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  1. Fan in the Stands

    3A Semifinals 2019

    While regionals certainly can tell you something about the groups we have also seen instances in the recent past where bands have jumped or dropped significantly from regionals to semifinals. http://kyband.com/marching/kmeascores/2017_Class_AAAA_East.pdf http://kyband.com/marching/kmeascores/2017_KMEA_SMBC_AAAA.pdf http://kyband.com/marching/kmeascores/2018_Class_AA_East.pdf http://kyband.com/marching/kmeascores/2018_KMEA_SMBC_AA.pdf
  2. Fan in the Stands

    AAA predictions?

    Thanks for the kind words about the opening. The closer hasn’t been added yet. The ballad was added this week and still has a few kinks to work out electronically I guess. I was down low and could hear the bass guitar at the end but maybe it didn’t come across up top.
  3. Fan in the Stands

    Festival of Champions 9/28

    I’m going to have to disagree here. I mean technically it did take a penalty yesterday so I wouldn’t say Murray is running away with anything just yet. 5 out of the 7 judges yesterday had Adair ahead of Murray and Adair bested Murray in every caption BOA awards.
  4. Fan in the Stands

    By The Numbers:

    BOA uses school size to determine classes. If they make a move to Band size it would probably mimick the Mid States system which counts playing members only. This is really the same system that was used prior to 2005 in KMEA. People didn’t like that system then and wanted it to be based on school size and now people want to move it back to the old way.
  5. Fan in the Stands

    Bands of America Grand Nationals Prelim Schedule

    That 14.5 point gap between Lewis Cass and Adair in visual effect though.
  6. Fan in the Stands

    November 5th meeting

    I know the meeting happened and proposals are being written up. This was a group of band directors that met so I wouldn’t expect for them to come on here and share the details of the meeting with the forum.
  7. Fan in the Stands


    That’s next Sunday! You are a week early! This week practice your trumpet. Next week you can worry about 2019.
  8. Fan in the Stands

    AAA West Regional - Warren Central

    Please enlighten us on what a great sounding effect means to you. I personally wouldn’t have though John Hardin would take Russell in this caption but Taylor was a possibility to me. I wasn’t there to see the runs so I can’t speak towards how the performances factored in. I do know that John Hardin is playing some great music selections this season and they know a whole lot about proper effective staging.
  9. Fan in the Stands

    Prayers for Anderson

    Ah I missed the good old days. Looks like they are slowly coming back. A post asking for prayers found a way to be a bash Adair topic. We will be holding auditions to field the smallest 2A Band in the state again before you know it. I won’t go into detail here about the raffle here but if you want to air your grievances please send me a PM about it and let this topic go back to supporting Anderson and Shelby Counties during this time.
  10. Fan in the Stands

    Size really does matter...

    Hey now. Don’t bring the truck into this! 😂 It’s literally the same truck we have had since 2003. It just got a face lift a few years back.
  11. Fan in the Stands

    3A Talk

    That's incredibly disheartening to hear. They have made great strides over the years and are generally very enjoyable to watch.
  12. Fan in the Stands

    2A Talk

    I hate to be this guy but the only real comparison between Estill and Adair that can really be drawn is that they have both competed against Hart County. Estill got them last week by 5.95. Adair beat them by 10.6 tonight. It’s hard to compare scores like that I know but that is in essence what your goal was I believe.
  13. Fan in the Stands

    Casey County Marching Band Classic

    Is this inside the Expo Center? I’m gonna need picture of this so I can see how they set up a field in there and a report on the acoustics. I’m hoping it works out to be amazing because that could be a great thing for Casey County going forward.
  14. Fan in the Stands

    2018 KMEA Predictions

    This! 100% This!
  15. Fan in the Stands

    Warren Central 9/29

    Personally I’d go with Taylor County for RGC