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  1. McCracken County High School is not opening until 13-14. However, the board of education has decided to pre-combine some of the schools team/clubs/organizations. They have decided to include the band as a premerged program. Which means, they will not be competing in the 12-13 season and will be serving as an exhibition ensemble, possible only doing 2 competitions out of state.
  2. I am currently looking for groups to write for this upcoming Indoor Season. I will be taking both Winter Drumline and Winter Guard performance groups. I invite anyone who is interested to visit my website, http://www.jwvisualdesigns.com/ . I am also looking for clients for Fall 2012 marching season. I offer cutting edge, entertaining drill at an affordable rate. I also provide full visual design. Show design includes: flag/guard uniform selection, prop design, concept design and drill. All of my design work is custom and made to highlight your groups strengths. I am willing to work with an
  3. I am currently looking for groups to write for this Winter season. I will be taking both Winter Drumline and Winter Guard, performance groups. I invite anyone who is interested to visit my website, http://www.jwvisualdesigns.com/ I am interested also in working with any high school who wants to put together a small indoor marching band ensemble for exhibition performances at the school basketball games and pep rallies. I am will to work with any budget and ensemble ability/size. Thank you, Jamie Wilson Jamie Wilson Visual Designs http://www.jwvisualdesigns.com/
  4. Lone Oak's Director has told me to write drill for a total around 60
  5. I am currently seeking bands to write drill for in Fall '11. I will take bands of all sizes. I am currently the drill coordinator and visual technician to Lone Oak High School in Paducah. I have been with Lone Oak since fall of 2009 and will be returning next Fall. I am a Murray State University Music Education Major. Here is a link to my Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/JT-Wilson-Visual-Designs/162987067053910 If you are interested feel free to contact me at jtwilson0624@gmail.com
  6. Ground was broken on the construction on McCracken County High School, On June 4 2010, opening of the high school is set for Fall 0f 2012. This will but the students of Lone Oak, Heath and Reidland into a single school. Not only would this create another 5A band in the west, but it would eliminate a 1A, 2A, and 3A bands which would certainly shake up the classes of KMEA Marching Band. Here is a link to an architectural rendering of the new school: http://www.wpsdlocal6.com/news/local/81770572.html And a link to the story about the groundbreaking http://www.wpsdlocal6.com/news/
  7. An answer to that question, middle school fallout, and numerous director changes. Stability has once again been established and we have begun our long and trying rise, hopefully returning to the stature we once had. I know from experience that a program can change instantly, My freshman year we had 105 total, Sophomore 86 total, Junior 32 total, and Senior 29 total, but next year we are projecting a fairly large growth in membership, so maybe you will see a new, bit young revitalized lone oak.
  8. As a current student of lone oak and a future music major, I can securly say, this is nothing but good for the programs, and it should shake some stuff up, not oly in the band world, but in sports as well
  9. I am completly for it, in fact I hope to direct at it one day, at least assist. The system only needs a little tweeking and itll be gold
  10. I would agree and disagree with the PT/LO rivalry. Its more friendly we always go out of the way to cheer for each other, we even break warmup to wish pt good luck as the leave for the field. It's more so a heathy relationship and we each push each other to be better.
  11. Kentucky stopped judging drum majors (dms), because dms started doing crazy routines with very little to no actual conducting. Which in my opinion hurt the quality of bands in Kentucky and I'm glad we are no longer judged. Plus it's a difficult caption to judge since there are so many styles. For Example, my style is very different than that of my school's previous dms, especially the ones that have been there since i have, because of the numerous director changes. So in conclusion, I think its good they focus on the bands and it is up to the contest to choose to judge dms or not
  12. I am a big fan of PT's drum majors and I also really like Garrad's '07 DM's.
  13. Yes, you aren't mistaken, I did, but I have no idea how... I'm flabbergasted!
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