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  1. "Kelly-Hopkinsville Encounter High School" Nailed it. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kelly–Hopkinsville_encounter
  2. Smallest county in the state population-wise (and second smallest by land size...only Gallatin is physically smaller). Used to be "Deming" High School, but back in 2013 they consolidated into the "Robertson County School." Which is what it sounds like...a single K-12 school. Now that's tiny.
  3. This is true. Hence why if I were naming a school, no chance I would name it after a person. Name it after whatever geographic feature was dug up or destroyed to build the new school, like people do with subdivisions.
  4. Col. William Christian was born in 1743, was relatively successful in life, fought in a war involving Native Americans (not on the Native American side), and lived in a southern state (Virginia). So I'm pretty sure he would get cancelled almost immediately if the school was named after him. I'm pretty sure if you gave me 15 minutes I could find some reason Adlai Stevenson would get cancelled, since he was born in 1900.
  5. Could also go to the Madisonville-North Hopkins route, and just call it Hopkinsville-Christian County High School.
  6. Co-Hop just sucks. It sounds like co-op. So instead of a high school you go to school at a hippie grocery store? Hard pass. Chris-Hop sucks too, but at least it makes a modicum of sense. (Every county has county in the name, but not every county has "Chris" in the name.) Christ-Hop I could get behind. People would be getting pissed for so many different, hilarious reasons, yet the name would still make technical sense. I would advise against naming after a person in our current social climate. Nearly 100% chance they get cancelled unless they name the school after Martin
  7. Just please don't call it "Co-Hop." I would rather it be called "Jared from Subway High School" than Co-Hop.
  8. "Crap job?" Wait till PulaskiMom hears about this.
  9. I initially read this as Montgomery Gentry.
  10. I've been telling women this for years! Guess they just don't care about progress.
  11. Chuck Smith and Tom Case to co-direct E-town.
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