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  1. bdit

    New System

    So now a 50/50 shot at finals, if you make semis.......hmmmmmmm
  2. bdit

    New System

    ^^^^^I don’t think that’s correct, but I may be totally wrong. I’ve said all along that it needs to be equal distribution.
  3. bdit

    New System

    5A Lafayette Eastern-not attending Henry Clay-not attending (BOA super) Paul Laurence Dunbar Madison Central Larry A. Ryle Daviess County-rumored to not attend, but director change could affect that North Hardin-not attending (BOA super) McCracken County Central Hardin-not attending (BOA super) So that would leave 5 bands for 4 spots, if specualtion holds true..........................
  4. I don't see any Barren alums on here doing that..................maybe watch and learn??
  5. Very good point.................after Vincent, it has never been the same. Not even close. They've also had some significant administration issues that has hindered it, but still......JMO
  6. Glasgow hasn't meant business since they stopped wearing their kilts in competition...............plus the band is about 1/2 the size that it used to be.
  7. bdit

    Job Board 2018

    Yep; that would put somebody with a Rank I and 20+ years in the mid- to upper-70's.
  8. bdit

    Job Board 2018

    The need to just put a revolving door in both county band rooms. I would say there will be numerous candidates with lots of experience that apply, so we'll see if they (hiring committee) do their due-diligence. I know of one that has multiple finalist appearances is going to apply. But he may just be spinning his wheels. Time will tell................ They need to look at the city schools and figure this thing out. Jmo.............
  9. bdit

    Job Board 2018

    Pretty sure Edmonson re-hired the guy they had, which is surprising because the band is not growing at all. Think they have around 23-25 in band right now. Supposedly he hadn't taken care of some certification issues, which is very hard to believe. Boyle was posted on the KDE site yesterday, and has choir associated with it. Wonder what's going on there........seems to have been quite a bit of turnover.
  10. bdit

    New System

    Bourbon’s numbers are somewhat misleading. They used 32 7th graders and I think 18 8th graders this past season. I don’t care if they win all-world, that is an issue. Jmo At least they went to festival and got a Distinguished in concert band, instead of going for comments only like they used to. And I’m a supporter of their program. Just a little difference in philosophy.
  11. bdit

    Job Board 2018

    Just checked the Jessamine Co salary schedule. Head basketball coach stipend is around $8400. Head band director is around $3400. No extended days are listed. That tells me all I would need to know. That is embarrassing, imo.
  12. bdit

    Job Board 2018

    I could not agree more; what I've noticed, esp within the last 10 years, is that the MS person wants to pretty much go home when the last bell rings. No involvement with the marching band, pep band, riding the bus to contests or helping out with winter programs, etc. I know that stipends in no way cover the amount of time you spend, but that's kind of "part of the gig." I've noticed again and again that some MS directors are allowed to pick and choose what they want to do. My other concern is that they are allowed to do that in the first place. As I said earlier, here is the position and here is what it requires. You don't get to decide what you want and don't want to participate in. If that's the case, they need to be put in elementary music positions. Being a band director requires after-school time, to do it correctly (but it also must have a balance...............that's another discussion). Jmo
  13. bdit

    Job Board 2018

    The job description needs to be laid out in black in white. Here it is, take it or leave it. Word on the street is that the Apollo principal doesn't want a competitive marching band. Says that it "takes away from their music education." Heard that he met with the parents after their pre-festival concert last week and told them what he would be looking for in a new hire. Owensboro is a great town.