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  1. Ah yes so we can have 3 exhibition performances at GN instead of 2 … Coming out of last season Beechwood is certainly the safest bet… will be Interesting to see if Adair pulls themselves back up
  2. Too 2 is solidly set in stone… is it possible that Madison Central catches centerville early season? 🤔
  3. Would love to hear why Lafayette isn’t going to this…
  4. Here’s my opinion on the Lafayette show discourse firstly like said a couple of times we have no idea what this show will be. The title is Subjective/objective which doesn’t give me Blank canvas vibes even though the video kind of leads us that way it could’ve been a subjective or an objective video 2nd also like said before concepts have been done. Nothing is “new”. to go back to the Avon comment, there’s been a million Romeo and Juliette shows, there’s been a million underwater/fish shows… when Avon announced “fish tale” nobody knew it was gonna be a Romeo Juliet fish ta
  5. All from social media or public forums Glasgow- Black Roses Red North Hardin-Empire of Gold Estill- Soulstice Murray- The Hunted Madison Southern- Serpentine Madison Central- …Now I See Madisonville- Rocketman DCI Music City- gasoline rainbows Crossmen- A Mobius Trip pacific crest- into the Void Cadets- Rearview mirror
  6. At Adair they have the corn field you can park in back in my day it was the tobacco field
  7. I am also confused about this argument. I have been shuttled by school busses, golf carts, parents and I have walked up to a mile from where I parked to the stadium … it’s not anything new… Bourbon County Shuttled last year, at least for semifinals and nobody complained about that. if it’s an inconvenience for you to have to climb on a school bus to watch the best line up of the season then maybe just don’t go? They won’t miss you, I promise. They’re making money either way.
  8. Why? One is ridiculously far west and the other is almost as Far East…
  9. So we know Estill will not be here because they’re hosting a comp that day. And I’m willing to bet Murray goes to FOC (also on this day) also slightly less confidently betting Lafayette ops for Tate’s Creek’s comp
  10. I thought seeding for finals was kind of dumb to begin with… semis on the other hand… I’m not sure what my take is. If it was still 16 I’d have an issue with it but With 12 I think there’s more wiggle room. Maybe we see going on in the last 8/6 as an advantage simply because they were slotted and that was more times than not the best in the class. If you’re the best band you’re still going to be fine going on first. I think the advantage/disadvantage will be in the bubble bands. The 4-8th place peeps.
  11. Dang you’re right… I went to look at the GN recaps and didn’t realize Lawrence township didn’t even make semis. Brownsburg also jumped a bit. the one that I’m still not sold on Siegel…
  12. I think based off this list it’s Lawrence township’s or Centerville’s to lose… brownsburg right behind that. Siegel and Madison Central are pretty comparable but Siegel has been playing the BOA game longer. Bourbon also comes out strong early season and has had unexpected high finishes at early regionals like this before. I really hope Murray, Adair, Anderson and Lafayette join this list.
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