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  1. Aging Chops

    2019 KMEA BOA and DCI show announcements.

    I know of 2, maybe 3 programs that plan to do nothing BUT BOA (as of now). With regionals in Louisville, SW Ohio, E Tenn, it's not unreasonable to believe that. Throw in a Super, and that's a pretty big season. Granted, that's a pretty pricey season, too ... so I suppose there might be "easier" stops factored in, too. Can't speak for the rest ...I guess that's true that many will hit a bunch of of MSBA shows, but sounds like it won't be 90% ... unless more than 10 are jumping. And I certainly can't speak for the motivation of any of those groups. Let's be honest though, there's certainly a lot of "trophy chasing" that goes on within KMEA, as well.
  2. Aging Chops

    2019 KMEA BOA and DCI show announcements.

    Some directors are unhappy about much more than that (steady decline in KMEA participants each year would reflect that). Antiquated sheets, judging all over the map, and pathetic to worthless feedback is right up there (time to put a little more risk vs. reward in there, too). Hopefully, the move to BOA-type sheets will resolve some of that, but it'll be tough to figure that out this year, if so many groups opt for other circuits. There's so much to fix, and the changes this year are but a start. When all's said and done, it's up to each director to decide what might be the best experience for the kids in the program. I don't think any would be jumping to BOA because the competition and the path to finals is "easier". Not to mention, with potentially so many groups jumping this year, the path to KMEA finals should be "easier", so why would so many still opt to leave? Seems there might be other issues.
  3. Aging Chops

    2019 KMEA BOA and DCI show announcements.

    Sure seems that way for some. And their chances of collecting a few may be much higher this year in state, with potentially several groups opting out.
  4. Aging Chops

    BIG changes to kmea next year

    There is much more to it than that. It's not just making "their bands better at marching and playing". Most groups strive for that, I would think. As one example, how about making bands better at tackling more challenging music and drill? Right now, there is greater reward for playing and marching simpler material cleanly, than there is for playing and marching (attempting?) more difficult material not quite as cleanly. It's about pushing the kids. Sure, you can push kids to perform a simpler show as cleanly as possible, and that's fine. You should also be able to push kids to perform a much more difficult show, without being "penalized" for not being as clean (or loud) as another group performing an easier show. Put more equal emphasis on the "what", and not just the "how". Beef it up! Throw some judges on the field to see what they see and hear. Smaller groups, who already have to have a very high level at each individual position just to stay competitive should benefit. If larger groups have kids out there serving as "place fillers", well, they might get dinged from time to time, but they should also benefit if they have strong playing and marching kids all over the field. Nothing wrong with that change. KMEA is due an update into (nearing) the 3rd decade of this century. Doesn't have to be a huge, dramatic, pioneering change, but something to keep up with other circuits. If you think there are only 4 programs "pulling the strings on this" then you are needing to take another look around. There are many more out there not happy with the way things are. Usually, the ones most against change, are the ones who benefit the most with the status quo. I'd say those few can handle whatever small change might come down the pike ... if any.
  5. Aging Chops

    Funny Jokes v2

    What's the difference between a flute and a trampoline? You take your shoes off before jumping on a trampoline. Zing!
  6. Aging Chops

    BIG changes to kmea next year

    I don't think it's as "few" as the poster thinks. Not sure exactly what mountains have to be moved, but there needs to be more done than just some landscaping. And if changes aren't made, then I think the answer to your question would unfortunately be "YES". (as far as sitting out)
  7. Aging Chops

    Funny jokes

    How many trumpet players does it take to change a light bulb? Just one - to hold the bulb while the world revolves around him/her. A-thank you! Disclaimer: This is not directed at the original poster, bur rather at all trumpet players
  8. Aging Chops

