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Found 12 results

  1. So, I've decided to start up a new video thread. This thread will be the home of atleast one video from each marching band from every season starting now. I will possibly go back a few years and add them to this list. I'm even doing the inactive bands. I'm going to find as many videos as i can of those schools that have closed or merged. I think this thread is a good idea and i think it will help make finding videos much easier. I hope you all enjoy its convenience. A special thanks goes out to Kyband.com for its history pages. I found the Active/Unactive list there. Also, thanks to all of you who have recorded videos through the years. I always enjoy them. Thanks again. Active Bands: Adair Co: Allen Co Scottsville: Anderson Co: Apollo: Ballard: Ballard Memorial: Barren Co: Beechwood: Bell Co: Bellevue: Bourbon Co: Bowling Green: Boyd Co: Boyle Co: Breathitt Co: Breckinridge Co: Bryan Station: Bullitt Central: Bullitt East: Butler Co: Butler Traditional: Caldwell Co: Calloway Co: Campbell Co: Campbellsville: Carroll Co: Caverna: Central Hardin: Christian Acad. L'Ville: Christian Co: Clay Co: Conner: Corbin: Crittenden Co: Cumberland Co: Danville: Daviess Co: Dawson Springs: Dayton: Dixie Heights: DuPont Manual: East Jessamine: East Ridge: Eastern: Edmonson Co: Elizabethtown: Estill Co: Fairview: Fleming Co: Franklin-Simpson: Garrard Co: George Rogers Clark: Glasgow: Grant Co: Graves Co: Grayson Co: Green Co: Greenup Co: Greenwood: Hancock Co: Harlan: Harlan Co: Harrison Co: Hart Co: Hazard: 1989 1991 1994 1994 1997 1998 1999 Heath: Henderson Co: Henry Clay: Henry Co: Highlands: Holmes: Hopkins Co Central: Hopkinsville: CONTINUED IN NEXT POST!
  2. what are predictions for semifinals and finals
  3. mary

    High School Bands

    Whats up guys, jut a disclaimer DO NOT FIGHT ON THIS PLEASE!!!!! just chat nicely about the progress you or your child's band has made and/or making
  4. This is the thread for what is done and said at the meeting on Novemeber 5th. If you attend please tell what they plan on doing or not doing.
  5. mulandarnthorn27


