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  1. musicislife

    New KMEA Guidelines

    There always seems to be confusion with the rest of the state on this topic. The following Louisville Bands are competitive: Southern, PRP, Seneca - Mid-states only duPont Manual, Ballard, Male, Butler Traditional, Eastern - a combination of circuits (mostly KMEA or Mid-states). In recent years, Eastern and duPont Manual are the only two JCPS bands that have participated in KMEA state competition. Eastern has also started doing some BOA regionals.
  2. musicislife

    Grand Nationals

    One reason and one reason only: $$$. Bands cannot afford to attend Grand Nationals every year, especially traveling from TX. I strongly feel that Vandergrift is going to give the whole field a run for the money.
  3. musicislife

    Grand Nationals

    Then you haven’t been paying attention to Vandergrift. That program (marching, concert, percussion ensemble) is the real freakin deal.
  4. musicislife

    4A Semifinals @ Barren Co.

    2 completely different judging panels, hard to compare. I thought the West scores were too low. With that said, the East definitely has the four state finalists IMO.
  5. musicislife

    State Finals 2018

    And ironically, they’re getting less and less bands and it’s not because the other bands who pulled out “can’t hang” IMO.
  6. musicislife

    State Finals 2018

    Manual was only in the West for the first time this year (in the East for the previous 2 years). It has occasionally happened to Eastern as well (putting them in the West) but most of the time, the Louisville schools are in the East. It all comes down to how many bands who apply for state each year from each side of the state before a Louisville school is bumped over to the West. And last year, there were only 8 bands in the East (due to Eastern and GRC pulling out of state in 2017). Personally (and perhaps most 5A directors would agree) I think if the numbers stay this low for 5A regionals (or any other Class size), I say give everyone the weekend off, save $$$, have a camp day (or go to a different circuit’s contest) and allow all 16-19 bands to attend semis. That seems to be all the number is anymore and perhaps might even be less next season. I know KMEA won’t allow it because they don’t want to loose those regional gate sales. $$$ After all is going to regionals that prestigious anymore? Historically speaking KMEA started out: -2 distinguishes ratings got you to state regionals, then eventually 1. - 2 proficient ratings got you to state regionals, then eventually 1. - Our current system: pay your school registration fee, Director must be a KMEA member, apply for state, secure your copyrights and go to 2 KMEA contests. A band could literally be scoring in the novice range and attend state. You think KMEA might be after the $$$? Also, several bands that could be in 5A and have pulled out over the years: Atherton, Louisville Male, PRP, Butler Traditional, Ballard, Dixie Heights, Simon Kenton, Campbell County, GRC, Barren County (or would they still be 4A?), Muhlenberg County are just some that come to mind. And when speaking of 5A “bands of quality” currently attending state, please keep in mind that even the lower 5A bands have often hung with or placed above some of the Class A-AAAA state finalist bands during the regular season over the years. 5A is such a hard class. I get what you guys are discussing about how the draw is determined but isn’t that typical of how most contests and circuits determine order, by score placement? All prelims and finals shows are handled this way. Seems like KMEA keeps this part pretty fair.
  7. musicislife

    State Finals 2018

    I agree 110%. I can personally say that we had a music performance and music effect judge in semis who were absolutely unqualified in their evaluation. One talked for 1 minute straight on a small thing he could had addressed in 10 seconds (e.g. “the cymbal crescendo happened too soon”) therefore missing many other positives he could had listened to. Had a music effect judge who didn’t seem to understand that he was actually judging music effect, was extremely opinionated and didn’t want to discuss what was actually being presented on the field. Not complaining about this in regards to our placement so much. It’s more about I want educated, thoughtful feedback for our kids. Another thought for consistency in regards to semis to finals: if we are going to keep bringing in judges from out of state, why not have the same group who judged semis also judge that same exact class at finals. They would have a decent break in between shows. This could POSSIBLY help.
  8. musicislife

    Eastern Sept 15

    Finals results: Central Hardin 73.55 South Oldham 64.25 Atherton 60.95 duPont Manual 60.4 North Oldham 58.8 Ballard 57.55 Top Guard: Central Hardin Top Percussion: Central Hardin
  9. musicislife

    All State numbers?

    YPAS/duPont Manual have 44.
  10. musicislife

    Mid States videos

    "Midstates championships does not video tape due to copyright concerns". This was the direct response from the director who hosted our band when I asked why there was no video in the Dropbox folder. We did receive video at regular season Midstates shows we attended this year. Only video footage of championships is what band parents, etc. filmed.
  11. musicislife

    Simon Kenton Competition 10/14

    Mid-states always score lower than KMEA, especially throughout the season. They treat it like every band is going to attend their championships on November 4th so the scores continue to rise each week. Bourbon, Bullitt East and John Hardin would had easily been in the mid to high 80's at a KMEA show this weekend. Mid-states judges can be tough but they're all trained through CSJA and often offer excellent feedback. Like any circuit, there's always a few judges that you may not agree with.
  12. musicislife

    10/14 Butler Invitational

    North won percussion later than evening at the Male contest with a 90 but Manual's percussion was only 2 points behind with an 88 finishing second overall in percussion. Two different percussion and guard judges for Butler and Male. The rest of the panel stayed the same with the exception of switching captions. And yes, North Hardin's guard is simply outstanding. However their overall musical blend and woodwinds is on a whole other level of fantastic.
  13. PRP was in the original draw for State Regionals. Assigned to the East.
  14. I think several 5A directors would be fine with this. One less weekend of travel expenses and the regional day could be used as a camp day at their perspective schools. Note: PRP was in the original 5A draw (assigned to the East).