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The Despondent Truth

D. Robertson



I look out into the constellations

There, a myriad of heroes fabricated to provide hope

Disillusion provided by the souls of fake martyrs

I watch the birth of a star

Beautiful in its innocence

The guiding light for us to follow

But we had our own agenda


An immigration of darkness choked the light

Leaking black oil with its lies

The mire of innocence set free by The Apple

And it was Sin that opened our eyes

Millennia passed, crowns turned to ash

The problem remained the same

It is love that fills the void

Yet the treasure we seek has already been claimed


The elements cry out

The air gasps for breath

The light of the star grows dim

A multitude of prophets dream in the night

And are granted a vision of Him

The formidable woes

The agony throes

The enslaved come crashing down

A burden we hope will fuel the flames

Yet in its depths we drown


And in the End

When Wrong is Right again

We stand up from the Fall

The Despondent Truth is this, my love

The Darkness is inside us all



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