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  1. Qtipwearer

    2020 Finals Predictions

    I was in the WKU stands for '88. That was most certainly all of the above on the weather front. The weather was the clear winner.
  2. Qtipwearer

    SMBC 2020 Location

    That is not how I remember it during the 80's. I do remember that the winner of the competition at Murray State University was once considered to be "State Champion" in the early 80's. Both the Contest of Champions at MTSU and the Festival of Champions at Murray State did present a "Kentucky Governor's Cup." https://kyband.com/marching-band/kentucky-marching-band-history/festival-of-champions/
  3. Qtipwearer

    SMBC 2020 Location

    I will just offer up my main complaint on WKU as a venue. When you are sitting in the lower stadium seats, the concourse is directly behind the seating area. People walking in the concourse area "feel" disconnected from the seating area and will carry on conversation during band performances. That disconnect is only mental. The physical space is very connected and the conversations carry into the lower seating area. Most folks talking in the concourse area were not mindful of the distraction they created. I don't see that UofL, UK, or EKU have that same issue with the concourse area being so directly connected to the seating.
  4. Qtipwearer

    Small Details

    As a train enthusiast, I caught the C&O 2716 number reference to the steam locomotive rehabilitation project that has moved to Ravenna. I didn't catch all of the train references in Harrison's show, but the L&N 152 represents another historic steam locomotive located at the Kentucky Railway Museum that is also under restoration.
  5. Qtipwearer

    Boom Mics

    The speakers throw me off. I happened to sit in a location that ended up being where most bands placed one of the speakers. I found myself hearing the sound a particular instrument/section coming from directly in front of my seat. I naturally looked directly in front of me to find those players. More often than not, the players in question where somewhere else on the field. This was obvious not only with the soloists. Quite often, I would hear a particular brass section sound coming from the speaker and look to see that section of the band of the opposite side of the field. That was a disconnect in my mind and caused a few brief instances of disorientation as a listener. With these mics and speakers in use, staging may not be as big a factor as it once was. I also ask where does this stop? Will we begin to see more and more individual wireless mics on players that are not soloists? Will certain sets of individuals be mic'd up and then mixed from the board for the most optimal sound? What kind of talent can we hire to run our sound board? These aren't just questions for KMEA level competitors. I believe this discussion is happening at all levels of the activity.
  6. Qtipwearer

    Weather for SMBC

    Maybe it would be more fun to predict this weather coming into the Bowling Green area than to try to figure out placements for these bands?
  7. GRC won the FOC in 1980. The members of that band wore patches on their letter jackets that said "State Champions"
  8. The '89 North Hardin band (John Williams show) was an incredible band.
  9. Qtipwearer

    Barren County 9/28

    As a former Q-tip wearer from the 80’s GRC days, I loved the format of Hendersonville’s show! Children of Sanchez brought back awesome memories for me. Then the company front in the closer is as “old school” as it gets. I loved it even though it is very out of touch with the modern day marching band days.
  10. Qtipwearer

    Barren County 9/28

    It was a HOT day for prelims. My guess is that really had an effect on the afternoon runs. Hopefully it will cool down a bit for tonight’s performances. It’s still a good day to watch bands.
  11. Qtipwearer

    First KY band to use props?

    I cannot remember the last time that I saw a high mark time. It may have been once the first props were ever used.
  12. Qtipwearer

    First KY band to use props?

    Cavie Fan, GRC did the Phantom show in 1988. Along with the organ field commander podium, there was a large curtain screen back field in that show. I can confirm that the Box in '87 was the first prop that I remember GRC ever using.
  13. Old GRC grad here from the 80’s now with a kid in Anderson County. I had a profile years ago, but can’t remember the user name. Oh well, I could plead old guy ignorance, but really just don’t care to take the time to find that old name. Sorry, Andi Rae. I love sitting and watching band contests. Always have. There are times that I feel guilty for not pushing a piece of pit equipment onto the field like other dads. But I like watching bands perform. ALL BANDS and not just the one with my kid in it. I wish there were ways to be able to push that equipment and still be able to get into the stands to watch all of the bands. I want to give a shout out to kids from Madison Southern. Not just those that did a wonderful job on the field. Yesterday, I watched kids in letterman jackets from football, basketball, and cheerleaders file into the stands to cheer for their classmates in the band. Good job to those kids, too.