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  2. Jim Stites is the new band director at Casey County.
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  4. SUPER excited for this! This can be a lot of fun. Unlike the movie, I hope they throw some Sunrise in there.
  5. I heard the same thing in 2019, but we also had more announced by this time that year too.
  6. Some are, some aren’t. I’ve also heard that bands are waiting to know what class they’re in…
  7. I think most bands are using their 2020 show, which is why there hasn't been a lot of announcements. They've already been announced a year ago. Lol.
  8. Cumberland County - Not All Who Wander... Musical selections from James Horner (Avatar), Mary Chapin Carpenter, Eric Carmen, Sergei Rachmaninoff, and Michael Giacchino (LOST). Anyone know anyone else? It seems awfully close to camp for most of this to not be out there by now.
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  10. Taylor Huffaker is taking the job at Powell County. UK graduate and Dunbar alumni.
  11. It’s that time of year again! Last year I opted not to post the yearly percussion discussion due to the lack of a competitive season, but I figured it’s never to early to open the discussion as to who to look out for this season. Use this thread for any and all discussion pertaining to KMEA marching percussion groups, drumlines and front ensembles alike, for the 2021 competitive season.
  12. To a degree; they can still be transferred or put on a corrective action plan…..if you have an admin that cares (which is a huge issue across KY right now). Plus, insubordination is not covered under tenure.
  13. Closest Dollar General is in Brooksville which is to the north in Bracken County. They do however have a Family Dollar. Lol.
  14. Nobody was cancelling you, I was just telling you to take your comments elsewhere because it came off snide and there was no reason for it. Guess we were both in the wrong. I apologize. Lets be adults and move on.
  15. Agreed, with the right hire and input at the MS
  16. Could be a great job.. weird feeder situation doesn’t make it any easier.
  17. I guess I was referring to more of the time frame, meaning not staying anywhere long….maybe it’s an Apollo thing……
  18. They don’t like outsiders.. idk?
  19. Harlan County seems to have an opening every summer.
  20. I’m sure they have at least 2 dollar generals
  21. Yessssss seriously though… if Goblins isn’t the mascot of this new school then what are they even doing?
  22. Lord, how many jobs has he had?
  23. Kevin Callihan is now the director of bands at YPAS. Harlan County has an opening. Also.. be glad a place like a Robertson County has a music program. You cannot expect a place that small to have everything.
  24. "Kelly-Hopkinsville Encounter High School" Nailed it. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kelly–Hopkinsville_encounter
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