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    There has been a Louisville regional even when KMEA was at its “peak”. You all are creating your own narrative on this one lol. It’s listed as a Kentucky/Tennessee regional every year. It just depends on which site (Austin Peay or UofL) is available and/or works best logistically.
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    KMEA requires all bands to purchase the licensing to arrange and perform song selections at the beginning of the year. Box5 does not purchase these rights, so what's being copyrighted by them exactly? Their camera work? Slippery slope if you ask me. Did Box5 obtain permission to film close ups of every student? I'm curious if UK or any university gives permission to box5 media to use their school logo on the field as a water mark for performances? I'm sure we can find s way where Box5 has violated copyright or permission themselves, just appears that Tim is upset given the previous posts
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    Wow, I watched videos on there every once in a while. A lot of work was put into that, and I am sad to see it go. That channel was probably significantly less damaging to Box5's bottom line than their own poor business decisions. F
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    Some of the people on here crack me up. Y’all really think the big guys of BOA are up in Indianapolis rubbing their hands together and laughing like some villain at the despair of KMEA saying “and now we’re gonna put a regional in Louisville so they’ll really fall apart” *Dr. Doofenschirtz voice* do you really think BOA wants or would even really beniffit from KMEA (a circuit that covers one of the 50 states that BOA covers) falling apart? BOA probably doesn’t even give it a second thought and probably supports the fact that states have their own circuits that push the aganda of music education.
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    Against my better judgement I will address these statements here as again they are being stated as demonstrative and completely false. First and foremost, I'm going after all videos of BOX5 DVD's online. Some included BOX5 audio, some full productions. FYI, BOX5 provided audio on several years of KMEA Productions that you don't know about. 2007 was a Mr. Video Production, BOX5 provided audio. Also, if some videos were snagged in the automated process, I'm sorry about that (apparently a Greg Gerlach video was snagged) and I will rectify it when we receive a full report from YouTube. Copyright Law is very clear, Fair Use is not a defense for what was happening on YouTube. Fair Use is outlined on the the copyright website - but, here is some information for you, excerpted from copyright.gov: Purpose and character of the use, including whether the use is of a commercial nature or is for nonprofit educational purposes: Courts look at how the party claiming fair use is using the copyrighted work, and are more likely to find that nonprofit educational and noncommercial uses are fair. This does not mean, however, that all nonprofit education and noncommercial uses are fair and all commercial uses are not fair; instead, courts will balance the purpose and character of the use against the other factors below. Additionally, “transformative” uses are more likely to be considered fair. Transformative uses are those that add something new, with a further purpose or different character, and do not substitute for the original use of the work. As to why the video's on the band YouTube pages haven't been taken down. I can't speak to that, I have entered all of our information into YouTube and I'm sure the algorithms will get to them eventually. Its an automated process so I can't speak to that. Every single one of the BOX5 Produced DVD's were on Kentucky Marching's YouTube page including a ton of other material not owned by Kentucky Marching. That is by definition against the law. Whatever your reasoning, for the kids, etc, its still my work being stolen. While I don't own the music or own the various samples contained within the shows, I do own the production and I don't want it online for free any longer. I have also been instructed by the copyright owners (publishers) of the music to make inroads into removing this content. Remember when I told you this was coming? As Guest1234 has stated, BOX5 doesn't get permission, which is completely false. BOX5 secures the following licenses, PRO Licenses, ASCAP, BMI, SESAC and GMR. Synchronization licenses and mechanical licenses on every single video we produce. In order to post on YouTube you must own a synchronization license for the amount of subscribers, views and anticipated views. Tresona sells these synchronization licenses for $150 per song + $0.55 per view. Kentucky Marching had thousands of views, 460+ subscribers. The current copyright law allows up to a $10,000 fine per willful copyright violation. Thats per song by the way. I can't speak for Tresona, but I can tell you they are VERY interested in all of these online videos. Remember when I told you this was coming? I'm not sure I said you could share the videos, but if I did, the spirit was to share with your "FAMILY". Family is not YouTube. YouTube is distribution and therefore requires licensing. As for the pricing, we offer, directly on our website, group order pricing. If you are so inclined to get some people together, we sell the product for $20 a unit for those wanting to do a group order. We also give bands permission (at a small fee) to use the videos in their year end videos, those that do them. Some have used the videos without permission, there are several out there by the way. Regardless of what you think about me and BOX5, this is how I feed my family and I am not ashamed that I want to make money on my products that cost me thousands of dollars to produce before I make even a single dollar. Lastly, I did not ask for Kentucky Marching to shut down. that was a choice that account owner chose, see the picture below. I'm sorry this has affected you so much, however, it is my product and I choose how it is consumed.
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    I doubt it’s that cynical. they always put “Kentucky/ Tennessee regional” on their early schedules. It just probably worked out that they could get a stadium in Kentucky this year.
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    Critique is only as good as the judge. Do you know how many completely worthless critiques I've sat in at MSBA shows. If you have a bad judge sitting in critique with a young impressionable director, it can actually do more harm than good. There are few things that are all good or all bad. Critique may be good (I've sat in some great ones), but simply having a critique doesn't guarantee improvement. Z Wishes I could list who is great in critique and who is bad.
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    It's whatever. If you expect a bump in score because you didn't succeed with the previous sheets, you'll be disappointed. I remember an incident when I was in high school. There was a girl who sat behind me in my Algebra class. I had a tendency to sleep in class (it was right after lunch.. forgive me). Throughout the semester, I scored higher on my tests than she did. This angered her to no end. Halfway through the term, she threw a fit because I scored higher than her on a test. My teacher regraded the test. My grade dropped 2 letter grades and she still had a lower score than me. She didn't think it was fair. The same thing is going to happen with new sheets. Someone will throw a fit, demand change, and still be in the same place.
