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  1. Yesterday
  2. totally agree, especially given the amount of equipment vehicles and buses.
  3. Does anyone have a video of Anderson?? I must see this band!!!
  4. Are they still planning to split up finals? I know they discussed doing 1A and 2A then 3A, 4A, and 5A. Which, imo, if they’re going to split it, it should be 1A-3A then 4A and 5A.
  5. A state renowned program that shall remain nameless so that I don't get uselessly called out for bias.
  6. I just did the math and finals is going to be a whole 7 hours long that’s not including retreat(s) hahahhahahaa
  7. Only because they aren't taking every band from prelims in to finals............well, almost.........and the quality overall is going to be much, much stronger
  8. It will be five hours shorter than State Finals, so it has that going for it.
  9. This is the way band competitions should be each weekend - it will be such a great day of marching band in the bluegrass
  10. I agree with the statement earlier that it’s not the score you need to look at but the spread
  11. Last week
  12. These days it's hard to get 20 bands at any competition, let alone the number of very good bands that will be at GRC. This is awesome. Some big names on the judging panel, too: Judging Panel: Tim Allen – Music Ensemble/Music Individual Gary Schallert – Music Individual/Music Ensemble Tom Case – Visual Effect/Music Effect Charles Stewart – Music Effect/Visual Effect Jeff Hood – Visual Individual/Visual Ensemble Dana Arnold – Visual Ensemble/Visual Individual
  13. Because no band is that good first week out snd should be scoring a 99 at the end of the season if they are already scoring that high, but of course you're going to disagree with me and drag this on for 2 pages as always.
  14. Honestly making finals at this contest might be the closest thing to having an overall state finals as we could get.
  15. Every judge in finals had Bourbon 1st…….not following
  16. It's the ultimate practice session for State Finals honestly😂😂😂
  17. I might just go to this contest and pass on State finals😂
  18. You should probably know that dci has weekly scoring ranges. During weekend 1 the top sub caption number allowed is 80.
  19. I mean they already kind of did the vast majority of us thought they died in the middle of the last decade
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