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  1. Bandgeeks1

    Best Soloist of the 2019 season??

    It doesn't affect me lol. On this one though it's just me literally trying to wrap my mind around the purpose of a down vote on this thread. Other ones it makes sense but not this one. anywhoo...there's also a sweet sax solo that can't remember for the life of me which band it's from.
  2. Bandgeeks1

    Best Soloist of the 2019 season??

    Downvotes have never bothered me bc it usually means I'm more right than wrong lol. But can I just say how miserable can your life be that you down vote posts of people praising our young talented kids in these bands? Of course, I guess it keeps the forums interesting but use your words if ya disagree. This is literally a thread to celebrate the talent of the soloists. Being a Petty Betty is so last year.
  3. Bandgeeks1

    Best Soloist of the 2019 season??

    Agreed I've not seen them all so no disrespect to any other soloists! I will say that the soloists I've heard this year has definitely shined the light on how good some of our music programs are. So much talent on the fields this year! Very proud of all these kids!
  4. Bandgeeks1

    Week 6 Power Rankings 2019

    I see the point you and others are trying to make and agree to an extent. However, even though scores do play a factor you absolutely can not use that entirely to rank these bands. If that is the case then for one, these rankings would be pointless bc we can all look at the scores and see where everyone is and secondly, Daviess County should've been leading in 5A with Estill as the overall leader due to them outscoring everyone else for a week or two. potential also plays a part bc you can look at 2 bands and see not much else can be done with a particular show with one band but the other band still has a higher ceiling to reach with theirs with more to be added such as visually etc. Regionals is always the first time for me that scores matter at all and even then it's just a little bc it's usually the first time we see the contenders performing together. There's talk of West regionals scores being too low. I say they may just actually be more accurate for a change bc the inflation in the West is usually rampant. I could be wrong about all of this though but it's just my opinion ☺️
  5. Bandgeeks1

    Best Soloist of the 2019 season??

    MC flute soloist hands down! That girl can play!!
  6. Bandgeeks1

    Is the new system working?

    Both are true and examples were given for both. Perhaps next year we will see a reemergence of less flashy prop shows ...who knows? What I do know is for me personally I like props and what they can add and I love a band like Ronald Reagan that uses its members and guard only for spectacular effect. Big thing now is lights on your props. It was cool last year, still a bit of wow this year but next year I'm going to need something more. Next year I want wowed by drill and music. Shows that still bring me to my feet not bc somebody flipped a switch. Not a dig at one band bc they are pioneers in that and several bands jumped on the wagon this year and most did it well. I long for the basics now...I'm oldπŸ˜‚
  7. Bandgeeks1

    Best Show in KMEA?

    Estill, Harrison, MC, Beechwood are my faves
  8. I have no doubt MC will make us all proud soon too in BOA. I live for the day all our Big 3 show up and kick butt! We should all be rooting for that. Of course even then MC will continue be treated as the Red headed step child of kmea πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ lafayette will always be the oldest child who always gets there way and NH will be the ignored middle childπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. It's tradition at this point lol
  9. Right? And you know I'm not a huge fan of Lafayette, respect but not a huge fan, but they have nothing to prove. They have the state champion wins, the boa win and the ranking now that pretty clearly says it all. How about we just enjoy the representation Lafayette just gave to our state. NH is great and respect to them but Lafayette is on point this year.
  10. Bandgeeks1

    Is the new system working?

    Cost of activity out of hand...totally agree! I get it but geesh lol.
  11. Bandgeeks1

    4A top 4?

    You could be right I would live for that! We all know what Bourbon and Anderson can do but my favorite has been Harrison and watching them just explode on the scene this year. I'm excited to see what tricks they have up their sleeve for state. That ending is amazing and I'm sure state will be great! Great competition in this class this year!
  12. Bandgeeks1

    BOA Johnson City

    Lex 18 has a story on Lafayette and Estill at BOA! So nice to see them get the coverage!
  13. Bandgeeks1

    South Oldham (MSBA) 10/12

    I really wish CH was competing kmea. I would love to see this show in person.
  14. Bandgeeks1

    GRC - 10-12

    It was Bourbons weekend this time around. Not much has changed for me however in the grand scheme. And for the positivity you seek I will add that MC and for that matter, Harrison positively already beat Bourbon once this season so ya know, there's that πŸ˜€. We should let the Bourbon kids enjoy this moment the way I wish people would have allowed MC and Harrison enjoy their well deserved victories over them.
  15. Bandgeeks1

    BOA Johnson City

    Estill is such a great program overall! Parent, kids, staff...and the show this year is awesome! So happy for them!