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  1. Im not from Bourbon , but who is your band
  2. Iheartband

    KMEA Mobile Wallpapers

    Can anyone do Bourbon. That would be perfect.
  3. Lol look at my latest post( if thats possible) i exagerated one thing. Because i thought it would be funny to see the reaction of band geeks getting offended. No hate towards you, though. I just think its funny
  4. I just wanted to see how offended you guys get whenever your band loses and then make excuses. Plus i only exageraded one thing. 2 points is a big difference. The Bourbon Band this year bea Dunbar (5A btw) an rekt all of the 4A’s. They still had 50 new people. They still beat Russel by 2.85 points. I have no hate towards Adair. I just think its funny when Band Geeks like you search up scores and get offended by an anonymous guy on “Kentucky Marching Band and Drun Corps discussion”. That was fun to write
  5. Well yes Bourbon did it. Do u really think they could have best bourbon?
  6. Nah they just had different opinions. In my opinion , Adair was no where near Bourbon. You have to admit , Bourbon was literally OP for 3A going into 4A
  7. At State Finals , bourbon beat Adair by over 8 points. And you think this Adair could go against Bourbon County? Bourbon was 4th Over all of the bands at state beating dunbar (5A). So , Adair kind of would have gotten rekt. Not to mention Bourbon had over 50 1st year marchers as well
  8. Iheartband

    BIG changes to kmea next year

    Literally im pretty sure Lafayette and 5A bands in kentucky dont have 1000 people (200+ people at MC and the “up to 800 students larger) that makes no sense . I am not thinking that KMEA is going to change so much in one year.
  9. Iheartband


    Who had the best mellos in each A 1A : Murray 2A : Adair 3A : Bourbon 4A : Anderson 5A : without a doubt Madison Central what do you guys think?
  10. Iheartband


    Do you guys thunk bourbon had the loudest crowd, cause i sure did. Their show was cleaner than expected. They prevailed even with the alarms over a stacked division in harrison , russel , and taylor. They had a huge sound and its going around that half of their band are middle school new marchers , simply amazing
  11. Iheartband

    3A Talk

    Which band has the best mellos in 3A , i am thinking bourbon
  12. Iheartband

    BoCo Band

    I didnt get to see bourbon. Were they good?