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  1. DoctorProctor

    BOA St. Louis Super Regional

    1. Broken Arrow 2. O’Fallon Township 3. Blue Springs 4. L.D Bell 5. Lafayette
  2. DoctorProctor

    BOA Johnson City

    As others have already said, I have to go with DB here, by a good margin too. Keenesaw or Lafayette reserve champion. Other than that, I cannot say, so many bands here out of state that could turn out to be pretty good.
  3. DoctorProctor

    GRC - 10-12

    Are all the predictions that "everyone else" makes on this forum not about what could possibly happen? I am confused about why you believe that your posts should be distinguished from others and feel that you are being any different. The whole purpose of this forum is to discuss how bands are doing throughout the season and how they are progressing and compare to one another, and I don't believe that most of us feel that the "scores are so set in stone" Sure, a band may be performing well and prove itself to be significantly ahead of the rest at a certain point in the season, but things are subject to change and who is to say that other programs can't improve throughout the year and surpass others. Simply put, the point I am trying to make is that we all are not just posting "blah blah" and thought is put into our predictions
  4. DoctorProctor

    Madison Central 10/5

    Finals: 1. Ryle 2. Estil 3. South Laurel 4. Mad Southern 5. Southwestern 6. Williamstown 7. Campbellsville
  5. DoctorProctor

    Barren County 9/28

    Anyone have any info on Hendersonville?
  6. DoctorProctor

    Ryle Tournament of Bands - 9/21

    Can you imagine how clean Lafayette and MC would be if they cut theirs band in this way? So glad that system isn’t employed, no one would stand a chance against huge schools and the rankings wouldn’t really change throughout the season.
  7. DoctorProctor

    Ryle Tournament of Bands - 9/21

    Yes it did lol, I was very surprised by the results. I did not anticipate Campbell or Beechwood place so well, but overall I thought this was a good contest. Lafayette still looking very strong
  8. DoctorProctor

    have you seen any of their shows

    Yes, I agree, that does seem to be a common theme with these threads, and it makes them easily distinguishable from threads started by reputable users. It's not that there is anything wrong with threads like this, but I will say I do get sick of people posting simply to praise their band.
  9. DoctorProctor

    have you seen any of their shows

    Is leaf still active here?
  10. DoctorProctor

    2019 FMBL

    Ok, well yeah, I totally understand that. I myself am too busy to run it as well, I was just curious
  11. DoctorProctor

    Boyle County Rebel Showdown 9/7

    I feel like this is getting out of hand. (Not you Mr. Alligator, but the thread)
  12. DoctorProctor

    2019 FMBL

    Is there a specific reason why there is no FMBL for this season? I have not participated in the past but have always found it interesting, and was planning on joining in this year but it never seemed to happen. Essentially what I am asking is whether or not there is no league simply because no one started one or if there is some other reason,
  13. DoctorProctor

    Owensboro Catholic 9-28

    Anyone have any thoughts on this one?
  14. DoctorProctor

    2A 2019

  15. DoctorProctor

    2A 2019

    A very fair point @woodwind23, and I agree with you regarding Russel, they are looking very strong.