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  1. FicVirth

    Job Board 2018

    I attended a few sight based meetings in Rowan County for my field experience and they are being very attentive with what is going on with the budget. With what was being discussed, they were speaking of some staff leaving due to issues in Frankfort. Anyway, the students at Morehead would love to work with Rowan County. I don’t know of any of my colleagues working with the program.
  2. FicVirth

    PASIC 2017

    Is anyone on this forum headed to PASIC? I know Grand Nats is the same so who all is gonna be in Indy?
  3. FicVirth

    Bourbon County

    And sometimes director changes can actually make a band better, for example, Hopkinsville. But I don't see that as likely with Bourbon, seeing as they're already one of the best in the state. But anything can happen.
  4. I'm generally confused about these scores, but nevertheless, congrats to all performing members. Your hard work is not unrecognized if you did not get the place you wanted. Congrats to all finalists. It's gonna be a hell of a night.
  5. FicVirth

    Semi's and Finals Weather Forecast

    Granted, WKU does hold a special place in my heart, but for some reason after our run last year the crowd response just sounded better in Papa John's. I guess it's just personal preference though.
  6. FicVirth

    Semi's and Finals Weather Forecast

    I've marched in WKU and marched as well as watched in Papa John's and I personally prefer Louisville. And I agree, 2014 was absolutely freezing. There was freezing rain while Hopkinsville was performing lol.
  7. Wish I could've been there. Morehead had our Homecoming game. Congrats to all performers! See ya next week in Louisville!
  8. FicVirth

    10/14 Hopkinsville Invitational

    Madville. Squeaky clean guys. Sax soloist is something crazy. Overall doing well. Some individuals in their sound. Barren, doing great as well but similar problems to madville withindividuals in sound. Nothing that can't be cleaned. Hopkinsville, good work guys. Fall camp did you guys some good. Got good seats to watch you guys. Tonight's runs from everyone will be something fierce.
  9. FicVirth

    10/14 Hopkinsville Invitational

    Making comments after performances. Not gonna do it when it's all done because I'll forget lol. Murray, keep it up. Overall really good and what I expect out of this program and group. That sax soloist was great. Only thing that rubbed me a little wrong was the trombone quartet in the front. They played well for the most part but good sound was sacrificed for volume. Good job Murray.
  10. FicVirth

    Morehead State University Blue&Gold 9/30

    Lol you got it. It's Morehead's hype week man
  11. FicVirth

    Morehead State University Blue&Gold 9/30

    It's a Morehead thing lol
  12. Congrats South Warren! I knew they could win this comp!