average. I think the top 30 are SUPERB programs. I have no affiliation to any of these programs. I'm sticking up for them because... well, if they're "average" then a lot of bands, that aren't them, are probably feeling bad right now, and they shouldn't.
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    Hey everybody! Mrs. B here from North Oldham HS. Our Marching Band is currently 5th place in a contest and we could use your help! For the contest, we had to make a video playing "We Are Band" and post it online. The most viewed video will win $15,000 and the most liked video will win $10,000 (there's also a prize for "most creative" but you can't help us with that part.) Would you mind watching and liking our performance? You can view it here: https://youtu.be/dK4EY5_uMCU Final numbers are tallied on 4/30 at the end of the day. I know this performance is far from perfect - we put it together in a day and had very limited rehearsal and taping time. Unfortunately, we got a slightly late start to the contest and we just needed to get it up quickly. That said though, our kids worked really hard to make this happen and we'd love your support! (We tried our best to look "cool" ) We've been averaging about 1000 views a day, but it hasn't been enough to get us higher than 5th. I figured this is a place with people that LOVE marching bands, so it might be a good spot to reach out. Hopefully there's a few people willing to watch and like Thanks in advance!
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    Dang yall... State Finalists are not the only "great" bands in this state. Central Hardin IS "greatness" - there's a fantastic program over there! First the statement in the other thread about South Oldham and Henry Clay being "average" and now Central Hardin is just "on the verge"? I realize those weren't said by the same person, but this board is getting crazy picky about band programs.
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    Oh god, here we go. The armchair band budget experts are here. Would love to see you go explain to the Band Directors/Boosters of these programs how they’re “doing it wrong” when it comes to their budgets/fees. Guarantee you have no idea what you’re talking about. ANYWAYS, of course band fees suck, but they are crucial to make a program run. Truth is, fundraising isn’t as effective as it used to be.
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    Had a relative from Ohio come to State semis last year who had never seen KY bands. She couldn't believe how good they all were bc it is night and day from the Ohio bands as a whole. It was fun to see her watch the smaller 5A bands and really appreciate how great they actually are too(we know they are good here but we also know How fantastic the Big 3 are and she didn't yet) and then NH took the field and when they did their first big hit this grandmother of 6 actually grabbed my arm and said Holy Sh** lol. She was on her feet losing her mind for these bands which made me appreciate what we have here!
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    You need to get your eyes checked because as dirty as they are I can say it has improved. MC isn’t great visually now but fact of the matter is they have never been great visually. 2015 and 16 might be the dirtiest shows to win a state title in 5A. 5A was also not even close to the typical 5A caliber those 3 years and none of those shows would’ve out scored Lafayette or north the last 2 years. So to say Jaggie needs to win or at least be runner up to claim his worth when he’s up against 2 programs who have significantly improved and surpassed the quality of the Barton era is just not fair. I do believe MC is somewhat cleaner now and last years show was easily the best they’ve put out. My only issue with them is that they are still notoriously dirty but MC is a band that obviously puts music first and it shows by how outstanding they are in that.
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    Your fees were $150-$250? That’s great. But every program is different. I’m just going to have to tell myself to stay away from this thread. I can already tell it’s going to make my head hurt. Instead of counting other programs’ money, I say we just let the directors and boosters budget what they think is necessary. They probably know a little more about it than we do.
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    Sure. I also went to Adair County. But you can't take what happens in Adair County and paint the rest of the bands in the state with the same brush. Adair County doesn't change much. You're looking at students that are in the 3rd or 4th generation of the same family marching band membership. Everyone knows everyone - and is quite possibly related to them. No hillbilly jokes, please. So, your bankers, and business leaders, and representatives from every occupational field are probably either former Adair band members, or related to one. Aunt Susan, ACHS Band Class of '73, is an easy target for fundraising. Adair is also the only band in the county. You have 100% of the market. Add on the Bingo cash bonanza, and you have the high life. Now, take Hardin County, for example. Four competitive marching bands. Sure, the county population is greater, but there's much less connectivity. Plenty of people moving in and out with the military, etc. Market dilution. Instead of everyone raising money for one band,a decent sized workplace there will have parents in the same building fundraising for 4 different bands at the same time - sometimes with the exact same fundraiser. You can have four different bingo halls, but they would all be drawing money away from each other instead of toward a single band. And I promise you, every one of those bands would argue that they do "A LOT" of fundraising.
