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  1. North Hardin is far superior. Hmmm Looking at state finals in Jaggie’s only 2 years he competed with NH. 2017 tied in music performance 2018 MC won music performance. point is if the “state’s finest” can’t beat the Jaggie’s “its not even close” band I’d say the news isn’t fake. Just presenting facts. Let the nh love fest defense begin.
  2. Barton was excellent but I would argue the band sounds better now than before he retired ^loving the North/Lafayette love fest going on
  3. There will be plenty of time to talk about the programs who pushed on. There are still many. We can also discuss the bands who declared themselves non competitive when they were already there without the declaration. Let the good times roll.
  4. BOA will announce options. Coming soon to a message board near you
  5. KMEA didn’t cancel the season. Only SMBC. Also I think it has another couple committees to go through before it’s official if I heard right.
  6. Lafayette should be on the competing list right?
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