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  1. WKU wasn't too bad at 2 1/2 hours, at least it was a better drive than the 5+ hours to L'ville. We always have to drive so far for everything...was glad 5A Quarterfinals were held at Hopkinsville this year, rather than E-town.
  2. Ballard Memorial, Crittenden, and Christian County really impressed me this year. Gradual improvement each year for the last several years - keep up the great work guys! On a side note, being a Graves County supporter, they have come a long way and continue to improve and grow each year. They used to hope to make it to Quarterfinals (when that actually meant something), then they started hoping they just wouldn't be last place when they got to Quarterfinals. This year is the third time they have made it to semi-finals in the schools history and each year at semis they have placed one slot
  3. Let's give Murray State a try next year - they would be on top of their game....and for once it would be a ton closer for the Western Bands
  4. You have 5A mixed up somehow. I don't have time to go through it all to find out who shouldn't be on this list but you have left out Grayson County.
  5. Excellent! Maybe they will be able to disregard reputations and preconceived ideas, and judge based solely on performance. Do you know who they are?
  6. I really think Ballard Memorial will finish higher - they are doing great this year! Take out reputation points and they might even beat Mayfield.
  7. Anyone know who the judges are for 5A West this year?
  8. 5A West have several bands who, in my opinion, will be fighting for the 6-8th spot. Meade, Henderson, Graves, Christian and Grayson. They are all in about the same range, it all depends on how good of a run they have next week. Grayson has a great draw, Graves, not so good. Good luck to all the bands, it should be a tight show - looking forward to seeing it!
  9. As did I . Guess I kinda walked into that one, thanks for the real def. though
  10. Oh ) Guess that means they don't have to be schitzo then...
  11. How can the effect judges NOT be spot on....there is only one effect judge per category, no one to compare to (unless the judge is schitzo)
  12. Although not their best run, due to Friday night homecoming and a 6:00 call Saturday morning, Graves County kids came away feeling pretty good. Receiving a superior band rating, superior field commander, scoring 4th in class C and 4th overall Small Division (class C and D). They outscored Barren in music by 1 pt. and outscored Henderson overall by 6-7 pts. (Henderson competed in class . They still have a lot of work to do, but not bad for their 2nd competition. Look forward to seeing them at Marshall!
  13. it's all in your persrective: "little" is all about how much "bigger" than you the bands are that you are in direct competition with.
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