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The Shadow 2: Nightmare

D. Robertson



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Due to popular demand... here is the sequal to The Shadow. Enjoy!




The Shadow: Nightmare


Previously: I hold my eyes shut and try to push the intruder as far away as I can. The darkness is all around me, I am stuck in its grasp. Forever, I am held by it. Forever I am in fear of the dark figure.




As the silence fell, I hid my head under the cover hoping to quickly fall asleep. Eventually, I fell asleep and drifted into another world; The dream world. I found peace in this world of mine, it was away from the horrible darkness. It was full of light and green grass as far as the eye could see. Usually, I just sat underneath a big oak tree in the shade and watched the animals graze. As I watched a nearby deer eat some tall grass, I started to think about the night I had just experienced. I couldn’t get the dark figure from my thoughts but, he couldn’t get me here; or so I had thought.


I felt a shiver go up my spine as if I was being touched softly on my arm. It was a weird sensation. I just disregarded it as the wind. I turned my attention back towards the deer, but it was gone. Never before had the deer ran away from me. Something scared it off, but what could it be? To investigate, I stood up and looked around. There was nothing out of the ordinary out in the grass. I turned around and looked behind me and there was nothing there. I shrugged, and turned to sit back down. As I turned around, I see nothing but desolate flatlands of rocks and bone.


I stumbled around in horror at the sight before me. I turned around and the tree that was so full of life and that once offered shade is now nothing but a dead waste of space. I didn’t know what to do, where did it all go? All I knew to do was run and I ran until I couldn’t run anymore. I was surrounded by bones and the never ending dirt. All of the sudden, I felt drained; As if someone was sucking the very being that I was away from me. I screamed, “WHERE AM I” and it echoed several times and everything stopped. I felt normal, but I was still surrounded by the horrible landscape.


As I stumbled around clumsily, I see the dark figure standing before me. All I could think about was how afraid I was. I fell to the ground and pleaded for reason, “Oh God, not here. How? What do you want?” The dark figure seemingly floated towards me. It slowly raised one hand out toward me and spoke in a language that I couldn’t comprehend. It was coming towards me so I turned and ran as fast as I could away from it. As I ran, I turned to look behind me and it wasn’t there, but then I ran into something horrible.


I was engulfed in darkness and couldn’t see a single light anywhere. I didn’t know where I was or If I was even dreaming anymore. I try to feel around in front of me and began to notice that the air felt thick. It was as if the air had turned to really thick black smoke. All I could hear was the wind blowing in steady blasts. I couldn’t figure out where I was and I couldn’t figure out if I was awake or dreaming. I hit myself on the leg to try and wake myself up, but It just hurt. All of a sudden, I hear laughter as loud as thunder and I then realize that I was inside the dark figure, I punched and pushed my way though the fog but it never ended, I couldn’t get out. I was trapped forever In this evil being, I was trapped forever? Trapped? No… No…. NOOOO!!!!!!!!


I woke up screaming and grabbing at nothing. As I seen the light from my bedroom windows, I realize that I must have had a horrible nightmare. I was sweating bullets and my bed was thrown askew. The sheets were on the floor and I couldn’t believe what had happened. I stood up looked around the room and was pleased to see the sun rising. I turned to walk out of my room, but I saw something in the corner of my room in the shadows behind my closet door. I pushed it away as just a shadow and walked out. The dark figure stepped out of the shadow and disappeared.



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