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  1. D. Robertson


    I really need to brush up on my out of state bands. I literally know none of these... I'm out of the network these days lol.
  2. D. Robertson

    WKU 2018

    I'm all about Finals being held at WKU. Its within 45 minutes from my house and its pretty much a straight shot there. Big +++ for me lol. I love that stadium anyway. I like Papa Johns too though. Either of those two, I'm good with.
  3. D. Robertson

    Contest of Resilience, Spring Hill TN

    award ceremony! Finally found some results lol.
  4. D. Robertson

    Finals/Semifinals Videos

    and your accepted. Welcome to the elite my friend. haha
  5. D. Robertson

    Finals/Semifinals Videos

    lol yeah, I'm alive again rofl. I was going through some shiiat back then.
  6. D. Robertson

    Finals/Semifinals Videos

    I agree with what you are saying.. Trust me.. as someone who was bullied the entire time i was in school for being overweight, I get it. However.. I have to take up for ARae on this. She has a life outside of this forum and It should take priority over this board. If it weren't for her keeping this thing alive, there is no telling how would could all discuss the things we discuss now. I understand your frustration about this, I'm right there with you, however its not ARae's fault that people on this forum are quite immature and rude at times. Its something that we as a community on this forum can get through, no doubt. Just a side note, If you ever need to chat about things that are bothering you or if something is singling you out, shoot me a message. Either on here or on Facebook under Dustin Robertson. I got your back. So, I have been exactly where you are standing. Steph and I have had our moments of not seeing eye to eye. In fact it was more like throwing salt into each others eye. Steph is actually a very nice person. She is sarcastic and a joker. You have to know her to understand. Steph has been on this forum for quite a while and those people you may refer to as "owning this forum" are actually those that have been on this forum for almost 10 years or more. I get that your frustrated as well, however you just have to know how to take some people. We, as a group, here on KMN have always accepted new posters and have had plenty of open discussion with those who join and wish to talk. Its only when people join in an attempt to fish for compliments or shovel hate onto a group that they targeted. This forum has been around for a long time now (thanks ARae) and I hope to see it continue. We have had a moments of displeasure and moments of great friendship here. I personally don't give a hoot about what people think about this forum. Its the people inside it, that post here, that i care about.
  7. D. Robertson

    Finals/Semifinals Videos

    Chaunty!! Holy mother of God. Good to hear from you! I recall the conversations we had about this on multiple occasions and I have to agree. Albeit, I used to record videos at every competition I went too. Copyright laws are serious, and its something that should be taken seriously and not as a grain of salt. I, myself, have had videos taken down from youtube of bands with copyrighted material. The people who own the rights(if they are that perseverant) will find anything they can that is displaying their work and will have it removed unless they are personally getting monetary value for it. Just something to think about.
  8. D. Robertson

    Contest of Resilience, Spring Hill TN

    Just to update, Siegel won this competition with a 94.25.
  9. So, I just had to come on here and give an enormous shout out to Spring Hill, TN High School. These guys stepped up and saved a lot of those bands their last performance of the season. I love our band community and the heart that we all have. No matter what, Hate CANNOT and WILL NOT win. This contest was also perfectly named. So, from this old Muhlenberg South Contra player, I say thank you. Your generosity, kindness, and hard work(at the last possible moment) will not be forgot. On a good note, I did see a video via facebook of Muhlenberg and I gotta say, way to go Mustangs. I haven't been a fan of the theme, but you played that music to the best of your ability. Great job and I hope you guys come back strong next year.(please return to KMEA... ) Over and Out.
  10. D. Robertson

    2017 Videos Thread

    Has anyone happened upon a video of Muhlenberg from this year? I've found one from Logan county but it is a terrible run. Any help would be appreciated. I need to just take my butt back to these competitions and start recording again.
  11. It is so weird not to see Muhlenberg in this. Good luck to all bands.
  12. D. Robertson

    Favorite Shows of the Season?

    I'm definitely digging Lafayette's show this year. Its crazy when you watch a band that is known for its success and see their confidence, and then you watch a band who does not have confidence is what they are performing. There is a noticeable difference between them. I see Lafayette grabbing the title this year in 5A. Its a very good sounding and looking show.
  13. D. Robertson

    10/7 Christian County Tournament of Bands

    I couldn't agree more. I like Troy's teachings. He is a smart band director. I just don't understand the direction in which he is going. Taking the band out of KMEA blows my mind. I mean.. i get it that your tired of getting beat by the perennials but you gotta work for that win. What i seen in 2010 with Lone Wolf is what i want to see now. 5th place in 5A that year was an astounding victory if you ask me. That is what they need to get back to. It saddens me to see them on the decline especially when we were just starting to get things together.
  14. D. Robertson

    10/7 Christian County Tournament of Bands

    I am a Muhlenberg fanboy and I'm still not sold on them this year. Congrats to them on RGC though