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  1. This is a forum where we can state opinions. I try to state facts as much as possible. What I said about the two in state candidates and their proven track records and compared experience is 100% truth and factual. I love it when others try to put words in my mouth. I wasn’t trying to bad mouth the director. The intent in the discussion was just to state the surprise in the decision regarding how those other potentials were not given an interview or seemingly any real consideration.
  2. No sense in continuing to beat a dead horse on this subject. Lots of subjective opinions being stated in your above comments i.e., one candidate not a good fit for program, etc. The two names that I was referring to would both be stellar fits with their capabilities, affiliation to the program, work ethics and historical background. Both with allot more experience. Regardless, as stated before, I do wish nothing but success to the program and all involved.
  3. That statement is a bit misleading don't you think? There were at least two in state candidates who I know for a fact were interested and expressed interest, but were not given an interview. Both with several years of head band directing experience and a proven track record.
  4. LOL........you have a good point. I would think for this high profile opportunity that would not be a problem. But nothing would surprise me these days.
  5. Does anyone know what the deal is with Grant Co? I just realized they are not listed in any of the regional lineups (unless I missed something).
  6. It would be good to see them making strides again.
  7. Are you claiming that candidates from the outside were interviewed by a panel? If so, I'd like to know who from the outside was considered. Like Ben Dover, I would not want to get into revealing sources, but from a very reliable and credible source, it's my understanding that no one from the outside was interviewed or considered and that the job posting / application process was purely procedural.
  8. Just to be clear, none of my comments were meant to be negative toward Mr. Humphress. The point I was making (and I think others as well), is that it was surprising, given what is/was at stake (history, storied program and legacy), that the hire decision was made without giving ANY consideration to outside candidates who had many years of head band director experience with a proven track record. Time will tell, but I do wish great success to him and the program.
  9. Oh I see. It amazes me that they didn't give honest consideration to both internal and external. Not for this program anyway. SMH
  10. Just curious, can you elaborate what you mean regarding the "backed" candidate not getting an interview should not come as a surprise?
  11. I totally agree. Again, given such a high profile storied program. To not give interviews to outside capable candidates is a little short sighted IMO.
  12. And on top of all you just said, what ticks me off more than anything is that several of the "ones" who pushed hard for these changes, wanted the changes to make the road to finals easier from a selfish perspective. Then after lobbing the grenade over the fence to get the ball rolling, they then bailed. I'm not a fan of "everybody deserves a participation trophy" mentality. If you want the prize, you should be willing to work for it. Don't just change the rules to make it easier.
  13. Well, as with anything these days, there are allot of politics at play. If I were the administration at Adair, I would have wanted to do everything possible to ensure the continuation of the success of the program, and take the least amount of chances. For such a storied program, I would have wanted to hire director with head director experience and a proven track record, and it would have been hard to not take Tim Allen's recommendation (assuming what you heard was true) given his notoriety in the band world. I felt the same way for example about Duke's basketball's choice to promote th
  14. Totally agree. I'm not a fan of the latest system changes. I think there were too many politics at play behind the changes.
  15. I agree Tim regarding seeing Henry Clay, GRC and Campbell return to finals. I didn't realize it had been that many years.
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