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  1. Is today when the results are supposed to be available for the aerosol spread study for music education? Just wondering where to find the results or if anyone knows much about it.
  2. Has any group come up with a creative way to recognize their seniors without having the traditional band banquet? With schools officially closing in NTI days, looking for ways to celebrate their contributions to a growing band program.
  3. It seems like our program is marginally committed to marching and less to concert endeavors. For youth who have a desire to perform in other arenas, what are the options? I saw where a student from Owensboro played in the Macy’s thanksgiving day parade. Looking into that one. My child was invited for a KY European music tour, but it was crazy expensive. Are there other unique opportunities that are youth can independently seek out and apply/participate in?
  4. I remember the old days when it was just music and marching....pure music, talent and practice. Not this tom foolery and focus and MONEY put ON the show.
  5. Is there a natural progression of scores as bands increase in size? All things being equal, would a 5A band score higher than a 1A band IF music level, artistic, etc was the same. In the scoring matrix, does a bigger band get credit for their "size" in nothing more than in a judge's head? Corollary question...I wonder if the majority of the judges are coming from large bands to start with thus reinforcing the "big band is better" mentality? I have no data nor even looked at last night's scores to see, but it seems like it would be hard to ignore the size factor if everything else
  6. 1A Semi Washington Co owensboro Catholic Hancock Co Cumberland Co
  7. I wonder if the same set of judges’ views are tainted by the larger band’s program and negatively impacts the 1A scoring. Larger band. Larger volume. More field coverage. Money money (maybe). And then they drop to smaller programs. I would think it’s hard to maintain the same level of objectivity fir a judge doing both 4A and 1A on the same day when the season depends on one set of scores.
  8. Sorry for the newbie question, is that the Murray State band? Guessing if it is, they will perform at the end of an already long evening? I wish the KMEA would do something about having the closing ceremonies so late with the bands traveling home even later. I understand this is the second half of the day, but they couldn't find enough schools to host so that some don't have to host two regionals? Will it take a school having a major issue driving home after midnight before they take common sense into their scheduling? Or is this the history of the program?
  9. Any idea of when final lineup will be selected or posted on their site?
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