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  1. For my school it seems like maybe 1/3 of the fans in the stands are band parents. If no marching band, football game ticket sales will likely go down.
  2. I don’t know about anybody else, but when I see a top 5A band beat bands from 1A - 4A, I yawn because to me they are EXPECTED to beat all the lower class bands. No ticker tape parade needed. However when a lower class band beats a top 5A everyone is “David beat Goliath!!!” cause everybody loves the David role. Unless your an alum of or your kid goes to Goliath... 😉
  3. I like tradition as much as anyone... But having uniforms to match the show makes lots of sense. Can you imagine Raven in Lafayette’s old uniforms? It it just wouldn’t have worked. It opens more options for show designs/themes.
  4. I didn’t get to read your post, but I’d say - on this site - if your getting downvoted your probably doing something right.
  5. Same gentleman that had Beechwood beating Lafayette at Ryle, so... Maybe it’s more what he wishes would happen than what is likely to. 🙂 That being said, this is one I could get behind! MC hasn’t competed in a while (unless I missed it) and who knows how much they have cleaned.
  6. Is the judging for this supposed to be similar to a real BoA judged contest?
  7. Why the need to breakup A? Is it not the top 10 scoring bands move on to Finals (regardless of Class)?
  8. What is the difference between A2 and AA? Are these different classes?
  9. I agree. I do think it’s funny a year or so ago on here several people were crying about all that matters is band size and that it’s not fair when bands have to compete with other bands almost twice their size. By that logic MC will win this year but also would have won last year. Now we get the class reorg and people are still complaining. Don’t know if it’s the same people, if I had to guess - yes. So if PLD only has 66 why didn’t they drop down to 4A? What is the cut off between 4 and 5A?
  10. Don’t know about anyone else, but I feel these band knew they were going to leave no matter how many of ‘their demands’ were met. They just wanted to see how much they could burn down on their way out the door.
  11. You had about a 90% chance of being correct since BD didn’t win last year. So your calling it really isn’t impressive at all 😉 But congrats to BD, really glad BC didn’t win only because I’d hate to see DCI completely turn into that type of show. The top 3 had next to no marching while playing. It’s sad that that is awarded in DCI now. The ‘marching’ in “Marching Music’s Major League” is a lie, at least by what the judges award.
  12. That is great! I’ve heard of 10 kids from 4 of our schools that all in top 12 corps. 2 of which are yours. I didn’t know about the Dixie Heights kids someone mentioned above. Lots of our bands I haven’t heard about, so probably it’s higher than 13! Corps for us to cheer our KY kids: Bluecoats Boston Crossmen Crown Phantom Scouts Again I only posted the ones I knew about, if you know of others please let us know!
  13. It would be interesting to hear how many KY kids are in the various corps this year. To THAT group I say Bravo!! Continue to make KY proud! And best of luck all season!!
  14. I for one am reviewing the shows as I saw them. And the designers of those shows. Not the kids marching them. I have no doubt the kids have all worked extremely hard for the past month. The kids have to sign up most of the time before they even know what the show is going to be, so they get zero say in it. All they can do is make the best of the design they are given. Same is true for our high school bands. Each band’s kids work just as hard as the next. But I watch a show and either love it, like, indifferent, dislike or hate it. Never once have I thought “if only this show had a d
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