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  1. BandKid004

    Jobs OPEN in 2020//

    So pretty much what is happening at Cumberland is happening at Russellville.
  2. BandKid004

    Jobs OPEN in 2020//

    Not official yet, but there's word cumberlands assistant director may have been hired as band director.
  3. BandKid004

    Jobs OPEN in 2020//

    When you say hire from within do you men like, a staff member?
  4. BandKid004

    Jobs OPEN in 2020//

    It would probably be nice for them to find one fast since I heard their camp is in 2 days. However you don't just want anyobdy in there.
  5. BandKid004

    2020 Marching Shows!!

    Glasgow 20'- There Will Be Rest...
  6. BandKid004

    Jobs OPEN in 2020//

    I still think it is dumb that they let the lyon county person go.
  7. BandKid004

    2020 Finals Predictions

    just better visuals, yes they weren't better in music but their visuals were better in my opinion but i feel like murray could get 2nd if they worked harder on visuals.
  8. BandKid004

    2020 Finals Predictions

    !!UPDATED PREDICTION!! Class A 1.) Washington County/Cumberland County Depends on who wants it more 2.) Cumberland County/Washington County 3.) Hancock County 4.) Owensboro Catholic 5.) Williamstown 6.) Mayfield Class AA 1.) Beechwood 2.) Russell Indepdent 3.) Murray 4.) Mercer County 5.) Hart  6.) Casey County Class AAA 1.) Estill 2.) Adair 3.) Glasgow 4.) Russell County 5.) Taylor County 6.) Pulaski County Class AAAA 1.) Harrison County 2.) Bourbon County 3.) Anderson County 4.) South Laruel 5.) Madisonville North Hopkins 6.) South Warren Class AAAAA 1.) Madison Centeral 2.) Lafayette 3.) Larry A Ryle 4.) PLD 5.) Eastern 6.) Campbell County
  9. BandKid004

    KYBAND.COM 2020 Contest Listing

    no allen county makes me sad.
  10. BandKid004

    2020 Finals Predictions

    that is very true, and I would just like to point out to everyone that I work with cumberland in the summer that's why i say things about them and no i don't want compliments just pointing out some key factors that go along with the predictions, but i agree. 1A in my opinion is one if not the most competitive class.
  11. BandKid004

    2020 Finals Predictions

    agree, but also i thought they played better this year then they ever have, they also won two captions in music so I feel like they played well.
  12. BandKid004

    2020 Finals Predictions

    thank you someone who agrees!!
  13. BandKid004

    2020 Finals Predictions

    literally same they deserve it so much.
  14. BandKid004

    2020 Finals Predictions

    I agree with this prediction and I also think cumberland county has a very good chance of winning if they work hard enough -cumberland fan from russell.