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  1. KMEA Commenter

    Marching on.. 2020

    It just came to me. I had to.
  2. KMEA Commenter

    Marching on.. 2020

    Come on, don't be such a Stig in the mud.
  3. KMEA Commenter

    New KMEA Guidelines

    This is all I've been saying, along with the fact that KMEA does not have a monopoly (even if it seems that way). Totally understand schools/bands that decide not to try to compete. But I don't think one size necessarily fits all. And if a group decides to come together to try to make it work, I say more power to them. And if not, that's cool too.
  4. KMEA Commenter

    New KMEA Guidelines

    That was said somewhat tongue-in-cheek. But after seeing the actual list, I'm kind of amazed how many schools in Jefferson County do not field competitive marching bands. More than I realized. Of course, the Louisville area has bands in contiguous counties that are competitive, such as Meade County, the Bullitt County schools, and Oldham County Schools, and Shelby County schools, all in easy driving distance.
  5. KMEA Commenter

    New KMEA Guidelines

    Kids are safer outside. Marching band happens outside. It's safer than indoor music instruction in a building at this point. To wit: https://www.theatlantic.com/health/archive/2020/07/why-arent-we-talking-more-about-airborne-transmission/614737/ I get your point, believe me. You're likely right that a season of any sort for any band is a long-shot at this point. This is all just spit-balling (minus the spit, of course, because COVID). It may simply just not be possible at all without considerable amounts of indoor instruction, which at this point is patently dangerous. If that's the case, and it can't all be conducted outdoors, then I 100% agree it cannot be done safely. But, on the other hand, if kids can play football and other contact sports (which appears like it may actually happen at this point), and instruction can be done entirely outside (again...maybe it just can't), then I don't see why marching band is any more unrealistic than football, even if it looks quite a bit different this year.
  6. KMEA Commenter

    New KMEA Guidelines

    Aren't most shows during the average KMEA season largely "local" in nature? Depends on how we define "local" of course, but if you define it as a one-county-or-so radius around a site (with the site situated in the largest town in a region), which is what I am thinking, that's pretty much who shows up to most competitions held at X high school during an average KMEA season anyway. There might be an oddball or two that comes from two hours away, but that's the exception rather than the rule. Those oddball schools just wouldn't attend in this scenario.
  7. KMEA Commenter

    New KMEA Guidelines

    The partiality issue is a fair point re: competition, because you are absolutely correct the panel would have to come from locally available judges. I guess if you could get the panel to have a decent balance of retired directors or others affiliated with different schools, you could lessen that concern quite a bit. But not 100%. Of course, I think this has been an issue at local competitions for a long time, to some degree.
  8. KMEA Commenter

    New KMEA Guidelines

    Retired band directors in your local area? (Which sounds like one of those weird late-night phone sex lines from the 90s. "Hot retired band directors in your area are waiting to talk to you.") (Gross.)
  9. KMEA Commenter

    New KMEA Guidelines

    All of what you say is true about a competition event. But, with the exception of paying judges, all of those things are equally true about a festival/exhibition event where bands are coming together to perform their shows on the same field, are they not? And if you want bands to get comments along with festival ratings, I assume you still have to pay judges for that too.
  10. KMEA Commenter

    New KMEA Guidelines

    Great to hear. Why just festival ratings, though? If the bands show up to perform, why not let them compete? Of course, bands that just want festival ratings should always have that option, as they do in KMEA. If everybody's there, may as well hand out some scores, eh?
  11. KMEA Commenter

    New KMEA Guidelines

    Hey, I'm trying!
  12. KMEA Commenter

    New KMEA Guidelines

    Here's a thought? What about strictly local competitions? Local enough that you don't even need buses (or can cut down on the number of students that need to ride by bus). For example: --Lexington-area schools compete. You could have a competition at Henry Clay, Madison Central, etc. --Louisville-area schools compete. (If you can find enough competitive bands...) --Owensboro-area schools compete. (DC, Apollo, Owensboro, Catholic, Ohio County, McLean, Hancock, etc.) --Madisonville/Hopkinsville area --Paducah/Jackson Purchase area --Various areas in the mountains --Northern Kentucky area --Bowling Green area Bands compete only against schools in their area. That eliminates the need for long-distance travel. Kids who drive can drive themselves. A certain percentage will have their parents drive them. Thus you have enough room to social distance on buses for kids who have no other option by to travel by bus. Fans in the stands or not is up to the competition. Probably easier to say none. That sucks, but it is what it is. It's not a much of a fundraiser for bands, true. But it's an opportunity for kids to go out, compete. Yes, they'd be competing against the same bands each time, but it can be held at different venues in the band's "region." Even if it's only 2 or 3 shows. That's better than nothing. Just a thought. What's to stop anyone for doing this if they want to? Can KMEA stop you?
  13. KMEA Commenter

    New KMEA Guidelines

    For students who want to participate in competitive marching band, music education has everything to do with competition. That's certainly not the case for all. But many kids are interested in competing, and competitive marching band draws them in. They might not show up without it. Which means they never get exposed to the other aspects of music education. I'm not a music educator, just giving you an outsider perspective. Something that's probably needed from time to time.
  14. KMEA Commenter

    New KMEA Guidelines

    Does the KMEA have an actual monopoly on marching band competition in Kentucky? My "KOMA" post below was obviously in jest. But what is to stop bands that do wish to compete from creating a temporary circuit? Or just hosting some competitions independently? I'm not saying it's a good idea, but if you think competing should happen, then what's to stop you and a group of like-minded directors from putting something together, even if it's on a smaller scale?
  15. KMEA Commenter


    I mean, drum majors have been doing it for years. Why not everybody else?