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  1. My understanding is that bands submit a video from their home field and the video is live streamed by the host. but I’m not 100% on that it’s just what I heard through the grape vine. the thing that disappoints me is if this proves to be successful why couldn’t KMEA get it together enough to do this?
  2. Saxophone2494

    New KMEA Guidelines

    Thank you for being that person when the rest of us were not brave enough. But I totally agree with you I don’t think this band touches Barton’s sound right now. We’ve only seen 3 years and they have great moments in their sound but it’s not a consistently good caliber that Barton Gave us. but of course we got a lot of people who think big band=big sound=good sound. 🙃
  3. Saxophone2494

    New KMEA Guidelines

    I agree somewhat and disagree somewhat. i think North has a ver symphonic sound and they use their soloist very well and have amazing individual players. Lafayette has a more brassy sound their woodwinds play better as an ensemble and get more exposure in their shows. more or less I think it’s a lot less who’s better than who and more so what each person prefers. (I’m talking about on the field)
  4. Saxophone2494

    New KMEA Guidelines

    I didn’t know there was a debate of North Vs Lafayette. the outcome is pretty crystal clear people.
  5. Saxophone2494

    Corona Talk

  6. Saxophone2494

    New KMEA Guidelines

    Here’s a fun question. if KMEA does have a season will there be a restructure in classes for 2020? 5A currently has 7 bands in it....
  7. Saxophone2494

    Jobs OPEN in 2020//

    Nah just a feeling
  8. Saxophone2494

    Jobs OPEN in 2020//

    AJ Cook built a lot for that program and gave them a steady foundation and I have a feeling they will be in good hands and will become a force in their class.
  9. Saxophone2494

    New KMEA Guidelines

    Okay but how are you so confident in that? I Don’t watch Lafayette’s Facebook page. I don’t have a kid in a program but I trust people on here aren’t just making all that up for the heck of it... I’ve seen BOA’s posts and what not but it still seems to me that it is up in the air and could go either way. I mean, I hope you’re right... but you’re giving a really definitive vibe and you’re not showing anything to back it other than a few social media posts...
  10. Saxophone2494

    Jobs OPEN in 2020//

  11. Saxophone2494

    Overdue for a comeback

    Would South Oldham be 4A still under the new system? I don’t know if this would be a “come back” I’m not really versed in their history. But since we’re on Oldham schools, I genuinely enjoy North Oldham every year and would love to see them give a good push to rank higher in placement.
  12. Saxophone2494

    New KMEA Guidelines

    I mean KMEA is still a business that still needs money to survive. I’m sure there are people in the ranks of KMEA that does, in fact, only look at the money. but that is a needed aspect of every business. Non profits, charities, state band associations, all have to look at their money and make sure there is some coming in and make moves to make it and preserve it. Money smart choices will have to be made wether we like those choices or not, they are made for a reason. It’s not rainbows and fairies people... the fact is. There’s no money in comps without spectators. But there is also no money in virtual competitions. If it comes to that it would be the money smart decision to just simply not have a competitive band season. I’d rather have KMEA around In 2022 than have them die in 2020 because they poured money into something that’s not at all viable. there are other ways to expand music education beyond the field. Nobody was this upset about concert band being canceled which is arguably the more important side of music education.
  13. Saxophone2494

    New KMEA Guidelines

    Same. There are just too many issues that come into play with it. And it’s still a season I guess but is it really? I think if i was a student and I was told that every competition would be a glorified practice run I’d probably opt out to take pottery or something... not to mention there would be a total lack of accountability on all ends. And I guess we expect the weather to be the same across the state for 3 months? Horrible idea. I agree with chase. It had to be dead the minute it was suggested. it’s funny to me that y’all want to complain about the judges and then think they can be trusted to judge a livestream from their home.