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    I know my band is doing limited time for the first week but after that, the next two weeks will be the normal
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    Looks like WV bands can still rehearse, just a bit differently. March On!
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    It amuses me that folks consider keeping people safe as "taking your season away". There may not be another person on this board that cares more about the marching arts than me. That said, I will gladly sacrifice the 2020 season to keep humans safe. The #1 priority should be getting students back in buildings for education. If learning is being done remotely, there is no band period...indoors or outdoors. I would much rather focus on getting kids safely in class than learning the opening set of the 2020 marching band show. Can both things be done safely? That's the big question...and right now I have not seen an answer that I'm comfortable with. Z Loves marching band, but loves my health more.
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    Oh look, he crawled out of his hole to comment on another one of my posts. I must REALLY trigger you. 😂
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    This is good news. So far I've seen several bands already starting up. Keep up the social distancing and wear your masks, kids! Don't give them a reason to take your season away!