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  1. Saxophone2494

    2019 KMEA BOA and DCI show announcements.

    Web of deceit part 2... yeah that’s pretty funny
  2. Saxophone2494

    2019 KMEA BOA and DCI show announcements.

    I wonder what it’s like to be so bitter that you have to publicly try to humiliate a group of children.
  3. I think the whole point of this thread is to have fun and try and guess what you THINK will or could happen or what you want to see. No crystal balls just trying to have fun. Sorry that doesn’t fancy you.
  4. Saxophone2494

    BOA Muncie IN.

    HornRank link https://www.hornrank.com/2019/01/2019-southwest-ohio-regional.html?m=1
  5. Saxophone2494

    BOA Johnson City

    Copy and pasted from hornrank here’s the link https://www.hornrank.com/2019/01/2019-johnson-city-regional.html?m=1
  6. Saxophone2494

    BOA Johnson City

    Enrolled Bands (30) Ardrey Kell H.S., NC Bassett H.S., VA Chapin H.S., SC Cleveland H.S., NC Corinth Holders H.S., NC Dobyns-Bennett H.S., TN Dorman H.S., SC Dutch Fork H.S., SC Easley H.S., SC Elizabethton H.S., TN Estill County H.S., KY Fort Osage H.S., MO Gateway H.S., PA Green Hope H.S., NC Hardin Valley Academy, TN John Hardin H.S., KY Kennesaw Mountain H.S., GA Lafayette H.S., KY LaRue County H.S., KY Marvin Ridge H.S., NC Mooresville H.S., NC Ninety Six H.S., SC Russell County H.S., KY Science Hill H.S., TN Sequoyah H.S., TN Seymour H.S., TN South Greene H.S., TN Sullivan South H.S., TN White Knoll H.S., SC York Comprehensive H.S., SC
  7. Saxophone2494

    BOA Muncie IN.

    Enrolled Bands (20) Bullitt East H.S., KY Campbell County H.S., KY Carroll H.S., IN Carroll H.S., OH Centerville H.S., OH Central Crossing H.S., OH Decatur Central H.S., IN Fairborn H.S., OH Goshen H.S., IN Hamilton H.S., OH Hamilton Southeastern H.S., IN Henry Clay H.S., KY Hilliard Bradley H.S., OH Lake Central H.S., IN Lakota West H.S., OH Lincoln-Way H.S., IL Nordonia H.S., OH Rockwood Summit H.S., MO South Oldham H.S., KY Walled Lake Central H.S., MI
  8. Saxophone2494

    BOA Louisville

    Carmel castle Franklin North Hardin unless one of these fall hard or somebody comes in swinging I say this is undoubtedly the top 4. I’m not 100% sold on this placement but Carmel will more than likely come out on top. The rest really just depends on what each band is looking like next season. I’m gonna use Adair as an example because that’s who I’m most familiar with. There’s been seasons where I think Adair could be 5th in this line up and seasons where I think they would miss the top 10 completely. Same with bourbon, central Hardin, HC and so on. There’s also a lot of bands of similar caliber fighting for 6 spots. Siegel, Central H, HC, Eastern, Campbell, Adair, Bourbon, Russell, even Anderson or Murray could have a season where they are on par with these groups not to mention the groups listed I know nothing about. so it’s really hard to say who will be in or out outside of those top 4. Murray Vs Adair Vs Bourbon will be great. that’s easily 3 of the best 1A schools in the country. Really wish Estill was attending
  9. Saxophone2494

    Bands not going to SMBC, part 2

    County, Barren ** East, Bullitt** County, Daviess** Clay, Henry** County, Muhlenburg** County, Ohio** other than that looks about right.
  10. Saxophone2494

    New System

    Agreed. I don’t get the big stigma against auditions. Most schools in this state are small enough to have to allow all students from 9-12th grade March but if, when, and how it is determined wether or not 7th and 8th graders march is totally up to the directors and I think auditioning those members is the best way to do it. It gives you an idea of what the activity is like and let’s you know what you need to work on. As for bigger schools. The band program is more than just marching band. And that's something we forget on here a lot. Half if not more than half of the top 30 in the nation at GN each year cut and audition members. Not just middle schoolers. All students. We need to get over it.
  11. I just assumed he was talking about band size not school size or trying to break down the number of middle schoolers vs high schoolers...
  12. I really hope Lafayette can get their guard back to what they were 6 or 7 years ago.
  13. Bourbon county is bigger than all those bands you’ve mentioned as “power houses” (a lot of them I wouldn't give that title just yet) except for Ryle
  14. Are we seriously trying to get this rude over predictions? I don’t think MC’s size is going to guarantee them any placement. I don’t really think PLD is going to beat them but MC still has some things to work on. A lot of things. 300 members doesn’t make you better...
  15. Saxophone2494

    Band Fees

    The 2nd paragraph is just typical “thing use to be better in my day” banter. It’s okay we all think that and we’re all wrong... the last paragraph is the dumbest paragraph I’ve seen in a long time on here.