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  1. Guest1234

    2019 KMEA BOA and DCI show announcements.

    So, after the first competition? Bands have to sign up for competitions for the first two weeks now without knowing which class they will be in. They could end up completely wasting a weekend or two because nobody they will be competing against in their class will be there. We won't know the regionals list until well after the first competition. My guess is we won't know until the end of September.
  2. Guest1234

    2019 KMEA BOA and DCI show announcements.

    Not one of the big 3, but rather successful regular season 5A groups. These groups that are leaving or in the talks have left before.
  3. Guest1234

    2019 KMEA BOA and DCI show announcements.

    There's more than just 2...which is sad, but its the reality we're living in now. Sounds like the bigger bands aren't happy with the class change, but the little ones are. Makes you wonder.
  4. Guest1234

    Job Board 2018

    I could do that for my alma mater as well. Some of their hiring choices left a lot of alumni scratching their head, and it's not just the band program. I could really open some folks eyes about several programs across the state from stories I've heard from friends across the state, but I dont think I have the time to do so. Lol. Needless to say, theres a lot of corruption in school boards and band programs across the state, and most of which never come to see the light of day.
  5. Guest1234

    Job Board 2018

    👏👏I was waiting for you to explain.
  6. Guest1234

    Job Board 2018

    Daviess County also had 5 directors in 8 years back in the mid 2000s, so it really does make you wonder whats going on in Owensboro. And your math is correct.
  7. Guest1234

    2019 KMEA BOA and DCI show announcements.

    The same reason people do it for DCI. Stupidity and wasting their time. If it was actually Sinister I'm pretty sure there would have been more to the picture than black and gray.
  8. Guest1234

    BOA Sheets: Friend or Foe?

    I've seen some wild judges bios in my day, including some that literally say that they have ties to a group performing there that day, which to me is a conflict of interest and shouldn't happen, but it does (and a lot more often than we think). Some of those "on staff" might be arrangers or drill writers, but you'd think that they would actually put that in their bio instead of just "on staff". I've seen plenty of those, and the sad thing is it used to happen more in Eastern Kentucky than anywhere else. Really makes you wonder if that was part of the reason why our Eastern Kentucky bands couldn't climb the ladder, that and the lack of funding, etc. Visual is difficult to say. I know a few folks who haven't ever been on staff anywhere who knows more about visual than most of the judges tapes I've come in contact with over the last 15-20 years. Visual Effect on the other hand, I do believe that some sort of experience in teaching, instructing, designing, something should be on board. You can't rightfully judge guard in effect if you don't know anything about guard, and the sad reality is that most of the visual effect judges in the big K.Y. never touch guard on their tapes or the sheets (just because there is a guard judge there that day doesn't mean that the guard staging, silk and uniform colors, etc. shouldn't be mentioned). They see the flags go up and as long as they're being caught they give good marks. They don't know anything about hand placement, planks, difficulty, effectiveness, feet position, dance, etc. so they really can't effectively judge Visual Effect. This has been an issue for years, and I've come to the conclusion that no form of judge training is going to fix our judging issues. It might make our already good judges that much better, but the fact of the matter is that some folks are meant to judge and some aren't. It might help a few of our "bad" judges realize what they've been doing wrong, but unless they make the "available judge training" a mandatory training at a low or no cost to the judges, I don't think anyone is going to take it seriously.
  9. Guest1234

    BOA Sheets: Friend or Foe?

    Kind of like the new class and the proposed state system? Joking. Maybe.
  10. Guest1234

    BOA Sheets: Friend or Foe?

    You'd be surprised at how many judges never directed their own programs.
  11. Guest1234

    BOA Sheets: Friend or Foe?

    Not sure who you're directing this toward, but I think mine and bdit's issue with it is the fact that the judges already make a less than stellar salary on any given weekend, and would now be expected to pay for the training if they decide to go through with it.
  12. Guest1234

    BOA Louisville

    I know of a few more Kentucky bands considering it, but nothing set in stone as of right now.
  13. Guest1234

    BOA Sheets: Friend or Foe?

    I knew I wasn't hearing things. Not sure how I feel about it either, but I do think that at the very least the judges who are interested in individual captions should have to go through some sort of training, that way we don't have judges causing injury. In the words of Mad Eye, "Constant vigilance!"
  14. Guest1234

    DCI KY

    I know it wasn't, I was just pointing that out. Lol.