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  1. totally agree, especially given the amount of equipment vehicles and buses.
  2. Only because they aren't taking every band from prelims in to finals............well, almost.........and the quality overall is going to be much, much stronger
  3. Every judge in finals had Bourbon 1st…….not following
  4. Mid-June scores for the season 2016/17/18 Cavaliers: 73.1, 72.6, 74...........Crown mid-June in 2019: 74.9 Yes, I'm well aware BOA is not KMEA and is not DCI and is not MSBA, etc. No one should be scoring that high this early in the season, I don't care who you are (or really, how good you are, either). And I still think Carmel only did 3 to 3:30 of their show. Come on now.............
  5. Definitely not in favor of capping scores. More in favor of judges doing their jobs and being sensible with numbers management.
  6. So did they perform the same 3 minutes that I saw? bdit Carmel should score a 150 by Grand Nationals
  7. Agreed.........but I'm beginning to see a slow creep back up into those boxes no bands are in just yet, esp in subcaptions. At least we dropped that ridiculous scoring cap for each weekend. KMEA one weekend, band A scores a 75; MSBA the next weekend, same band scores a 55. Totally understand 2 different circuits, but if we are norm-referenced, should there be that much of a difference?? And BOA always takes care of its chosen ones.............
  8. Me.......and common sense............just like we shouldn't be having groups in the upper 70's the 2nd weekend out.........think I saw a couple of 79's.
  9. No way should Carmel be scoring an 80 at the first regional...............
  10. If Russell Co is that strong from the video I saw, and along with the time they were shut down/quarantined, dang they will be phenomenal by the end of October. My concern is how will quarantines affect bands once we get to after Fall break before Regional weekend.
  11. I know the rule, but how in the world can u not register for 2 contests? Even 2 in one day??
  12. Wonder why Campbell bailed? They probably had their best chance at making it in this season (you know, with only 11-now 10- bands in one class while others have 21-25...............)
  13. Um, you do understand he’s an alumnus of there……wouldn’t necessarily call that “outside”
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