    Worst Venues in the state

    Don't see why they would ... if UK stays in the rotation. Too close to Lexington (plus the last time it was there in 2014, it was not pleasant. Upper deck was a slick death trap). To me, UofL and UK make the most sense. Alternate between the 2, and maybe sprinkle in WKU in years where home football might present a conflict at the other 2.
  9. Aging Chops

    State Finals 2018

    YES! While I appreciate the time and effort to figure the time spent playing WHILE moving, that really only scratches the surface. Cutting down on "Park and Bark" does not necessarily mean that the movement and/or music is/are challenging. So much more to look at. I also love the idea of on-field judge(s). Think that would really help.
  10. No idea what to expect. If KMEA decides to really shake things up, as far as the sheets and/or judging/scoring, I think a few of those bands will likely stick around to see how it goes. IF N. Hardin is in fact gone, that does open a usually-filled spot in finals. If not much changes, I'm kinda with you ... who feels slighted, and might want some time away? Campbell, Dixie, and GRC already out this year ...hopefully not many more drop next. Only had 8 at quarters. Looking back (only at 5A as an example), 2014 was about the same as this year, as far as 5A participation (17 quarterfinalists). Shift of class #'s had a big impact on 2015, as there were 26 Quarterfinalists!!! 2016, the numbers shifted back, and there were still 19 quarterfinalists ... which is about the minimum I'd hope to see. 2017, only 16 (nobody goes home ...quarterfinals essentially pointless). 2018, 17 quarterfinalists. If many of the current 5A's drop (or stay out), KMEA might HAVE to use 2019 to switch back to 4 classes ... or do away with the quarters all together.
  11. Aging Chops

    KMEA SMBC Restructure

    The 2 definitely do go hand-in-hand, however I believe that too great an emphasis can be placed on marching over the inside disciplines. Don't get me wrong ... I won't be on here in the spring talking about how great school x's french horns sounded ... Say for instance, you have a 1st chair All-State caliber oboe player (with aspirations of going to some conservatory and eventually playing with, say the Boston Pops, or something) who has no interest in marching band ... at all. That student should not have to sit through a Symphonic Band class that is actually a marching band sectional. It should be about the kids ... ALL of the kids. Not saying that all (or many) schools make it a habit of using class time for Marching sectionals, just saying that I'm not a fan of it. Be ready to play a concert as soon after marching season is over as possible. Same goes for jazz and percussion ensembles, if you got 'em. Heck, they should able to play a concert now, pretty much.
  12. Aging Chops

    State Finals 2018

    Yeah, I'd agree that this would probably be the BEST solution ... and also that KMEA wouldn't want to lose the extra $$ (although I can tell you that at the Eastern quarters this year, the $13 was not worth it for many folks to watch their 1 band, who'd be advancing regardless, so they stood outside the fence, and were able to see the field well enough, I guess...so again, another example of how unnecessary that weekend is in 5A) And I apologize to GRC ...can't believe I forgot to include them when thinking of bands in the East.
  13. Aging Chops

    State Finals 2018

    Yep, I get it, but with participating schools as they are now, this state just isn't one in which any geographic districting can draw lines fairly distributing "bands of quality". Population is where it is. If all were on board, I suppose that Campbell and Dixie would stay East, and then Louisville (Eastern and Bullitt East) could go West (Manual was already West) .... but then the East is still barely 8 bands, while the West swells to 11. Just aren't any schools in eastern KY large enough and fielding competing marching bands. Maybe the only way to "fix it" is to draw for 1 of 16 semifinal spots ... no top 8, bottom 8 ... and don't alternate East/West. Sucks, but that might be the only way.
  14. Aging Chops

    KMEA SMBC Restructure

    That's interesting! I was not aware of that! Not sure people could live with an 8 hour cap around here. 10 might even be pushing it. I'd be more for the cap to be during school hours ... keeping marching band an after-school activity. If the kids are signed up for Concert/Symphonic Band, then that's what should be taught during those class hours. The goal shouldn't be to produce well trained marchers, but well-rounded musicians. My $0.02