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  1. A beloved member of our marching band community, Andy Reynolds, passed away today. Please keep his family and friends in your prayers during this difficult time. He was a genuine spirit in this world, and he will be missed.
  2. ARae

    KY Marching Discord

    I’m sorry that this forum caught me on a rude day, but it was indeed a day that I could not handle this due to the area I was working in. My apologies, but I can assure you that this forum will have the policing that y’all have asked for going forward.
  3. ARae

    KY Marching Discord

    Do you realize that some people work from 8 to 5, and then some?
  4. You 2019 Finals thread is gone. Feel free to start another one, or continue your discussion in this thread.
  5. ARae

    KY Marching Discord

    Ben and Chase, Please feel free to leave these boards and post exclusively on the KY Marching Discord.
  6. ARae

    Got beef?

    I'm trying to fix it without disabling the whole system. I'll let you know! Edit: downvote has now been disabled.
  7. ARae


    I’ll get into the settings when I can and change that. Thanks!
  8. ARae

    New site theme

    @LilPoundcakeThe new forum software merged user and display names. So, you will need to log in using the name that is displayed to other users on this board.
  9. ARae

    New site theme

    You should now have the option to change to another theme at the bottom of the page as well.
  10. ARae

    New site theme

    Didn't have much of a choice. We were running the old version that was no longer supported or secure.
  11. ARae

    Job Board 2018

    Deleted three pages of nonsense. Stay on topic and stop attacking each other.
  12. ARae

    Finals/Semifinals Videos

    The yearly rant... Do not post links to finals videos, or any other copyrighted material, on this site. You can assume your own risk on your personal YouTube account, but direct links from this site are prohibited.
  13. Our email server has been spammed, so I am having to validate new user accounts manually. The host and I are currently trying to remedy the problem, but if you are a new user, please be patient. I am trying to check the site daily and validate all accounts that aren't duplicates. As always, you can email me at aradams75@yahoo.com if it is taking too long to validate your account. If you have created duplicate accounts, there is a good chance that I have validated one of those accounts. Again, just email me with any pertinent information and I can let you know which one is valid. Thanks!
  14. ARae

    Job Board 2016

    Also, Scott County wants to hire a full-time director. Brawner has been part-time since 2011. I noticed the petitions on Facebook, and that most of them do not state the situation, so there ya go.