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  2. Don't get me wrong, I always enjoyed having state at WKU. However, the way Bowling Green is set up has been a logistical nightmare in many ways. There is no real good way to get in or out of the WKU campus--especially with the construction projects they always have. As a WKU alum, it pains me to say it but UK or U of L are the best options right now to host. You have more rooms, more places to eat, and getting to the stadium isn't a gigantic science fair like it is to get to WKU from anywhere near or around Bowling Green. The easiest by far is Cardinal Stadium. I would
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  4. I don’t have any objections to Louisville. Like you said it is the most central location and it is big enough to accommodate 30 bands and the crowd that goes with that. The con to Louisville is semi locations. For some reason we can’t convince Louisville schools to host semis. as far as western goes I will jog our memories a little. 2019 finals people complained about parking, props on the sidewalk, crowded space, and so on. We have simply outgrown WKU. If we recall in early 2020 the options were WKU and UK. UK said no and the assumption was WKU. Then there was a mad scramble to neg
  5. From the inception of the expanded finals I have had it in the back of my mind that it would eventually happen. I would hate to see it because I would hate to have to pick and choose between small band finals and big band finals. And in the end we know that most people would opt for the big band finals. I honestly enjoy all the classes.
  6. Louisville is about the most central location you are going to get. It's about an hour or so further than Bowling Green if you're coming from Murray. And about an hour or so further than Lexington if you're coming from Harlan. It's the most central location in the state (other than E-Town, which obviously doesn't work.) So you can rotate, and have Murray only have to drive a little over two hours to Bowling Green once every couple years, but have to drive 4 hours + to Lexington or Richmond in other years, and vice versa for Harlan. Or, you can just have it in Louisville and it's a d
  7. Unsubscribe Separate locations is probably not a bad idea; would definitely cut down on the length of the day and maybe travel. Larger HS stadiums could easily do it. IN does 10, has awards, and you're out. Then next class..........works really well.
  8. There’s only 2 stadiums in the state that will be able to accommodate 30 bands without it being a nightmare and that’s UofL and UK. WKU should be on reserve for desperate situations. If we want to expand from those and add Morehead, Murray, EKU, and whoever else. Then maybe we should just have 2 separate finals with separate locations.
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  10. Not sure who's going though I've seen on another board that Beechwood and Bourbon are signed up. The entry lists may not be out for a while. Not sure if Estill, Adair, or any other good BOA-Class A size schools will go. I assume Norton and Archbishop Alter from OH will come, though in the first year after Covid, who knows? One class A band from Texas, Wills Point, is coming. They finished 6th at their state finals this past December. No video but if you go to youtube, there is a video of them from 2019. Collinsville from OK is coming, but they may be just over the line for AA.
  11. But you said give them a break....if you do not want them traveling to Louisville, Lexington or Bowling Green then where do you want to have it?
  12. You may have misunderstood my point; I never mentioned anyone driving to Murray (nor should any of us expect that). I was referring to Murray HS, in terms of geographic location and their travel. Murray to WKU is far enough......then add on another 2 1/2 to 3 hours to Lexington. That's a 2-night stay, although they can probably make it 1- night now that 2A finals will begin at about 4 PM.
  13. I've said this for years (as tongue-n-cheek, of course): Be best for KMEA to just build a compound in Elizabethtown - Domed football stadium, 3,000 seat auditorium, and other multi-purpose facilities.
  14. It is what it is. You can't expect everyone to drive to Murray! Louisville and Lexington and even Bowling Green are the most centrally located. I don't think anyone would have a issue if it rotated between those 3. To bad there isn't a large stadium in Campbellsville which supposedly is the actual geographical center of Kentucky! I was told there is a actual marker on the CU campus?
  15. We're pretty much at the discretion of which university wants us to have it, regardless of open dates. The original intent was to rotate the SMBC every 2 years so that the same bands didn't always have to travel as far year-in and year-out (if we have Lucas Oil, then this would be a different discussion). No matter how you look at it, it's not right for bands in far Western or Eastern KY to have to travel every year to either Lex, Louisville, or BG. Give the Murray's or Harlan's a little bit of a break. Lafayette, MC, etc basically get up, report to the band room, probably change there, and ri
  16. I’m gonna lay my money on October 30th at University of Kentucky. I feel like KMEA wants UK to be the site whenever possible. It has great options for semis that are mostly close by to the stadium. It would be the best option for our first year with an expanded finals. Louisville isn’t a bad option but I think it’ll be the back up. I doubt we use WKU or Eastern ever again. Especially with 6 bands in finals.
  17. KMEA is going to move forward with planning for a typical State Marching Band Championships for fall 2021. While this plan may have to be adjusted in the future, as of now, KMEA will be making their usual plans as they always do concerning dates and site locations. KMEA may have already chosen a date and location for the 2021 SMBC. I am not aware if this decision has been made or not, but I know that it has not been publicly announced. That being said, listed below are the options for potential date and site options for the SMBC. In creating this list, I only used date weekends th
  18. Totally agree on both accounts! North Hardin, Madisonville, Harrison and even Bourbon all tough to place.
  19. Madisonville is a tough one. I can’t decide if they’ve actually gone down hill or if they’re just back to being in a class that can compete with them like they were pre 2005. There are some Madville shows from their ten year reign that I think would have a hard time breaking into finals in 4A these last few years. But there’s also a few I think could still walk away with a title even over big boys like Bourbon. the jury is out on Harrison county. I’m not sure what to expect from them.
  20. Well since I started this topic I should probably now give my top 10! 1. Adair- I just cant really see anyway to put anyone above them. 2. Lafayette- A very very strong 2nd and almost 1A 3. North Hardin- Don't have the state championships to ship for it but outside of that top 3 for sure. 4. PLD- Would have been higher 5 years ago. 5. Madison Central-Probably top 3 in the last 20 years. 6. Beechwood- Just a very consistent championship level over the last 30 years. 7. Madisonville- Still a prominent name but has lost some of its pizzaz! 8. Bourbon Cou
  21. At this point I think you have to put Dunbar ahead of North Hardin. If you throw out their very first year when they were 2A and had like 30 players on the field then you get a better sense of how they have done. Never below 5th place, totally stole North's director, more finals, and did the impossible (at the time) of unseating Lafayette. Most first year schools don't even compete at all, but the next year they were state champions.
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  23. Its not like my opinion matters to the powers that be in the school systems now. If they asked my opinion on several people I have known over the years, many would never get a job based on their character.
  24. I think most of the people we discuss here have shot themselves in the foot. In some cases to the point of it being reported in local media. At that point, I don't think the ramblings of a low-traffic Internet message board are your biggest problem.
  25. Well.. have you? I remember applying for several jobs a few years ago. I would see who they hired and wonder what they were thinking. Some of us claim these people as colleagues and many of us know them well enough to say what is said.
  26. I would love to apply to any of these music jobs, just to have people on this board run my name through mud and shoot me in the foot before I even get a finger chart up....
  27. There's only been three directors of athletic bands. The first hired in 2008 I believe.
  28. Who was the third? Wow...how far does this go back?
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