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  1. JayDub

    2017 BOA Grand National Semi-Finals

    This will be my last post on this board - Unless you know what you’re talking about - shut it. None of you have any idea what was happening on that field. Commenting that someone needs to be fired is childish, clueless, and unnecessary. Grow up!
  2. JayDub

    ISSMA Final Results?

    Simply said your rumor was false. Gesus ducking christ, I'm over this forum.
  3. JayDub

    ISSMA Final Results?

    This is false - there was no penalty.
  4. It (prelim time slot) wasn't a problem for them in STL - it won't be here either.
  5. JayDub


    WEST HARDIN IN DA' HOUSE! (I don't know what I'm talking about.)
  6. JayDub


    So... this is no longer a thread about Lafayette and North Hardin? And just when it was getting good too.
  7. JayDub

    Horn Rank Top 30

    WooHoo!!! So proud of my alma mater - Go North!
  8. JayDub

    10/14 Louisville Male Classic

    So basically the Butler contest on the same day is Prelims and this one is Finals. LOL!
  9. JayDub


    Since my name was mentioned, just going to comment on my comment regarding Hopkinsville's performance at Clarksville on Saturday. Caveat: I am always enthusiastic to see a KY band in a BOA contest - so regardless of how they performed, I was already in their corner and wouldn't and won't say anything negative about their program. NOTE: I have absolutely no affiliation with Hopkinsville other than I used to drive passed on my way to Ft. Campbell during my time as a Screaming Eagle (which feels like 100 yrs ago.) My comment on them winning 4A at state was three-fold: First, thrilled to see them in BOA. Second, they surprised the heck out of me - literally my mouth fell open. And lastly, it's a magnificently designed KMEA show (perhaps reflective of their BOA score.) Those kids were dedicated, present, and I could feel their commitment. There is quite a lot of potential - so much so - I expressed my enthusiastic opinion (at the time) of how I felt about their performance - i.e. It was 4A Championship-worthy. Now - of course, none of that is to reflect or assume another 4A band isn't just as much worthy - of course they are! I recall a few years ago, 2012 I believe, seeing Anderson Co. early in the season at a Ballard High School competition (it was the year they changed uniforms mid-show... superhero, I think). After which commenting that they had just made finals. Well... a few people thought I was bonkers then too. I'm an equal opportunist fan. When I see a show that gives me thrills - I'm happy to share.
  10. JayDub

    BOA Tennessee Regional

    Starts at 7:30pm, Central.
  11. JayDub

    BOA Tennessee Regional

    Perf Order: Siegel Desoto Paragould Clinton Central Hardin Adair Fort zum Franklin Castle North
  12. JayDub

    BOA Tennessee Regional

    Hopkinsville just won state 4A - that was an incredibly impressive show - wow - speechless!
  13. JayDub


    Had his/her post said, "PLD has the best feet in KMEA (period)" I can see your point, but it didn't.