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  1. Saxophone2494

    SMBC 2020 Location

    I see it all in scenarios at this point. -worse case scenario is this lasts way longer than we expect and bleeds into August. By which time schools will be delaying opening and programs have not been able to hold camps or teach music and are majorly set back. Would it be worth even having a season at that point? - next worse case is like you said. The last pandemic of this scale was the Spanish flu (100 years ago) and it became obsolete in summer and then went wide spread again in the fall. In which case everything would stop dead in its tracks and band season would most likely have to end mid season. - our next worse case is that colleges start retracting contracts on renting stadiums for large events. In which case the season would either go without a season closing or we’d have to get creative with SMBC. I don’t really see this happening though... Because I’m sure if colleges get the green light they’ll have football season. -best case scenario is everyone listens to their amazing governor (if you’re like us and lucky enough to have an amazing governor) We stay in. We pay our dues of social isolation and we’re back in swing mid to late May and Miss Rona leaves the building for good. (Fingers crossed.)
  2. Saxophone2494

    Corona Talk

    I work in child care and I’m surprised to hear that.
  3. Saxophone2494

    Corona Talk

    What state are you in if I may ask? i recently moved back to Kentucky from Wisconsin after losing my job due to this and can attest that it is certainly different state to state.
  4. Saxophone2494

    Corona Talk

    Everything is truly in our hands right now. Yes more cases are popping up because of more tests but this is still extremely dangerous and highly contagious. I know Ben Dover wasn’t trying to give a false sense of security I’m just reiterating that the end may be in site but it’s not here yet. and this could last longer than we would want if we don’t make wise choices. Stay in. Binge some marching band. If you show symptoms isolate and get tested. Do your part and take this seriously. I’m sure many reading this can relate and know that this has taken a lot from us. Wether it be your senior season of winter guard or your job, we are all impacted by this and we need to do our part to help stop the spread. Stay safe band world!
  5. Saxophone2494

    WGI Championships cancelled

    WGI has extended eligibility for the 2021 season. So there’s some good news.
  6. Okay. If YoU sAy So...
  7. i won’t argue with you. You protect that ego. It’s okay. You’re never wrong. Hold strong 💪
  8. Inform yourself before you accuse people of misinformation. This information has been official since at least yesterday afternoon.
  9. Saxophone2494

    SMBC 2020 Location

    How did he do that?
  10. Saxophone2494

    SMBC 2020 Location

    I thought it was pretty much decided UK is not the site.
  11. Saxophone2494

    2020 Finals Predictions

    i agree. There’s a lot that needs to be done in other groups for them to catch up. However we can’t rule out the possibility Lafayette has a down year.
  12. Saxophone2494

    2020 Finals Predictions

    Is there any word of anyone shifting up or down in class?
  13. Saxophone2494

    SMBC 2020 Location

    You literally said “if you’re not top 4 you’re not true finalist” that’s literally telling a group that if they are 5th in finals next year they are not “true finalist” which is degrading, disrespectful, And rude. Telling them they are unworthy of a finals spot is a downgrade. You can downgrade me all you want, bud. I’m not here for your approval. But I will call it how I see it. As for the rest of your comment. Things evolve. It might not feel the same next year but soon it will be the norm. 15 years ago we created a whole new class and as a result had a class of significantly weaker bands making finals. But that soon became the norm. And this will soon become the norm. and if you have an issue with it just don’t go to finals. These kids aren’t worried about what you got to say about them deserving to be in finals or not.
  14. Saxophone2494

    SMBC 2020 Location

    I’m not a proponent of 6 finalists but this is just absolutely rude and uncalled for. it’s funny how a few years ago some of y’all were on here whining about how unfair and archaic 4 finalist is and now we’re upset and saying the top 4 will always be the “true finalists”. Grow up. as for places 5 and 6 and the possibility of them surpassing Any of the top 4. Yes. It’s more than possible I say it’s likely to happen in at least one class next season. I don’t think 6th place going into finals will win but I do believe 6th Place going in could get 4th or 3rd. South Laurel has jumped 3 placements 2 years in a row. And we’re saying this isn’t possible for a band to jump from 6th to 4th in 4A where the point difference from 1st to 6th could literally only be a matter of 2 points? again not a proponent of 6bands but are we really gonna do this? Are we really gonna downgrade these kids...
  15. Saxophone2494

    2020 Finals Predictions

    3A will certainly be the class to keep an eye on along with 4A. My dark horse prediction is Pulaski finishing somewhere in the top 4. Russell is a great program and great programs have not so great seasons. And that’s okay. I say they bounce back to become one of the top contenders with Adair and Estill in the race for the cup.