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  1. Bandgeeks1

    2019 KMEA BOA and DCI show announcements.

    Off topic, but not really worthy of its own thread...just thought we could send some positive vibes to Estill County...there band room has flooded today due to the storms and looks like it got some equipment by their IG post. hate to see that for any program.
  2. Bandgeeks1

    DCI 2019 Predictions

    Blue Coats. Not my cup of tea but they have mastered theatrics and staging.
  3. Bandgeeks1

    2019 KMEA BOA and DCI show announcements.

    Dunbar 2019
  4. Bandgeeks1

    First KY band to use props?

    Same lol
  5. Bandgeeks1

    First KY band to use props?

    I've often said I wish the activity would find a happy balance of the design and tech used now without losing the focus of music and drill. The young ones here usually take issue with that and insist us old timers just need to get with the times but in 10 years they too will long for the good ol days when the activity has turned into nothing but even bigger props and marching holograms 😂😂😂😂
  6. Bandgeeks1

    Dci starts this week!

    I also wonder what the audition process is. Stand still and play...now move this huge prop to the 50😂
  7. Bandgeeks1

    Dci starts this week!

    I've only seen a video of Bluecoats so far. The show is beautiful and they sound great as always. I respect the activity is evolving and all that and I really do like the use of props, staging etc. I just wish the activity would find a happy balance of staging and drill. When most of the drill now days is simply doing a few sets between the 30 yard lines bc you seem to have more props on the field than actual performers is a sour spot for me along with parking half your corps on top of props to stand still and play for too much of the show. the kids are great and perform what they are given so kudos to them...I would just like more drill.
  8. I enjoyed their show last year! Loved the Brittney Spears Toxic arrangement. Much respect to them!
  9. Bandgeeks1

    2019 KMEA BOA and DCI show announcements.

    I literally LOLd at this...you will know the part I'm talking about😂😂😂😂😂 Well done BOCO!
  10. Bandgeeks1

    Director and/or staff misconduct

    What criteria do directors use to hire staff? I would assume background checks etc are used for the actual district teachers but what about band staff. It's been my experience for staff it goes under reported and they are just let go and hired at another school...until a trend occurs... I think staff is harder to catch for some reason. It happened at two 5A schools in recent years with one being last year and the drill writer was let go mid season. If those schools don't report or students don't cooperate then I suppose it ties a schools hands. Not sure what a good solution to that is.
  11. Bandgeeks1


    That doesn't make a band non inclusive that makes a band smart on knowing where to place their people. Faulting bands for putting their talents where it's needed and still finding a place in the band for all kids is not non inclusive. I see the point you are trying to make but I disagree by calling it non inclusive. Band is about inclusive as an activity comes in school but not everyone will be great at it and we definitely don't need anymore participation trophy type attitudes these days. There's nothing wrong with requiring skill and talent in our bands and frankly in our kids life's.
  12. Bandgeeks1


    Competitive bands are non inclusive?
  13. Bandgeeks1

    KHSAA Circuit

    I think you're reaching but to each their own. anything can happen and you definitely don't have to explain here the importance of the arts although I appreciate your passion for it. But, cutting funds IS about economics and not just in their heads. Schools will not cut funds to athletics or opt not to add more math and science courses over adding more arts whether a "seed of an idea " is planted or not. My guess is this khsaa thing has been looked into before over the years and as much as we in the arts wouldn't want it I would bet khsaa wouldn't want it either lol. Of course we want to protect the arts and the funding to them but it is about $$ and the schools either have it or they dont. Again, unpopular, but building and maintaining a successful program is a great way to help the cause of said music program and it can be done at any school with a director who is worth their salt. You may have to start small as in focusing on just churning out the best musicians who have a killer sound and grow your show design wisely around that and build from their. It's hard to blame funding as a reason a band or choir sounds bad, that's a direct reflection on the director just as bad test scores relate to a bad math teacher. You want funding? Give them a reason to do it and get them a return on their investment and as romantic as it is to talk about studies of what the arts do for individuals it doesn't pay the bills and at the end of the day that's what will win out whether we agree with it or not.