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  1. Interesting that the judges had Taylor County in a close second overall with visual, but in a 3-way tie for a distant 4th musically. Granted, these are Mid-States judges using Mid-States sheets, but that suggests that if they can find a way to boost their music scores, they might be able to put themselves in a pretty good position going into regionals. I also find it interesting that duPont Manual was so close to Male with their music scores. They seem to be in the opposite position; clean up the drill and marching technique, and they may be able to make some noise at semis in 2 weeks.
  2. Sorry for the double-post, but... Daviess County - 82.8 Hancock County - 78.55 Ohio County - 75.25 Meade County - 74.6 John Hardin - 73.45 Apollo - 71.35 Union County - 62.1 North Bullitt - 60.25 Edmonson County - 57.15
  3. Ohio County over John Hardin. Interesting. Congrats to Daviess and Hancock!
  4. That means Paul Laurence Dunbar, Tates Creek, Russell Independent, Pulaski County, and Williamstown all missed the cut. Crazy. I mean, we all knew some VERY good bands weren't going to make it to finals here, but actually seeing it is still pretty shocking. It would have been great to have 12 finalists here instead of 10, but there's only so much time in the day.
  5. I see this one going to Daviess County, but very few people know where to put John Hardin here. I'd wager they'll be the top two just from John Hardin's past performances, but who knows what'll happen?
  6. It's crazy to me that it's 3:30 p.m. my time and this competition is already over. It's going to be interesting seeing the spread between the bands here, and how John Hardin performed in their... FIRST???... KMEA competition of the season. Hope everyone had a great run!
  7. Could Madison Southern win their second competition of the season here? It looks to me like the top 3 are going to be divided between AAA schools. I see this one going Madison Southern, Boyle County, Garrard County in that order, but the spread between them will be the most interesting takeaway from this competition. Maybe Garrard will show us that they're picking up momentum and not to dismiss them quite yet. Also, where Owen County and Marion County land in the spread here could give us a glimpse into where they stand for a potential spot in AA semis. I think it would be REALLY coo
  8. I see Murray on top and Christian County second, but don't be surprised to see McCracken County or Owensboro slip into that 3rd position. I WANT to see Madville contend for a top two spot here, and I hope that they've improved from the beginning of the season. But they're not finishing where they have in the past, and meanwhile, both McCracken County and Owensboro have shown a lot of improvement. Should be tight from 3 to 5, and maybe even from 2 to 5. We'll see.
  9. They could have... But do you know why they didn't? Because 3 of the bands in their lineup also competed earlier today at Owensboro Catholic. If Grayson had started their competition at 12:30, that wouldn't have happened. That's one of the things I find so cool about competitions in the western part of the state. Directors of host programs tend to coordinate with one another so that their competition takes place on the same day as a nearby competition, and they pair the time slots of those competitions so that one takes place early and one takes place late. The result is that both programs get
  10. Since you seem to be having difficulty understanding my point, ANUBIS, I'm quoting your first post in this thread, Saxophone2494's first post in this thread, and then your second post (in which you actually quoted Saxophone's post above). With your first post, you were already on the record as having stated that you believe Murray will win the region; the second post essentially did the same thing. There are two differences with the second post, though: You QUOTED Saxophone -- which meant he would get a notification that you quoted his post, and which implied that you were responding t
  11. Your first post did a perfectly good job of conveying your opinion, so this second one was redundant. Granted, there's a good chance that you're right and Murray WILL come out on top, but you phrased it in a way that it would be more provocative to fans of other bands in this regional, and Saxophone2494's affiliation with one of said bands is not a secret. You're not an idiot, so you had to know both of those things, which means you're TRYING to get a rise out of Adair folks like Saxophone2494, and you're just playing the victim. Not a great look, but hey. You do you.
  12. I'm betting it was an effect judge, and that it's the same person responsible for Estill County's interesting position. I'm looking forward to seeing this recap, too.
  13. https://kyband.com/marching/scores/2021/2021WarrenCentral.pdf
  14. Sigh. What a long day... I'm tired just looking at it.
  15. I won't lie; I'm underwhelmed by North Hardin's scores here, and I was told their position was deserved. Still, it's not the easiest field to compete against, and I'm proud of our Kentucky bands for representing our state well.
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