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  1. Yes, directors. The quality of the programs were very different at that moment in time. Neither group was going to be competitive in the KMEA regionals independently. It was a gutsy move to give the kids a broader program to be a part of. They did it for the kids. I support it. For what it's worth, I thought for the band that year, Co-Hop was the perfect name, because it was indeed a cooperative (Co-Hoperative?) endeavor. Something that town of Hopkinsville needs. But that's another topic.
  2. Yep. The only nice facility in the district is Christian County Middle School which was built about 10-12 years ago. They actually have an auditorium, but as you might expect, it was executed poorly. (No good stage access from within the school, no fly space, no pit, very little space in the wings.) Hopkinsville high is very old and has been the subject of local public mockery for water leaking into the building, ceiling tiles molding, etc. CCHS was built in the early 70s and is likewise likely reaching the end of its usefulness. It would be a very large school if they housed it a
  3. There's not a whole lot of past. It's only been around as a separate position since about 2008. But you're right. In that time, it's had 3 people, all of whom have been made to leave for similar reasons. I think they all but *had* to hire someone that wasn't a white man after that. I don't know anything about Dr. Stahl. I hope she does a fantastic job and does the flagship university proud.
  4. There's only been three directors of athletic bands. The first hired in 2008 I believe.
  5. The following is an article from the TrailBlazer, the Morehead State newspaper. The short of it is that there has been a proposed with a budget reduction of 1.5 million dollars. This means cutting and modifying programs. Up on the chopping block directly is the Masters of Music Education and the bachelor degree of music ed and music performance are labeled "to be monitored". If you're considering which college you want to attend, and MSU was your first choice, you may want to consider some back-up options. http://www.thetrailblazeronline.net/life_and_arts/article_4a49abf6-c1bd-11e4-8e62-3
  6. He was joking. Nobody is making any assumptions of your playing ability. Anybody can do quite well anywhere so long as they are willing to put in the practice time and listen to quality recordings. The nice thing about all of the schools in KY is that the music departments are small enough that you're going to have plenty of 1 on 1 time with your applied faculty and you'll get to know your directors. Even at UK and U of L, the area faculty will get to know you and you will get to know them. I went to University of KY and loved it there. Since you're a euphonium player, I would absolu
  7. How in the world do you guy find out who got what so quick?
  8. There is no best. Everyone is different. The best thing you could do would be to go to a store and try a bunch out and see what you like best. Prepare something technical and something lyrical so that you can see how it responds and what the tone is like, and play the same thing on a hand full of mouthpieces. Best option is to bring a friend with good ears to tell you what it sounds like from the other side of the bell. Alternately, see what the return policy from a place like WWBW is and order several, try them all out, and return the ones you dont like. As you can already see fr
  9. Talk to your band director! But in general, yes. Trombones with F attachments aren't just easier to play because you don't have to use 6th and 7th position as much, but they are bigger instruments that allow for a larger, warmer sound, and the attachment is actually added because it provides an additional range of notes that horns without the attachment cannot play (below low E). If the student is serious, it is definitely worth the early investment. Get a quality used instrument, such as a bach 42, conn 88h, yamaha xeno, getzen, or king. Open wrap is typically prefered to closed wrap as
  10. http://www.kymarching.info/forum/index.php?showtopic=3615&st=0
  11. It is my understanding that when they got rid of the drum major awards, they were in fact not allowed at KMEA events. I would imagine that this would be the same situation. Sure, a school could host a non-KMEA event, which some do anyway, and have all of those extra caption judges if they want.
  12. Is this an assistant position just for the HS, or a MS feeder position for the HS?
  13. Based on my experience with different programs at different levels of size and success, I've seen many programs that have a season or year long guard/percussion staff, while you'll only see wind staff there for camp. I feel like this is pretty representative of a good portion of programs. Directors are hiring staff specifically for their guard/percussion, and removing the extra awards won't stop those directors from wanting their programs to be great. Do students like recognition? Of course they do, as does most anyone. Will their world be crushed because they didn't get the opport
  14. I don't believe that the lack of guard and percussion awards will be a great detriment to anyone. I'm personally in favor of removing them. If good music and visual judges are brought in, then those issues will be addressed. It will also save a bit more money for some hosts, and that's a good thing. Having not been a judge, I can't say for sure, but I would imagine if I were a music judge where there was also a percussion judge, I would feel that I didn't need to give as many specifics to the percussion on my tape, as I would assume that it is being covered by someone else and I could f
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