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  2. "heard your brass line sounds amazing iDude whats DC's show this year"

    1. Patton


      Who did you hear this from? lol who are you?

  3. "heard your brass line sounds amazing iDude whats DC's show this year"

  4. Can't wait for corps/band season to start!!!

  5. 2011 Music City Legend Soprano

  6. Can't wait for Music City Legend auditions!

  7. I honestly think that we shold've been in the top 3.Im not going to be like, oh yeah we're awesome we deserve 1st everywhere we go, ill put Dixie and Calloway and/Father Ryan in front of us at that competition

  8. Well, FOC was....interesting. Can't wait for all the hard work for regionals and State semifinals/finals! We have THE show to do it, so I don't see why we can't.

  9. Thanks! I think us and Dixie were underscored though :/

  10. Is tired of seeing crap on us. Just because Central Hardin beat us by .25 doesn't mean they're better.. Their show was not even 6 min (the minimum). The DM had to just stand there in order to avoid a penalty.

    1. Patton


      IMO, I don't see how the crap that was put on the field beat us. Oh well, we will redeem ourselves.

  11. okay runs at south oldham. Can't wait to redeem ourselves at FOC

  12. haha, I can't wait for FOC

  13. FOC is stacked. I'm pumped!

  14. Patton

    What is your youtube page. For all of the vieos

  15. Patton

    Marshall wont be at FOC this year

  16. You lost the game eric

  17. Thanks for youre DC comment and us making state finals!

  18. Can't wait for this Saturday!

  19. Had a great time at Madisonville

  20. Today is the day! Madisonville, here we come!

  21. Maroon Classic tomorrow!

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