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  1. I agree 100%. I feel like Butler Co. out played the whole pack today, visualy they were not very bad either. I was suprised to see Hart infront of them, not to take anything frim Hart, I think they were good, but Butler you should be very proud! I heard that you all got crapped on and drew to play first at semi-finals again this year! Thats really too bad! I feel like you could be a real finals contender if you were not so early! I hope you still make it, you were definately my top pick tonight! I am cheering for you next week!
  2. I know it is the "21st Century" and things have changed from before, but why is a bands power and drive in their music becoming very heavily weighed upon how loud they turn up there microphones and synthesizers? Why don't judges take into consideration bands that can make sound and play musicaly with out having to use a volume control on the side line? I understand that using electronics can help to bring different effects to the show and bring out solos for instruments such as flutes, but I dont think putting microphones on multiple instuments on the field, just so your band is louder is a ba
  3. I also think Larue Co. had a penalty, it was only a .5 penalty so it wouldnt have changed the placements but might have helped out their score.
  4. A: 1st: Caverna (g,p) AA: 1st: Green Co. 2nd: Todd Co. (p) 3rd: Butler Co. 4th: Larue Co. (g) AAA: 1st: Allen County-Scottsville (g,p) 2nd: Franklin-Simpson AAAA: (I can't remember exactly this class, but im pretty sure this is the order and I cant remember guard and percussion.) 1st: Greenwood 2nd: Macon Co. 3rd: Logan Co. AAAAA: 1st: Bullitt East (g,p) Spirit Award: Greenwood Reserve Grand Champion: Todd Co. Grand Champion: Green Co.
  5. Does anyone know why KMEA is no longer giving a percussion score?
  6. I just saw the Tama drums. I like the way they look but does anyone know anything about them?
  7. When do you think drumline practices should start?
  8. I think Washington and Larue will make it no dout. But I would not count out Trigg or Caldwell just yet! I saw them at AA west and if they bring their show they will be tough to beat. I would also watch out for CAL. They have never been known to give in. I think Butler will be the one to watch today. How will they come at it going 4th this year. Definately better than 1st like last year but I think it could go any way this year. I havn't seen much from the east except Danville at Bryan Station. But any band who comes within .45 of Washington will be no push over. I wouldnt be suprised to see a
  9. Washington did well at Brian Station but I wasn't very impressed. Danville was much better in my opinon as far as drumline goes. Clean musicaly but need to work on being more together in the flat line. I am very excited to see the lines at the Grayson show this saturday. Edmonson, Washington, Green, and Butler have all done very well this season and it should be very close! Any thoughts on best percussion here?
  10. It will definitely be a good region, but after being there saturday and being cramped into the stadium with the seven bands that were there, im wondering where they plan on putting fourteen 5A band fans. Lafayette alone covered 1/4 of the stadium! But I look forward to seeing PLD try to work and top Lafayette. Both are very good bands and neither is going to lay down so I look for that to be exciting. And adding in Madison Central and Eastern I think it will be a VERY close scoring battle! Good Luck to all bands!
  11. OK. As you can guess I watch the smaller classes more than the larger. I havn't really seen many 4A bands or 5A bands this year. All competitions I have been to have two maybe three at most. I chose my 4A based on others predictions. I chose my 5A bands based on the bands I have seen. As you can see I guess I need to check out some more bands in 5A. I loved Daviess and PLD last year so I will go with them. But North Hardin is definately my number one in 5A. Loved their show.
  12. A 1. Murray (placing 4th at murray state infront of MNH and mulenburg is pretty impressive) 2. Beechwood 3. Williamson 4. Mayfield AA (You just cant predict this class) 1. Glascow 2. Larue 3. Butler 4. Green AAA 1. Bourbon 2. Adair 3. Taylor 4. Boyle AAAA 1. John Hardin 2. South Oldham 3. Grant 4. MNH AAAAA 1. North Hardin (I love their show this year. Best 5A ive seen) 2. Lafayette 3. Mulenburg 4. Grayson (Very very long shot! But they have really improved alot this year. And preforming last at regionals I think they will make some noise in the west)
  13. I know none of these bands will receive a percussion score when they meet at regionals, but from what you have seen this year, what are your thoughts?
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