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  2. KMEA State Marching Band Championships
  3. KMEA SMBC Regional (Quarterfinals)
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    Pleasure Ridge Park – Derby Classic 10:30 am - 9:30 pm Murray State – Festival of Champions Taylor County Marching Invitational Morehead State University – Blue and Gold Championship of Marching Bands Pulaski County Invitational Larry A. Ryle High School Tournament of Bands Logan County Festival of Bands Bryan Station – Bluegrass Pageant Of Bands McLean County – Green River Marching Festival
  5. ARae


    BOA – Louisville Boyle County Rebel Showdown Ohio County Marching Invitational Lafayette Invitational Band Contest Christian County Tournament of Bands North Laurel – Rumble at the Jungle Russellville High School Show of Bands
  6. ARae


    Glasgow – South Central Kentucky Marching Band Classic Madison Southern Eagle Classic Paul Laurence Dunbar Beechwood Festival of Bands Madisonville North Hopkins – Maroon Classic Franklin Simpson Marching Contest
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