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  1. band_geek15

    KMEA Festival Class Marching Band?

    Yes, I was using that as a reference point. Actually, from my knowledge traveling across the eastern US, noncompetitive “contests” are pretty popular in everywhere BUT Kentucky. I know Ohio, WV, PA have a lot of them. States below us like TN and GA usually have county exhibition nights where all of the bands in a given county come together and perform for each other, whether they’re competitive or not. From my knowledge the only thing we have that’s close to that is the preview show in Louisville each year.
  2. band_geek15

    KMEA Festival Class Marching Band?

    Interesting. That’s exactly what I was talking about, though I wasn’t aware that we had that here in Ky. I wonder why more non-competitive groups don’t utilize the “festival division.” I think it would be a great experience for them beyond their repetitive slate of home football games being the extent of their season.
  3. band_geek15

    KMEA Festival Class Marching Band?

    Really? I’m not aware of ANY Ky bands that do this.
  4. With the amount of bands dropping out of the SMBC, do any of you think it would be a viable option to start a festival class circuit where bands go for ratings (bronze, silver, or gold) based on their performance rather than classes and scores? They do this in Indiana, and I know it’s a way for them to attract lots of smaller bands struggling financially. Perhaps this would be a strategy to help get some of the bands that have dropped out in recent years due to financial reasons? Possibly even the non-competitive groups like Scott County and Franklin County could go with the types of shows that they do...and it might be a terrific experience for those kids who probably otherwise would never get to experience anything remotely close to a band contest. What do you guys think?
  5. band_geek15

    First KY band to use props?

    Very good show, by the way!
  6. Just wondering if anyone knows who the first Kentucky band to use significant props in their show was and when.
  7. band_geek15


    Just did some “research” and it appears as if you are right. Letcher County Central High School is in Southeastern KY near the Virginia border. There is a feature twirler that comes in right around the 1:30 mark.
  8. band_geek15


    At some schools, yes... ”Don’t audition well? We’ll put you in the pit!”
  9. band_geek15


    Yes, I completely agree!! Seeing the energy in these shows makes me wonder why not more schools in the state tried out a non-competitive format. I’m not trying to demote competitive marching band at all. I just think it may be a better alternative for some schools that don’t have the interest, numbers, funding, or willingness to get their students to buy into cryptic, abstract, esoteric show concepts that won’t even win them much. I’d rather see a 100-piece non-competitive band than a 40-piece competitive band. It’s giving more kids an experience and promotes inclusion, and, if you know a thing or two about competitive bands, I would not associate them with the word “inclusion.”
  10. band_geek15


    What school did you go to? Just curious.
  11. band_geek15


    It appears they both still do. Good for them!
  12. band_geek15


    Any specific schools you know of? Maybe Ashland Blazer or Morgan County?
  13. band_geek15


    Yes, I get where you’re coming from. I don’t like the bands that have like a dozen majorettes all doing the same sloppy, simplistic baton work in the same 30 year-old high-heel boots, but I’ve always enjoyed watching corps-style bands (at both the high school and collegiate level) that have a few feature twirlers as part of their show. I’ve even seen a few BOA-caliber bands from other states with all the elaborate props and stuff and also a twirler or two. These were fairly recent (this decade). Do you know why this isn’t a thing in KY? Do you think it would work?
  14. Does anyone know of any Kentucky bands that utilize majorettes/feature twirlers? I know this is fairly common in a lot of bordering states (TN, OH, VA, WV), even among their competitive programs, but I’ve never seen them at a Kentucky contest. Does the typical KMEA style just not call for them or is there some official rule that states that bands cannot use them in competition? I think they would be a great addition to some of our more traditional-style bands, like Butler County, for example. Anyone agree? Thoughts?