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  2. My previous loyalties and preferences aside, how fun would it be for her to come in and take the Governor's Cup in the first couple of years?
  3. I am here for this!! But people need to give this time. She has not walked into this gig on an uptrend. It will take some work.
  4. I am willing to bet this is temporary and there will be at least a few state regional search. North Hardin is a brand--not just a great band program.
  5. Serving for Spring semester is my understanding.
  6. Not many directors have their own website. That's probably a good sign: https://www.kelseydunnmusic.com/
  7. I applied, but was also told it was already filled. I was also told that my degree in astronomy (with a minor in hotel management) was not the type of experience they were looking for anyway, and that I really should not have applied in person, and also that I should leave. Still, it was nice to be considered.
  8. No one. The position was filled internally.
  9. A better question would be "Who else applied?". Always curious.
  10. The last bit of the article says a replacement has already been named. "The new band director of the NHHS program will be Kelsey Dunn, who started working with Froedge last summer."
  11. Wonder who is going to apply... https://www.thenewsenterprise.com/news/education/froedge-retires-as-north-hardins-band-director/article_575e94f0-29b3-5fd3-b133-1d36a65a4f36.html
  12. I think Madisonville would have also had a few titles sprinkled in, had they been in 3A through the years. In 2002, they were class 3A and won state semi-finals, then came in second in finals. Through the years after that, they did well competing against the better bands in Class 3A in the rare occasion in which they competed against them. For example, look at the Glasgow contest back in 2003 where they were the grand champion by a few tenths of a point ahead of Adair (although this particular year was in 2A, but one of the historical power houses of 3A).
  13. Lafayette Percussion Ensemble (Standstill) They've come a long way with the addition of Jared Andrews and Tanner Leonardo on staff.
  14. Fun fact about Elf marching bands: you can't tell which ones are 7th graders because everyone is the same size.
  15. Grant Co was always stout during that time, as was South Oldham. Now both don't compete in the state championships. I see it as other groups have consistently gotten better, and Madisonville has not kept up with the times.
  16. Give up all you little jingle jangles. Lafayette is gonna win
  17. Very excited for this competition this year, especially since Christmas is on a Saturday. Got a lot of good bands going. I feel like Glacial County, Kris Kringle High, and Elf Academy will be the top three in prelims (in that order) with about a point separating them all from each other. I then feel like there will be a couple points between them and Christmas Village Independent, but CVI could close that gap at finals and possibly overtake one of the top three. Gingerbread High has dropped the ball recently but are still in a good position for 5th at best.
  18. The Argument that Madisonville was never successful till the class change is false. If anyone looks at the history of SMBC you’d see that they made finals in old 4A multiple times and unlike other schools that could’ve/ should’ve been in that class, they didn’t shy away or try to cap their numbers to keep them out. do I think Madville would’ve had a 10 year winning streak in any other class? Not at all. (Except 2A) But they probably would’ve had a very strong finals streak with a few titles sprinkled throughout in every class but 5A (3A also debatable) my point being… 4
  19. I, myself, would not. It didn't matter who the competition was, they always won everywhere they went. I felt for many years that Festival of Champions was the Madisonville Invitational. It didn't matter how good Calloway, Murray or any of the other regulars were. Madisonville always won. However the rest of the class was suspect for a number of years. Rob Bryant is in that top tier of band directors who taught in Kentucky in the last 40 years. You also had a solid core of feeders--who are still there. More recently, bands like Hopkinsville and Anderson County have improved exponentially.
  20. Gotta interject a bit here to clarify. Are you insinuating that Madisonville's performance level was terrible during their consecutive championship run back in the day? Musically and visually, I'd pit Madville's performance during those years up with any of todays performance levels. As far as show design, the show design needed to be successful during those years was more than adequate to compete and be successful. Granted, those show designs from back in the day would not do well in with todays "BOA" scoring methodology, but during those past years it more than got the job done. As a pa
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