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  1. Per my contact MC will be performing at Herald Square between 10:58-11:08! Several pics of the group floating around FB an Ig and they seem to be having a ball. Good luck tomorrow MC. So proud of you all and can't wait to see you! Say hi to Ronald Reagan for us too!!!
  2. Bandgeeks1

    Herald Leader Article

    Great article!
  3. Bandgeeks1

    Grand Nationals

    i love me some NH but disagree. I wouldn't even put them in my top 3 this year. Hoping they figure out whatever it is that has them, in my opinion, relatively stagnant in both circuits.
  4. Bandgeeks1

    New Trends

    I've said before I'm just waiting on holograms to take over. Not enough real kids no problem...here's 40 more you can program into your show lol
  5. Bandgeeks1

    SMBC 2020 Location

    Agreed! I could pretend I want this bc I think the venue is far superior to any other but the reality is it's bc it's soooooo much closer for me to travel 😂😂😂
  6. Bandgeeks1

    New Trends

    Not a huge fan of lights but I doubt it's going anywhere in the near future unfortunately. If it's done well I don't mind it as much I suppose. Same for show shirts. Some of them look great with the show design and themes like Lafayette Mosaic and MC Among Thorns(loved the red gloves). Other times I wonder why a specific shirt was chosen like Estill this year( loved the show but the shirts at the end looked like a basic t-shirt from the stands and I couldn't figure out why the change happened). im an old timer and really enjoy a classic band uniform but understand it's an easy way to add effect to your show and from what I'm told is much cheaper than adding actual new uniforms to a growing program.
  7. Bandgeeks1

    Grand Nationals

    Agreed. Ronald Reagan's show is fabulous!
  8. Bandgeeks1

    Top 10 Shows of the Decade

    I just remember thinking the entire time I first watched it thinking Wow what a cute show and then BAM...everybody died lol
  9. Bandgeeks1

    2019 Finals Thread

    Was definitely one of the best finals in recent memory for me! So many quality bands and shows. New faces and familiar favorites coming together to blow our faces off and they all delivered. The reaction of the Hancock kids and fans was heartwarming as was watching some of Lafayette and MC kids hold hands in support of another during awards announcements, Estills flaming hot delivery of that show and my personal favorite Harrison Countys train!!! Job well done kids...mad respect to you all and keep it coming!
  10. Bandgeeks1

    Top 10 Shows of the Decade

    Lafayette - Raven Madison Central - WTTJ South Laurel - Unleashed Estill - The Crossing Harrison - Iron Horse Madison Central - Deafening North Hardin - Lost in Translation Casey - the one with the Bees Ryle- The Rising? Those props still haunt me lol Central Hardin - Turning Point Honorable Mentions Mc - Among Thorns ( that ballad hit!) North Laurel 2017 I can't remember the name of the show but they played a great version of Britney Spears Toxic and it was everything lol. Go ahead and judge me lol NH - No Beginning No End
  11. Bandgeeks1


    From a musicians perspective, if you're not familiar with music its hard to explain. Usually, if a band is worth their salt they can take an extremely hard piece of music and make it sound like it's the easiest piece being played. And most think that if a piece isn't fast then it's not hard. Playing a slow piece can be 10x harder bc it's more about phrasing and expressiveness not about hitting a 32nd run.
  12. Bandgeeks1

    Boom Mics

    Yep. Mics don't bother me and are used for an array of reasons. I think most people see mics of any sort and just assume they are on at all times and for some bands they may be but I doubt it. Mics aren't going away so what I would prefer is for certain bands to learn how to use them correctly so as to not throw off the balance of what you are hearing bc yes it can be weird but I view them like props now. If you're going to use them then use them correctly. The argument of it hiding a student's lack of musicality is silly. If I play a C instead of a C# I've still played the wrong note...just now everyone can hear me do it. Mics are riskier than not and some bands have perfected their use while others struggle.
  13. Bandgeeks1


    Adairs opener Hard...not easy
  14. Bandgeeks1

    Small Details

    This actually made me lol😂😂
  15. Bandgeeks1

    AAAAA Semifinals @ WKU - 10/26

    A different perspective and piece of humble pie could be why the 25th ranked band in the nation ONLY won by 1.85? See, it can be spun in any direction. 1.85 is a decent margin but not what one would expect from a next level band so the question can become was said ranked band a bit overhyped? Was band B under rated? Probably a bit of both...we could do this all day. I would prefer to see the winners pump up their competitors on a job well done and for the bands that didn't win the cup acknowledge the accomplishments of winning bands. There's a difference in respectful banter and knowledgeable discussion on why we may all agree or disagree with placement. Ugly insults and arrogance never looks good on any of us no matter what color medal is around your neck.