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The Shadow

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D. Robertson


2008 Presidential Election  

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Home to my personal sorrows, the Shadows send shivers up my spine. There is just something about the darkness that unsettles my nerves. As I sit here in the dark with nothing but a computer screen as a light, I wonder what lurks beyond this window that is unseen. Sometimes, I think I see a dark figure standing just out of the lights reach, waiting for something... something that I cannot comprehend. It stands there in a dead stare at something, could it be me? Often times, I grab a flashlight and shine it towards the dark figure, but nothing would be there. An empty spot where I swore something stood. What evil is waiting outside my stronghold? What could it want? This is the question that has no answer.


Sometimes, I hear noises that disturb the silence that company the shadows. Ever so slightly, do the leaves crunch under light footsteps as I walk out and search for the source to such an odd noise. As I approach, I shine my light quickly over a large area. What I find shocks me at first. I see two orbs pointed directly at me, two eyes from an unknown stranger. Without warning, the eyes disappear. Gone just as quickly as they appeared, I turn and walk with renewed determination to hide within my stronghold. The darkness unsettles me.


The dark figure, that I am so afraid of, returns to me every night. It waits just beyond my lights reach, so still. I must turn my gaze away from it, in fear that it might do something new. I close my curtains, and watch the edge of darkness grow closer to the place that I call home. As the darkness closes in, I feel as if it is calling for me. In complete fear, I turn and run out of the room and to my bedroom. I hold my eyes shut and try to push the intruder as far away as I can. The darkness is all around me, I am stuck in its grasp. Forever, I am held by it. Forever I am in fear of the dark figure.




I hope you enjoyed this as much as i did. It was extremely fun writing this, It came from no where.

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