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New features




As you can tell, our board was just recently updated with new software that is loaded with new features and a custom new look. Here is what's new to our community:



  • Customizable profiles, including background options
  • User reputation system for posts
  • Customizable blogs - Personal, Private, or imported.


Some of these new features are outlined here: IP Board: What's new. There are several options for our community that have not been configured as of yet, such as Facebook connect and Twitter connect, but we do have the option for our users to sync their profiles from these two sites directly with this site so that information can be shared, etc. I hope to have these up and running soon!


All members can now create their own blogs, public or private, and customize settings. The new "Blog This" feature also allows blogs to be created easily from topics on Kymarching.net. Please remember that defamatory or pornographic blogs can and will be removed from this site. An outline of the new blog features can be found here: IP Blog


Also new to the forum community is the IP Board IPhone Application. This application allows you to connect to this forum as well as have the option to receive mobile notifications, which are available in your profile settings after you login to this site via the application on your phone. I still have not gotten my mobile notifications to work correctly, so this is definitely an application in process and will most likely be going through updates in the future. The features can be found here: IPB for IPhone. This app can be downloaded from the ITunes store for free. For Droid users, IPB reportedly has an application in development.


Have fun exploring the new features! As I add and tweak new features, I will update you accordingly via this blog.




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