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  1. I just did the math and finals is going to be a whole 7 hours long that’s not including retreat(s) hahahhahahaa
  2. I agree with the statement earlier that it’s not the score you need to look at but the spread
  3. I mean they already kind of did the vast majority of us thought they died in the middle of the last decade
  4. DCI would score 80s on the first weekend if they allowed woodwinds… sax here to make this dead horse even deader
  5. Carmel’s score on the first weekend the last 2 seasons- 2019- 82.65 2018- 83 my confusion comes from the fact that they usually score this high (higher, an 80 is actually low for them right now) and we just now decide to be upset and complain about it? sax BOA is not KMEA if it was KMEA Carmel would’ve scored a 90 on their first weekend out.
  6. We get it… the band you don’t like scored higher than you wish they did… sax stop complaining about scoring. There’s a reason you’re not the one giving the scores…
  7. How many finalists are they taking? There’s some great bands that could sit it out…
  8. I agree… 3A as a whole is just incredibly hard to place right now… and I see a lot of potential finalists and more than a couple potential champions… this class will be the nail biter on finals night
  9. Heck yeah, Woodford! That’s awesome for them also BIG congrats to Anderson for taking a BOA regional class title! A first for them!
  10. I agree it was mostly poor planning on their part and it didn’t warrant an exemption from kmea either… beechwood and Ryle are also way way way up north and they make it to their 2+ comps a year
  11. KMEA requires you to attend 2 KMEA sanctioned shows to compete in SMBC pretty sure if the comp folds because of weather you get credit for it but not sure on that one.
  12. https://kyband.com/event/adair-marching-contest/ pretty solid line up
  13. See if I was hoping the best for a director and program I wouldn’t get on a public forum and talk about how they were the least qualified and how corners were cut… but in true Adair fashion, he doesn’t need anyone’s approval and he doesn’t need your lucid “best wishes” he has already proven to be great and will continue to do so… Any who… here’s how I personally think 3A will pan out Top 3 in no order Adair Estill Murray I think Estill will lead the pack through out the season but that final night I think it’s anyone’s game. I have the least confidenc
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