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    Hold Your Applause?

    I had the pleasure of returning to State Finals last night with our band. One thing that really upsets me is when a bands cheering section goes completely nuts when their band is "NOT" announced as having received second place status! This is not only rude but shows the amount of class or lack there of. I would really appreciate it that when a band knows that they have taken first at a finals competition, that they hold there excitement until it is officially announced. I am all for supporting our kids with uplifting applause and school chants, but come on---REALLY?

    Congratulations Mr. Gregg

    Mr. Greg is one of the most incredible educators I have ever had the pleasure knowing. We are all very sad knowing that this is his last year. But, in the same breathe we are happy to have had him for as long as we have. There are those rare individuals out there that can, "in the same breathe" correct you, love you, inspire you, and assure you. Mr Greg definately fits this billet. I think this is why our kids love him and devote so much of their time to the advancement of themselves and the program. God Bless you Mr. Greg.. It's been a pleasure working with you and an honor knowing you.