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  1. Imagine the impact if this shutdown occurred on October 15th two weeks from State Championships.
  2. I enjoy following this site for entertainment purposes but opinions and hope override facts most every time.
  3. All 5A bands now compete only in the BOA circuit so 4A is the new 5A.
  4. Yes, Lafayette will get feedback but the scores will not be published. That's the advantage of conducting your own contest.
  5. Switching brass players around to fill certain needs happens every year at Lafayette. One Sousa left to attend Interlochen. Last I saw they were still larger than last year. The only section that still remains smaller than they would prefer is the guard. They will be as competitive as ever.
  6. I am curious to understand why this is by far this is the easiest class to predict?
  7. After watching Henry Clay last weekend I would not be surprised to see them win it all at Ryle.
  8. Bands posted on kybands West Jessamine 1:00 Woodford County 1:15 George Rogers Clark 1:30 Williamstown 1:45 Bourbon County 2:30 Henry Clay 2:45 Paul Laurence Dunbar 3:00 Tates Creek 3:15 Judging panel looks pretty impressive.
  9. Dunbar and Central are two of the top 4 and Ryle was getting close to breaking into the top 4. The uncertainty of those those top bands could open the door for another unexpected band to break through. I can't remember the last time there has been this much opportunity for new bands to make it to state finals.
  10. Many of the top 5A bands are facing huge changes or obstacles this fall which could open up a path for new challengers at state.
  11. Bands earn their placements into the semi final and final rounds. Judging is not an exact science and regardless of who wins or loses there wll alway be those that disagree with the placements. But to think that any band is given a finals slot because of their name and reputation places into question the integrity of the entire system. From a fan's perspective I do not always agree with the placements but I do not go so far as to assume there is collusion within the judges to place a band in a certian spot or there is a conspiracy withn the KMEA to ensure certain bands make finals. Whoever ma
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