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    I’m no fan of Box5, and I don’t want to be a Debbie Downer, but Box5 is in the right here. If I want to watch full shows of any ensemble, I’ll buy the physical media. Putting their product on YouTube is stealing from Box5. Z Rule follower.
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    If we are using BOA sheets and the judges follow what's on them to score, everyone can expect much lower scores overall this year.
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    That was a separate discussion about video recording I believe.
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    But... my pitchfork... my rabbles...
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    Thanks for coming to explain this to the folks of KMN so I didn't have to do it again! Best of luck, Tim!
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    Friends and family means friends and family, and sharing is sharing whether it's uploaded or downloaded. It's still copying, and you gave that permission. Regardless, way to go. You hurt the kids, which is what this is supposed to be all about. I wasn't the one who ran Kentucky Marching, nor did I claim to be so you claims are misleading, misguided, and overall uncalled for including but not limited to the "false" information that you claim I spoke, which wasn't even me. We will see if you end up taking down the others as well, just funny that they're still up as we speak and you posted this an hour ago. Plenty of time to have them taken down as well, don't you think? Hell, some of these videos have been posted for upwards of 4 years, and in one case 11 years from way back in 2008, so why now? Hmm...I think it's safe to assume this discussion is going to go nowhere. I was simply expressing my outrage after receiving word, along with the screenshot, from a friend. Excuse me for expressing my despise.
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    Per the copyright fair use act, they weren't in the wrong uploading the videos. But let's ask ourselves why THIS account was attacked and removed yet the PERSONAL BAND ACCOUNTS have been left untouched? Beechwood and Adair have the same videos uploaded of their performances as Kentucky Marching did. Why aren't they being removed? Why were videos that they didn't even produce (pre 2008) removed? Sounds like someone was just sour that someone uploaded the videos for the kids, when in fact the person was given permission from Box5 themselves per their post on this very forum, that was removed because someone couldn't handle what they themselves were dishing out.
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    KMEA requires individual bands to obtain a license to arrange and or perform. If a band fails to obtain the necessary copyright, their music selection is muted on the DVD. If Grandma posts a recording on youtube of a band that has obtained the necessary copyright its not copyright infringement. Box5 does not secure copyrights of musical selections, images famous voice overs, they are simply claiming copyright on their filming of KMEA SMBC.
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    Madisonville East Hopkins The Climb by Miley Cyrus: An Étude Mvmt I: Mountain Mvmt II: Make it Move Mvmt III: Uphill Battle Mvmt IV: Got to Lose Mvmt V: The Climb
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    Those look really good! Seeing this gets me pumped up for the season! Casey county posted their band camp dates and it actually made me giddy lol
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    Bands that have made the switch... Murray Beechwood Adair County Glasgow Bourbon County Harrison County John Hardin South Laurel Madisonville Anderson County Lafayette Madison Central Bands who have altered their traditional uniforms to fit the show... Washington County Williamstown Russell I'm sure I've missed a few, and I know of a good handful that were going to make the switch last year but got screwed over by MVP. I suspect we will see a LOT more go the compression top route this year.
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    Printed compression tops. Gotta make it sound a little more uniform than just a shirt. Lol.
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    It's an interesting thing to want to split hairs about but ok. I was just trying to have a little excitement and happiness in my life. Have a great day😀
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    Until the community understands every sheet has to be a 50/50 split between what and how we are fighting a loosing battle. “You are displaying a low range of skills with Mary had a Little Lamb but achieving these skills with high level of profiency” verses “You are displaying a high range of skill set with Flight of the Bumblebee but achieving those skills at a low level of Profiency “. Group 1 comp 73 achievment 78 total 151 Group 2 comp 78 achievment 72 Total 150 Group 1 was told in the numbers and commentary that while they are achieving at a high level an easy show they run the risk of getting beat by group 2 later down the road. Group 2 was told if they don’t clean up a demanding show they will not be able to score over group 1 Once the community recognizes this concept things will get much better. In order to understand how clean or dirty something is (achievement) you must first understand what the performer is being asked to do (what). This requires the judge to be able to recognize the what and how for every observation made. Only then will evaluation be useful for improvement and accurate from a scoring perspective.
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    Couldn’t agree more, I knew Lafayette won as soon as I saw their show because it was just SO CLEAN. Winning visual was a given. And don’t get me wrong, it was a spectacular performance and they truly sound amazing as anyone during the big moments, I know how hard they work, but north got burned by not sweeping the music captions. Their show had musicianship on another level consistently. The hits weren’t just balanced and exciting, they moved, and were longer. This is something that’s would be *heavily* rewarded in boa but wasn’t seen as a boon at all in KMEA. North’s opening hit was twice as long and just as powerful as anyone else’s, and it moved more, yet nothing was gained for the extra work. They might as well played an 8-12 count sustain for the opening hit and spared the rehearsal time for the music scores they were given.
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    This State finals was interesting.... 4A Results surprised me but good job SL!! 5A didn’t really make sense to me , especially the point spread. After watching the big three I instantly thought it was going to be MC and NH going head and for 1st and 2nd and that Lafayette would take 3rd. In my opinion I think something needs to be changed in KMEA. It’s almost as if they can’t tell the “best band” from the “cleanest band”. Lafayette was the cleanest at finals tonight but I DO NOT think they were the best. I really hope NH pulls out of this and goes more for boa next season , it would really benefit them and push them for an even better national name. I wouldn’t be upset if MC did boa either next season.