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  1. BandGeek12

    Recruitment Ideas

    Sorry but if you added connotation to the word "feeder" that is your problem.
  2. BandGeek12

    The show must go on...

    Lexington bands approved to perform at football games. So at least they will get to play together.
  3. BandGeek12

    New KMEA Guidelines

    Fayette County Band Camps now moved back to an August 3 start date.
  4. BandGeek12

    2020 Marching Shows!!

    I will pay money to see this if they can slip in "I Drink Your Milk Shake."
  5. BandGeek12

    New KMEA Guidelines

    Most high school football games in my area have no issues with social distancing in the stands.
  6. BandGeek12

    New KMEA Guidelines

    This may sound incredibly boring but this marching season needs to go back to basics. Band directors need to look learn how to write drill for their bands using four to five step intervals. Play different music for each football game and just worry about entertaining a crowd. Save the thousands of dollars on professional drill writing and arranging for next year when hopefully things are better.
  7. BandGeek12

    Woodwinds in DCI?

    Well we do need more flute solos. I would love to hear more flute solos.
  8. BandGeek12

    Grand Nationals

    Marion Catholic's show ought to be titled "The Emperor's New Clothes." Sorry North Hardin.
  9. BandGeek12

    Boom Mics

    The amount of bass being pumped through the amplifiers from the keyboard is what irritates me the most. The ridiculous bending of bass has also become clich├ęd.
  10. BandGeek12

    Indianapolis Super Regional Prelims Schedule

    Tarpon must have done really well!
  11. BandGeek12

    What happened to band?

    Never fear for North Hardin, they had an amazing run at BOA Indianapolis today and could possibly make finals there.
  12. BandGeek12

    Indianapolis Super Regional Prelims Schedule

    I can't believe Carmel is giving the horn player so much responsibility. They have taken her off the field since Louisville. Avon was awesome.
  13. BandGeek12


    I refuse to comment on the German bands.
  14. BandGeek12

    Campbell County 10/19

    Yes...that is impressive. Hats off to Tates Creek.