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  1. So crazy, good lineup. All 6 state finalist go on back to back, I will say Metcalfe County and Somerset will fight it out for that last spot
  2. I could see 1-3, however, Metcalfe has beat Campbellsville and out scored Green County all season so I see no reason they would be 6th unless they have an awful run. This prediction makes sense but I would switch Metcalfe County and Campbellville.
  3. 1st- Murray (winning state IMO) 2nd-Adair County 3rd- Taylor County 4th- Allen-County Scottsville 5th- Elizabethtown 6th- Breckinridge/Ohio County
  4. Grand Champion- Male 66.50 (1st Place Class 4A, Best Percussion, Best Colorguard) Reserve G.C.- Eastern 74.20 (1st Place Class 3A, Best Percussion, Best Colorguard) 3rd Place- Bullitt East 56.2.00 (1st Place Class 2A, Best Percussion, Best Colorguard) 4th Place- Cumberland County 50.40 (1st Place Class 1A, Best Percussion, Best Colorguard) 5th Place- Martha Layne Collins 45.70 6th Place- Henry County 44.80 7th Place- Green County 41.00 8th Place- Bardstown 40.60
  5. Early Regionals Predictions: In No Particular Order A East Williamstown Nicholas County Danville Paris Harlan Powell County A West Cumberland County Owensboro Catholic Metcalfe County Campbellsville Mayfield McLean County
  6. 1A East is going to be one heck of a battle, excited to see the outcome.
  7. Ive said for years, 1A deserves the college, it makes more sense. Coming from a state finalist in class A, it makes more sense for us to be there instead of having to hurry and navigate traffic and such to get to the stadium on time.
  8. You're not even worth the time to argue over LOL
  9. I agree, although I'm not sure what rotation you're talking about LOL, but yes, if you look during finals there isn't a crowd in the stadium like there is when 3A starts, although I feel like with six bands this year it could maybe have an impact on the audience size. I doubt it though.
  10. It's essentially the same thing that happened with a school in 1A, the job wasn't even posted anywhere, the day after the director resigned, they hired the assistant. It's unfair IMO, why not give these other directors who have had experience the chance?
  11. I 100% agree, if you're name isn't Lafayette, Madison Central or North Hardin (pretty much any 5A band) then you don't matter in KMEA's eyes. If we're being really honest if you're in 2A or 1A you might as well get over the thought of being talked about or in the spotlight, it disgust me how people, cause, let's be honest, it's not just KMEA the band world people do not care about small bands (2A and 1A) they only care about the big band (3A-5A). Okay, that's all for my rant
  12. Well, we know they don't stand a chance against Ryle (just basing off this past weekend), Henry Clay is feasible, Campbell County IMO is better than GRC, Central Hardin we'll get a good look at this weekend and finally Dunbar honestly, this one is a hit or miss either one could topple the other but more realistically Dunbar would take it between the two. So what did we learn from this? GRC has quite the work to do. Do I feel that they could pull it off? not this year, are they for sure someone to keep an eye on in 2022? for certain.
  13. Could GRC pull a Cumberland County 2019?
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