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    Lol. Slow your roll buddy. Stop acting like wanting woodwinds in DCI is why George Hopkins isn’t a Corp Director anymore. The fact DCI is accepting of recorded singing vocalist and electronics (all completely separate from wind and percussion instruments.) but is so hell bent against woodwinds even being featured in a solo (but will accept a recorded woodwind) is despicable and a complete joke on the activity. Either ban it all except for brass or percussion or let it all in.
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    I feel that 5A schools leaving KMEA makes zero sense to me because when we’re switching to BOA sheets these band are getting the feedback they want......also they would probably go to a BOA contest and depending on which contest they wouldn’t make finals just as if you participated in KMEA......also your telling kids that when you don’t get what you want it’s ok to quit Sorry for the ramble but it had to be said
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    Y’all think Kentucky bands are bad or average... ever been to ohio? Lol
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    Maybe he felt like he accomplished as much as he could at Central Hardin. Dare I say, some jobs have ceilings.
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    Not sure if that's the reason to step away but I must apologize for my post. I'm sorry for writing, "average program." I wasnt accounting for the entirety of their programs. Their marching programs are average programs and this statement is not a reflection of the students but a statement about the directors and their vision. I hope they find fulfillment with top 30 at BOA.
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    You are clueless.
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    My statement was I prefer Jaggie's MC over Bartons MC ...was just an opinion I hold. I don't doubt MC will win again with him at the helm even if it takes a few more years. I like the direction he is taking them.
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    That’s not really fair to Jaggie. We only have a two year sample. I think he’s doing an outstanding job. I honestly believe that MC under Jaggie plays/moves better than they did under Barton. The only reason they haven’t placed as well as Barton’s groups is because North Hardin and Lafayette have really stepped up their game. And even then, MC has been right there in the thick of things.
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    If you wanted to participate, you would’ve been able to participate. Most programs I’m familiar with have other payment plans/options for individuals and families who might struggle to come up with the money. When I was in high school, one of my buddies was not in the greatest shape financially. Because of this, he and his family went to the Director, sat down, and figured out a plan that would be obtainable. I hate to break it to you, but there is a reason programs have fees. Disagree with the amount some programs charge? That’s fine. Fees suck, and I think we all can agree on that. But you can’t assume that you know what amount is reasonable for a certain program, because (no offense) you truly have no idea. Some programs have significant contributions from outside donors, some do not. Some schools have fundraising limitations, some do not. Some programs invest in world class designers and consultants, some do not. I could go on and on. Every program is different. We just have to accept that.
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    Lafayette would also make GN semis and finals at any BOA regional except for Sam Antonio. No Kentucky band would make finals at San Antonio. I also believe Lafayette would place around the same as NH. Lafayette has gone to GN with some pretty bad shows and scored in the top 20. Idk if that’s how they’d place now but I wouldn’t imagine them placing lower than 25th and as high as 15th/16th. The same range north has.
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    It’s like how some contest have a really great band but the rest of line up is middle of the pack. But another contest might not have a band as good as the top of the first but has 5 or 6 great programs that annually make finals. Missouri would be like that first contest. The band at the top can smack but the band right beneath are lesser in quality. Where as Kentucky the talent isn’t as refined as blue springs. But the talent is there and runs deeper
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    I, too, can attest to this. Went to West Virgina to support a family member at one of their contests a few years ago and couldn’t believe what I was watching. Gave me a whole new perspective about the quality of bands we have here in Kentucky.
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    Exactly. Look at our stats in 1A at grand nats. And even the smaller bands in 2A like russell and Bourbon have done impressive things at a national level from placing in their class at GN to making finals at super regionals.
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    The classes themselves won't be completely equal, and 5A will be smaller than the other classes. But just because current 5A groups leave doesn't guarantee that class will only have 5 bands in it. Bands that would get 4 points for size/school size could move up into that top 5th and therefore receive 5 points. This is why its going to be really hard to fudge the numbers to your advantage too - there's no specific cut off. Unless you know the details with every participating school, it really doesn't work. I actually think there may be directors who cut kids to get into a certain class, who learn later they didn't have to, and then can't add them back in. #Justtakeveryonethatwantstoplay
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    So, at what point does KMEA simply say "No more 5A"? If you only have 5 bands in the whole state willing to participate, what's the point? Time to go back to 4 classes? That'll make the current 4A fanboys/girls sweat