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  1. No, that's not why some people give arbitrary 5-star ratings on there. It's typically to counterbalance the "reviewers" who give the product 1 star for the dumbest reasons. "This doesn't even work on my Apple computer!" Well, no, because it specifically states in the product description that it's for PC. Many critical reviews can be chalked up to either customer failure to do proper research or nitpicking over mostly or completely irrelevant things. That's why you can't always go with average customer review on there. Never did I think I would be agreeing with -- much less defending -- Ti
  2. Just to give a comprehensive look at SMBC venue availability (as it stands right now): EKU - off 24th, away 31st, home 7th Murray St. - off 24th, home 31st, away 7th UofL - all dates TBA UK - away 24th, off 31st, away 7th WKU - all dates TBA I went ahead and threw in Murray St. for you far west peeps who still dream of it going back there someday.
  3. Oh no... Kentucky just lost one of its best music educators. He was someone I considered a friend and I always enjoyed talking to him whenever we would bump into each other at competitions or on facebook when another season was drawing near. His personality, his sense of humor, and his ability to find enjoyment in just about anything involving music were truly unique. I'm going to miss him. Rest in peace, good friend. 💔
  4. That one was titled "The Epic Struggle". I'm going a little off the reservation with my picks. I wanted to give a little recognition to some shows that haven't been mentioned much so far. Keep in mind, I agree about the shows I didn't mention in these lists, like Adair's conTempo or Lafayette's Allure, but I wanted to spread the love a little bit. Favorites of the 2010s: 1. Anderson County 2012 - My Secret Identity 2. Murray 2010 - Targeted 3. Madisonville-North Hopkins 2011 - Lost in the Darkness, Chasing the Light 4. Murray 2011 - The REMedy 5. Dixie Heig
  5. Probably throwing shade at the new class A and its rebuilding process. Way to appreciate the groups who are from some of the poorest, most rural parts of the state and put on a solid marching production despite those limitations.
  6. This is the first year KMEA has had this new judging system. It would be a shame if even more of the state's best high school bands were to abandon this new system without really giving the judges a chance to grow accustomed to it. Yeah, a lot of bands didn't get the outcome they were hoping for, but an experiment will only yield useful results if given abundant data to analyze. Also, this is just me, but I personally would rather fight for changes or tweaks to the current system and try to build it into something that worked as well as possible for as many school music programs as possible. N
  7. What he meant was that the kids currently in 3 of the 4 1A finalist bands have never experienced it because those bands have not been to finals since long before any of those kids joined.
  8. Keep in mind, guys, Dunbar went on first, and KMEA judges are very conservative with their scores for the first band. Because the first band was a really good one, that probably means scores will be low across the board.
  9. Not yet, Chase. Phil, Henderson acquitted themselves quite well today. Show design is a significant jump from what I've seen from them in the past. This is 2 years in a row when Eastern has had a singer in their show, and they've done it very tastefully both times. Finalist announcements starting now.
  10. Not surprised. Judging is always... Interesting at this competition. Good news for Bourbon is that history tells us that's a good thing for them, though. Typically, bands who get upset at Morehead see favorable results later in the season.
  11. Madison Central has zero 8th graders in their marching band. This comes from a very reliable source.
  12. These are probably way off because I'm not as experienced with BOA, but here are my predictions for finals placements according to what I saw on flomarching: 1. Broken Arrow 2. Tarpon Springs 3. Carmel 4. Blue Springs 5. Avon 6. Wando 7. Homestead 8. William Mason 9. O'Fallon Township 10. Prosper 11. Dobyns-Bennett 12. Jenks
  13. Open the door Get on the floor Everybody walk the dinosaur
  14. There are, they're just frozen. That's not what I meant, though. :-p
  15. Well, the world would include his lake, so why not shoot for the moon?
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