    Is it way too early? Absolutely, but this topic was started in Feburary last year and it's going to get started sooner or later. Plus, it's always fun to guess what will happen from the results of last year with zero knowledge of the upcoming season. I'll go ahead and throw some predictions out there for fun. Class A Hazard returns! Murray finally wins their first state championship to proudly sit next to their national championship trophy! Class 2A Garrard wins semi-finals but not finals, again! A band unexpectedly doesn't make finals In finals, a music performance judge will put a full point gap between Estill county and the rest of the bands. Class 3A Adair makes a comeback! Either Bourbon or Russell will unexpectedly place 4th in finals. Class 4A The performance and competition level officially matches 3A and 5A. Anderson finally takes home the Governor's Cup! Madisonville-North Hopkins returns to finals! Class 5A North Hardin will start repeating their 2nd place curse from the 90's. They'll place 2nd again but this time not to Madison Central, but, at Nationals they'll make top 18! The 5th place band in semi-finals will be within a half point of 4th place. Whoever wins overall music performance in semi-finals will have the lowest overall music performance score in finals. The top two scoring bands in music effect (of the 4 finalists) in semi-finals will have the two lowest music effect scores in finals. Other weird predictions The parent competition in the stands to see who can cheer the loudest/best gets so out of hand a fight breaks out! (Joke I hope this never, ever happens) State will be held at WKU this year! (God forbid it happens at EKU) Two classes will have one of their performance captions completely opposite between the two judges. At least 3 bands will lose the championship or lose their spot in finals because of 1 single judge. At least 7 conversations on these forums will have intense and lengthy arguments. (I'm probably underestimating this by a lot.) The state weather will be somewhere between the 2014 season and the 2013 season. In case anyone misinterprets my predictions, they aren't meant to cause any harm. I'm simply making wild predictions I don't 100% expect to come true just to start the conversation! Let's look forward to a great season!
  6. http://kyband.com/calendar/contest-lineups/
  7. So I've heard some people say that KMEA is considering raising the number of finalists for SMBC up to 8. Personally, I think that's too many for 5 classes, but has anyone else heard talk of this?
  8. Here we go guys. Week 1 is officially over and Week 2 is underway. Please post links to your videos here or PM them to me either way is fine! Thank you! Week 1: -Beechwood Festival of Bands: Mercer Co. Dixie Heights Grant Co. Campbell Co. Ryle Eastern Beechwood -Bourbon County Marching Contest: -MNHHS Maroon Classic: Week 2: -Butler Co. Marching Band Festival: -Northern KY Marching Band Festival: Lakota West Finals -Danville Invitational: -South Central KY Marching Classic: -Pride of Graves Co. Marching Invitational: -Band of Gold Marching Classic: -Montgomery Co. H.S. Marching Contest: -Ohio Co. Marching Invitational: -Russellville's Show of Bands: -Shelby Co. Showcase of Bands: Week 3: Week 4:
  9. Muhlenberg County HS CENTRAL TIME 5:00 Central Hardin HS 5:15 Woodford Co HS 5:30 Eastern HS 5:45 Henderson Co HS 6:00 Bullitt East HS 6:30 North Hardin HS 6:45 Apollo HS 7:00 Grayson Co HS 7:15 Meade Co HS 7:30 Muhlenberg Co HS What is the address to put in the GPS for MCHS field?
  10. Alrighty, with the preview shows coming up, i've decided to officially launch the 2012 video thread. I will now be more available to keep this list updated then last year. Please send all videos to me via private message. All shows, unless duplicates, will be added to the list. keep in mind, they must be of decent quality and marching band only. Also, keep in mind that any video that you record, you are liable for. In other words, if the copyright holder of the music that the band is playing decides that he is gonna sue or something, its on you. The usual video takers and their channels will be listed below. Enjoy. College/Out of State Bands: Lindsey Wilson College @ Mark Twain Parent Performances/Halftime Shows: 8/24 Murray "25 to Life" @ Halftime Show PLD "Reflections" @ Halftime Show 9/8 Central Hardin @ Parent Performance part 1 9/8 Central Hardin @ Parent Performance part 2 August 25th Preview Shows: Mark Twain: Campbellsville High "Road Less Traveled" Corbin High "Frostbite" Cumberland Co. "Connect The Dots" Holmes High Metcalfe Co. Taylor Co. "The Ties That Bind" Anderson Co. "My Secret Identity" Grayson Co. "Joy" Eastern High "Masquerade" Barren Co. "Structure" Adair Co. "Blu" Russell Co. "Heartless" LaRue Co. "Between Shades of Gray" Pulaski Co. "The Network" Nelson Co. Muhlenberg Classic: Week 1(Sept. 8th) Contests: -Beechwood: Nicholas Co. Dixie Heights Ryle HS Campbell Co. Grant Co. Beechwood -Bourbon: Lafayette Encore -Caverna: No Videos -Elizabethtown: -Franklin Simpson: No Videos -Madisonville North Hopkins: -Marshall: No Videos -Rowan: -Todd Co. Central: Cancelled Week 2(Sept. 15th) Contests: -Apollo: -Butler: -Campbell: -Danville: -Eastern: Williamstown Prelims Henry Co. Prelims Christian Academy of Louisville Washington Co. Prelims Adair Co. Prelims Bullitt Central Prelims Nelson Co. Prelims Mercer Co. Prelims South Oldham Prelims Meade Co. Prelims DuPont Manual Prelims Daviess Co. Prelims Washington Co. Finals Nelson Co. Finals Williamstown Finals Meade Co. Finals Mercer Co. Finals Adair Co. Finals Daviess Co. Finals South Oldham Finals Eastern Adair Co. Encore U.S. Army Field Band -Glasgow: North Hardin Barren Co. Russell Co. John Hardin Elizabethtown Monroe Co. Hart Co. Hancock Co. Wayne Co. -Graves: -Hazard: -Montgomery: -Ohio: -Russellville: Todd Co. Central-Southwestern: Cancelled -UT Martin: Week 3(Sept. 22nd) Contests: -BOA Louisville: -Boyle: -Conner: -Hancock: Cancelled -Harrison: Cancelled -Logan: -Louisville Male: -Mason: -Murray State FOC: -North Laurel: -Owensboro Catholic: -Taylor: Week 4(Sept. 29th) Contests: -Ballard: -Corbin: -Daviess: Cancelled. -Grant: -Henderson: -Hopkins Co. Central: -LaRue: -Morehead State: -Powell: -Warren Central: -Warren East: Week 5(Oct. 6th) Contests: -Caldwell: -Christian: -John Hardin: -Madison Central: -McLean: -Nicholas: Cancelled -Pulaski: -South Oldham: -Simon Kenton(MSBA): Week 6(Oct. 13th) Contests: -Barren: -Bryan Station: -Butler Tradional: -Dixie Heights: -Grayson: -Hopkinsville: -Marion: -Russell: -South Laurel: Week 7(Oct. 20th) Contests: -Letcher: KMEA SMBC Regional Quarterfinal(Oct. 20th) Contests: -Class A East: -Class A West: -Class AA East: -Class AA West: -Class AAA East: -Class AAA West: -Class AAAA East: -Class AAAA West: -Class AAAAA East: -Class AAAAA West: KMEA SMBC Semi-Finals(Oct. 27th) Contests: No direct links are allowed, will direct you to youtube channel or other location of video. **Videos provided by members of the KMN Community. Thanks to all of you that help spread marching band throughout our community.**
  11. Which of the finalist drum majors' conducting styles, salutes, or even attitudes did you like the most?
  12. laurendanielle

    KMEA awards results

    As soon as awards are announced please put them here ASAP, thanks!