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  1. Or maybe the owners of the cup. Barren. We've had it for 2 years and we aren't giving it up without a fight.
  2. Barren is on break and we didn't have practice or a competition this week.
  3. Kinda sounds like Adair County this year. No offense to Adair, but the recording at the beginning and your show as a whole is not impressive to me. Narration, then a HUGE blast.
  4. It's not cheating due to the fact that it's easier to stand and play a bass guitar through a sound system than it is to march around a 30 pound sousaphone. If you have no tuba players, and you have a person who wants to play bass but can't march, and can't play tuba. Then I say why not. (I have marched sousaphone, and I'm playing bass this year.) I'm probably one of the very few people that have been on both sides of the spectrum.
  5. All I know is Barren County: GC Greenwood: RGC
  6. I seen Caverna perform this year, and they have a VERY small band. Which in KMEA almost rules them out of going anywhere, but they had a pretty awesome show. Music of John Williams, and with a little cleaning, they could be in the 16th spot. Unless I'm severely underestimating Crittenden County.
  7. Being from Caverna (Previous years) and having worked the competition every year since my 7th grade year. I'm now a junior you do the math. Meade has been to Caverna every single year I've been there. No surprise at all they're showing up. They usually call in their placement in the competition wayyyy early in advance.
  8. Parents fail. Am I right? I believe so. Calvin <3's you. (:

  9. I recommend taking off the marching band references out of your about me. I thank you

  10. Why must we use the term bloodbath...
  11. Caverna has to go on after Mayfield... we got a TERRIBLE spot
  12. You saw every band except 1A... You suck >.>
  13. I had no idea who that was... but I was singing along to Come Together lol
  14. I've told him that more than once lol. He's a good friend though. Can I ask since you saw it how Cumberland beat us?
  15. I personally think he sounds good but looks pretty gay doing it... that's just me though lol
  16. I know it seems like I'm boosting my own band, but will someone please tell me how Cumberland County beat us?
  17. He did, yesterday and he YELLED it at Green County. It was SO funny
  18. Yesterday at Barren, our senior saxophone player fell for the second time this year. Only this time when he fell he decided to save his saxophone and ended up then sax hit him REALLY hard in the head (luckily it was the last song). By the end of the song the whole left side of his face was covered in blood. My parents thought it was a Halloween stunt cus there was so much blood
  19. I wish someone would fill us in. We only lost by .68 to Cumberland EDIT: J. Turner made me sad, lol
  20. I personally don't have one, but at Green County this year, 3 people fell during the show. It was spectacularly hilarious
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