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  1. Cavie Fan

    DCI 2018 pre season predictions.

    the only show I have seen is a non uniform of BD. It was ok. Something different for BD.
  2. Cavie Fan

    2018 BOA Schedule Enrollment Lists

    I also think some other bands have just stepped it up. Also some other bands like Round Rock and Flower Mound suddenly show up and shake things up. IMHO
  3. Cavie Fan

    2018 BOA Schedule Enrollment Lists

    You do realize both Lake Park & PCEP are both at Grand Nationals this year.
  4. Cavie Fan

    Sports Gambling Legalized nation-wide

    I am betting on Adair County winning 2A .... Duh? Geee..eh ! I do? "She Already Done Had Herses"
  5. Cavie Fan

    2018 BOA Schedule Enrollment Lists

    Check out these numbers.... BOA 2018 A - 30 AA - 34 AAA - 21 AAAA - 25 It will be either BA, Carmel, Avon(new Director) and let's not forget.... Tarpon Springs
  6. Cavie Fan

    2018 BOA Schedule Enrollment Lists

    This is the year for 2A, 4A and 6A so all the big boys will be in Texas.
  7. Cavie Fan

    2018 BOA Schedule Enrollment Lists

    From what I have been told the reason for a lack of Texas bands is ... Grand Nationals and Texas State Championships are the same week.
  8. Cavie Fan

    The Cleanest Shows in Kentucky History

    I agree 100%. Very few on here know little of the history of Marching Band in Kentucky. Or for that matter DCI past 2010. Early posts on this topic had videos... post #2 Bremen 1986 and post #6 Murray 1984 both excellent bands. I will venture to bet very few if any bothered to watch either of these videos. "There is a principle which is a bar against all information, which is proof against all arguments and which cannot fail to keep a man in everlasting ignorance - that principle is contempt prior to investigation." - Herbert Spencer.
  9. Cavie Fan

    2018 BOA Schedule Enrollment Lists

    According to the BOA Handbook, they are suppose to have 50 bands in each prelim. The list they have put out has 110 on it. That means 55 each day, or some might drop out or who knows?
  10. Cavie Fan

    2018 schedule

    from what I have been told what you get out of hosting a regional is the profit off of the concessions and a whole lot of hard work for the staff and boosters.
  11. Cavie Fan

    2018 KMEA Classification

    4A last year was a 7.05 drop in points between 4th and 5th.... That is not close in my book. To be exact that was the biggest gap of all the classes.
  12. Cavie Fan

    2018 KMEA Classification

    That is every class. Outside the top 4. Think about it.
  13. Cavie Fan

    The Cleanest Shows in Kentucky History

    Just for fun... The 1986 Ky. State Fair Grand Champion & the 1986 AA State Champion... Bremen High School.
  14. Cavie Fan


    Avon uses a solid black uniform. The jacket has 3 inserts that they change to match the show. It has been colors, patterns and even ruffles. A while back Carolina Crown had a very similar uniform in off white.
  15. Cavie Fan

    Job Board 2018

    I was there that night and the crowd had as much to do with this win as Phantom. You could actually feel it in the air. If Phantom had not won I believe there might have been an uprising. One of the best moments of the night was during retreat. As The Cavilers came on the field they came down the yard lines with their arms outstretched like they were balancing on the line For those that do not know they were mocking BD show (Constantly Risking Absurdity). Everyone around me were cracking up. That was 2008 and the last outdoor finals. It was also one of my very favorite years of DCI. The Knockout, Samurai, Finis were some of the best ever. Awesome Year.