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  1. Ross Pendleton

    Christian County Tournament of Bands 10/5

    Hoptown percussion with that score of a 95 it looks like? Good lord.
  2. Ross Pendleton

    State Finals 2018

    For my friends at Lafayette. Good save with switching mics during the performance due to the radio frequencies crossing with someone using a met in warm ups. The tempo was nowhere close to the tempo of the soloist and luckily there was a backup mic. No one could use Bluetooth mics due to the frequencies only useable over a few yards. Everyone uses the same wireless mic packs thus allowing for the crossing of frequencies. KMEA is a little behind the regulations for the use of these tools in warmups. They should really adopt the regulations of Drum Corps and BOA to adapt to the times. I know of several directors that refuse to use wireless mics due to these kinds of problems. Therefore, they use hardwired mics and raise the soloist, which keeps the problem from happening but subtracts aspects from the show in what a band can do. Lafayette did not use a met in any way, shape, or form during this performance. I spoke with staff and they were beyond worried about penalties due to some other bands’ negligence.
  3. Ross Pendleton

    State Finals 2018

    Super proud of every band and all my friends on staff in every group that has performed today. History is made every year and this time of year is never boring due to these fantastic students. Super proud of my kids in the Hopkinsville High School Band. You all never cease to amaze me with every leap and bound that I see when I come back from Morehead. Keep your chins up and understand this is still a win in your eyes. You left that field knowing you had a good run and played your hearts out. Congratulations to South Laurel, I know exactly what it’s like to be in your shoes. Cherish this moment and don’t be like me and get cocky after this win, that’s the wron thing to do and I regret ever feeling like that. You all inspire those in the state. I remember the feeling of being counted out of that blue ribbon and reaching that achievement. Keep doing great things
  4. Just a topic on which high schools and universities in the state have the best venues for marching. Sparking my interest from the Hopkinsville show yesterday. I know the Christian County BOE is thinking about selling the naming rights for the Stadium of Champions so turf can finally be put on that field.
  5. Ross Pendleton

    Hopkinsville 10/13

    Saw Murray, Owensboro, Christian County, and Hoptown in warm ups. I didn’t get a good view of Murray’s performance to give comments. Owensboro had some good sounds in warm up. Christian County has grown so much in the past few years it’s incredible. Hopkinsville sounds very strong after their fall camp. Can’t wait to see tonight’s performance. Finals was pushed back an hour to give time for rain.
  6. Ross Pendleton

    5A Percussion Discussion

    Lafayette has a new assistant director who’s a percussion guy. Morehead grad.
  7. Ross Pendleton

    MSU Blue and Gold 9/29

    Harrison sounded phenomenal tonight. I only got to see them in their victory arc due to our exhibition but nonetheless it was great. Can’t wait to see them in Lex!
  8. Ross Pendleton

    1A Percussion Discussion

    Shane Melvin really has the percussion at Murray High sounding hot every year.
  9. Ross Pendleton

    Job Board 2018

    I attended a few sight based meetings in Rowan County for my field experience and they are being very attentive with what is going on with the budget. With what was being discussed, they were speaking of some staff leaving due to issues in Frankfort. Anyway, the students at Morehead would love to work with Rowan County. I don’t know of any of my colleagues working with the program.
  10. Ross Pendleton

    PASIC 2017

    Is anyone on this forum headed to PASIC? I know Grand Nats is the same so who all is gonna be in Indy?
  11. Ross Pendleton

    Bourbon County

    And sometimes director changes can actually make a band better, for example, Hopkinsville. But I don't see that as likely with Bourbon, seeing as they're already one of the best in the state. But anything can happen.
  12. Ross Pendleton

    10/28 Class AAAA Semifinals - South Oldham

    I'm generally confused about these scores, but nevertheless, congrats to all performing members. Your hard work is not unrecognized if you did not get the place you wanted. Congrats to all finalists. It's gonna be a hell of a night.
  13. Ross Pendleton


    By far
  14. Ross Pendleton

    Semi's and Finals Weather Forecast

    Granted, WKU does hold a special place in my heart, but for some reason after our run last year the crowd response just sounded better in Papa John's. I guess it's just personal preference though.