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  1. LMHSClarinetAlum

    New KMEA Guidelines

    Anderson County is apparently going to be giving parents a choice. We can send our kids back to school full time, we can have them in school part of the time and at home part of the time, or we can keep them at home and do full time distance learning. As long as it is REASONABLY safe, and I think it will be... my kids are going BACK. Full time. Also, as of now, Anderson County is having a normal marching band season. Well, as close to normal as possible anyway.
  2. LMHSClarinetAlum

    New KMEA Guidelines

    Where's that? Just curious. I lived really close to Waggoner HS as a teenager and remember going over there to see Male play them at home a couple of times. There was definitely plenty of room in the stands for everyone in attendance to sit WAY more than six feet apart from each other. LOL. Now Anderson Co... that's different. The stands are always PACKED.
  3. LMHSClarinetAlum

    New KMEA Guidelines

    I personally think that this would be the most reasonable thing at this point. Would hate to see it since this is my girl's senior year. But... you know, we'll survive. She will hopefully play her instrument in college, and we'll come back and cheer our band on after she's graduated.
  4. LMHSClarinetAlum

    2020 Marching Shows!!

    I do often find myself surprised. I listen to a radio show; one of the hosts has a teenage daughter that listens to really old music, crooners from the 50's. That's all she likes.
  5. LMHSClarinetAlum

    2020 Marching Shows!!

    Hmmm, surprised that most bands aren't staying more up to date with the music they draw from? I mean... I've always thought a show made up of Fleetwood Mac songs would be killer.... but too out of date for today's kids.
  6. LMHSClarinetAlum

    Overdue for a comeback

    White shoes! I remember wondering not too long ago, why bands weren't wearing them anymore and why they used to wear them. I can remember having to wear them back in the late 80s. We had to keep them polished in fact, keep them nurse-white. We had white pants too. Before that though, we had purple pants with gold stripes down the sides, LOL.
  7. LMHSClarinetAlum


    Every day after afternoon practice is over, the low brass section in my daughter's band plays this funny little tune. I wish I could sing it to you through the computer, LOL. Anyway they have been doing this for several years. I said to her once last year, "I don't think the low brass plays that little song anymore", to which she replied, "Yes they do!". So either I hadn't paid attention or... I dunno. That's about all I can think of, off the top of my head!
  8. LMHSClarinetAlum

    Overdue for a comeback

    Though Male is my alma mater (of course!), I'm ashamed to say I don't really follow them very closely and I'm kinda lost as to what they have been up to. I know they don't do KMEA, I don't think they do BOA, I don't think they do the Murray contest, and I don't think they went to Murfreesboro last year. Surely they are competing. Anyone know?
  9. LMHSClarinetAlum

    Corona Talk

    My husband and I both work in healthcare. He is currently on furlough, for likely 60 days at least. With no elective surgeries and reduced business in our ER, our hospital is in the red. I'm fortunate that my hours have not been reduced. I'm exhausted, truth be told.
  10. LMHSClarinetAlum

    SMBC 2020 Location

    The most important thing to me in this entire world, is for this whole Corona thingie to go away and don't come back. I'm even over the fact that our band didn't get to go to Florida as planned and thus, no family vaca for the four of us. I'm going to be SUPER bummed if this upcoming marching season gets cancelled though. It's my daughter's senior year. #stayhome
  11. LMHSClarinetAlum

    What’s not been done

    That's awesome.
  12. LMHSClarinetAlum

    What’s not been done

    A show centered around the fun old tradition of getting up at the crack of dawn on Saturday Mornings, and watching cartoons with a big ol bowl of cereal. The opener would be centered around waking up, cereal and milk. The following numbers would be based on different cartoons.
  13. LMHSClarinetAlum

    What does the A in Larry A Ryle stand for?

    But what is a Ryle? Hmmmm... *googles*
  14. LMHSClarinetAlum

    What does the A in Larry A Ryle stand for?

    Did you call them tonight. They aren't there. I think it stands for armadillo. LOL, I'm kidding. Don't get angry.
  15. LMHSClarinetAlum

    Friendly Finals Thread :)

    Favorite moments: Murray's show. SO much fun! I had a blast watching it. COOL-WHIP!! Taking the field with my daughter again at finals, as I helped her push her marimba. My LORD that thing is heavy. She has an OLD one. Seeing all the new faces... I agree! My husband enjoyed seeing Russell Independent, as he grew up just down the road from them and used to compete at their contests. No untimely intercom announcements this year regarding police activity outside the campus. Rain held off!!!!!! Lafayette and MC's shows. Just amazing!!!! Heck... I saw Lafayette perform at Bourbon County back the first of September and was blown away. Amazing show. Wonderful show from MC too. My 12 year old son really loved the waterfall. It wasn't FREEEEEEEZING!!!!!!! Heck, the fact that my 12 year old son enjoyed himself. Trying to get him more interested in joining marching band.