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  1. I don’t have any objections to Louisville. Like you said it is the most central location and it is big enough to accommodate 30 bands and the crowd that goes with that. The con to Louisville is semi locations. For some reason we can’t convince Louisville schools to host semis. as far as western goes I will jog our memories a little. 2019 finals people complained about parking, props on the sidewalk, crowded space, and so on. We have simply outgrown WKU. If we recall in early 2020 the options were WKU and UK. UK said no and the assumption was WKU. Then there was a mad scramble to neg
  2. From the inception of the expanded finals I have had it in the back of my mind that it would eventually happen. I would hate to see it because I would hate to have to pick and choose between small band finals and big band finals. And in the end we know that most people would opt for the big band finals. I honestly enjoy all the classes.
  3. There’s only 2 stadiums in the state that will be able to accommodate 30 bands without it being a nightmare and that’s UofL and UK. WKU should be on reserve for desperate situations. If we want to expand from those and add Morehead, Murray, EKU, and whoever else. Then maybe we should just have 2 separate finals with separate locations.
  4. I’m gonna lay my money on October 30th at University of Kentucky. I feel like KMEA wants UK to be the site whenever possible. It has great options for semis that are mostly close by to the stadium. It would be the best option for our first year with an expanded finals. Louisville isn’t a bad option but I think it’ll be the back up. I doubt we use WKU or Eastern ever again. Especially with 6 bands in finals.
  5. Madisonville is a tough one. I can’t decide if they’ve actually gone down hill or if they’re just back to being in a class that can compete with them like they were pre 2005. There are some Madville shows from their ten year reign that I think would have a hard time breaking into finals in 4A these last few years. But there’s also a few I think could still walk away with a title even over big boys like Bourbon. the jury is out on Harrison county. I’m not sure what to expect from them.
  6. I heard that none other than Donald J Trump has applied after he asked his advisors “if my ego is too big to be president then what job is my ego the right size for?” And they replied “high school band director” the summary on his resume reads ”Make American Marching Band Great Again” #MAMBGA
  7. The most recent RUMOR (R-U-M-O-R, Rumor. Defined as” a currently circulating story or report of uncertain or doubtful truth.“ ) is that Centers is gonna shock us all and return to the competitive scene and take the Eastern Job. sax2494 tired of the bickering... will release all the information I am privy to. (Unless asked not to by a music educator or equally reliable source.)
  8. What else is opening up? I’ve heard that Harrison might be having an assistant position open soon..
  9. When it comes to Mike Arther I have heard more than I need to hear about a complete stranger’s personal life for more than the last 2 years and it’s simply none of our business and definitely not our right to share on this forum. he did send fraudulent tapes to KMEA which is a major issue. That does have some footing for a discussion here. But as far as him working a Lowe’s... who tf cares... you really think he’s the only teacher or band director to skim by this last year? Why was he working at Lowe’s? Why did he need to subsidize his income? We don’t know and it’s none of
  10. Yes and no. I mostly looked at consistency spanning SMBC history. The scoring kind of helped me place bands. Like Madison Central stayed relevant in the 90s but also had a few bad years with very low placements and scores. Which is why they’re so low. I tried to keep bands in somewhat of an order of their median score but of course they didn’t all fall in that exact order. it would’ve been easier if I had kept to a system like that but I took a lot into consideration. I will say I had trouble placing them and go back and fourth on a few. Like Lafayette and Adair. On paper Adair has
  11. If we’re doing it based off of the entire history of KMEA I’ve decided to look at the numbers on KYband.com (great website) and these are my picks... with reasoning... 1:Adair- 34 finals appearances in all 4 decades (80s, 90s, 00s, 10s) 24 titles throughout all 4 decades (the only one to do so) lowest placement is 3rd, lowest score is 84.5 highest score is 96.11 2: Lafayette- 34 finals appearances, 21 titles throughout the 90s 00s and 10s. Lowest placement was 4th. Lowest score is 88.3, east highest score is 97.25 3: North Hardin- 26 finals appearances in all 4 decades. Only 3
  12. my understanding is that Centers is done with the competition life... I know a lot of people have mentioned him for this but I don’t think he’ll take it. But he could surprise us.
  13. Based off the consistencies and wins of the the last 10 years I would list it as 1- Lafayette 2- Bourbon 3- Adair 4- Madison Central 5- North Hardin 6- Beechwood 7- Anderson 8- Russell county 9- Madisonville 10- Murray based off what we saw in 2017-19 1- Lafayette 2- North Hardin 3- Madison Central 4- Bourbon 5- Anderson 6- Adair 7- Estill 8- Murray 9- Harrison 10- Beechwood up and comers: South Laurel (the program we should all keep an eye on imho) Gla
  14. I think in this case it’s a difference of what you see on paper versus what you experience. on paper the 2 top tier bands are Adair and Lafayette. Both being tied for the most finals appearances and also both holding the longest current winning streak. And then you also have Murray, Bourbon, and beechwood all appearing in finals for the last 15+ years with some wins under their belts. Beechwood won more state titles in the 2010s than any other program, not to mention an impressively high Grand Nationals placement. Madison Central doesn’t have the finals streak those bands have but th
  15. I think the new expansion of finals may not be as doom and gloom as we might think and I see opportunity for competitiveness to still grow. look at it this way. With the expansion of finals by 2 per class, 10 overall. We are cutting the semis field by 4 per class, 20 overall. That’s 20 bands not advancing to the 2nd weekend of SMBC. Some of which have never missed semis before, and some could be historically noted programs. This makes semifinals a more sought after and desirable experience for everyone from top to bottom and It makes regionals far more important. Look at 4A east for exam
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