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  1. Use this topic to discuss anything pertaining to marching percussion before the start of the 2019 season.
  2. DoctorProctor

    2019 Percussion Predictions

    This topic is for any predictions pertaining to percussive arts for the upcoming 2019 KMEA marching band season.
  3. My prediction is that people will be unhappy with the results. They will whine, make excuses, and blame factors that cannot be controlled. More specifically, they will blame the results of the new hybrid system if they don't like how things turn out. Bold prediction? Possibly.
  4. DoctorProctor

    Ugh. Tarpon and O'Fallon...

    O’fallon is competing at the wrong contest, they should be at wgi world championships based on their show design.
  5. With such a small spread between the top 3, it’s going to be a close one, as will 2A. But there is quite a gap between Washington and Williamstown, and I must say, I am very surprised that Williamstown made it instead of O-Cath or Cumberland.
  6. DoctorProctor

    Highest Score 2018

    This is certainly true, and as everyone knows BOA and KMEA have drastically different scoring and dare I say "better" (I shouldn't have said it) adjudicators that are more knowledgeable and less biased, and so I can see how bands score lower at GN than they do at SMBC. KMEA judges often miss small mistakes made by the ensemble that individual and field judges at BOA are able to see. Although this may not be true, as at the same time bands may score higher by being judged at the individual level, as they will get more credit for individuals who are playing/marching at a high level.
  7. DoctorProctor

    Highest Score 2018

    North Hardin/Lafayette/Central with a 90+
  8. DoctorProctor

    2018 KMEA Predictions

    1A 1. Beechwood 2. Murray 3. Washington 4. Cumberland 2A: 1. Adair 2. Estill 3. Glasgow 4. Casey 3A: 1. Bourbon 2. Harrison 3. Russell 4. Taylor 4A: 1. Anderson 2. Hopkinsville 3. South Laurel 4. South Oldham 5A: 1. North Hardin 2. Lafayette 3. Madison Central 4. Paul Lawrence Dunbar
  9. DoctorProctor

    A East Regional - Madison Southern

    This is true, as West scores are usually higher than those in the East which should not be a surprise to anyone.
  10. DoctorProctor

    A East Regional - Madison Southern

    Strange, unexpected things happen in KMEA, especially in 1A, as it's a very competitive and unpredictable class. Washington may have drastically improved over the course of a week, but there is still 1 week of the season left and both these groups have Murray to deal with. Who knows what will happen next weekend?
  11. DoctorProctor

    AAAAA East Regional - Tates Creek 10/20

    Have the results come in?
  12. DoctorProctor


    Looks like KMEA is running low on funds, so they are relying upon the wallets of band fans to stay alive. They should charge below $10 or no one will want to pay to get in and will just leave.
  13. DoctorProctor

    1A Talk

    1. Beechwood 2. Washington 3. Nicholas 4. Williamstown 5. Danville 6. Somerset 7. Paris 8. Harlan 9. Campbellsville 10. Green
  14. DoctorProctor

    Do things REALLY need to change in KMEA?

    I don’t have too much to contribute to this topic, but I will day this: KMEA has been doing fine for the past 40 years with the current rules and regulations. If it ain’t broke, don't fix it!
  15. DoctorProctor

    Size really does matter...

    I think that it’s unfortunate that size does matter, but I have just accepted that it affects scores because there really isn’t anything that can be done about it. 5A>4A and so on, but this definitely doesn’t mean that smaller bands are incapable of beating big bands or winning contests, it’s just harder for them. It should never be an excuse for winning or losing. For example, Lafayette and Central don’t just beat smaller bands because they are larger, they win because of the hard work and effort that they put into their program that makes them that much better.