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  1. Could be a great job.. weird feeder situation doesn’t make it any easier.
  2. They don’t like outsiders.. idk?
  3. Kevin Callihan is now the director of bands at YPAS. Harlan County has an opening. Also.. be glad a place like a Robertson County has a music program. You cannot expect a place that small to have everything.
  4. Edgar Cayce high school. That’s my submission.
  5. Not old enough. His bio on Facebook has him at Bryan Station MS.
  6. It would be easily one of the largest schools in Kentucky. From what I gathered, you would see an enrollment of around 2300. I think with that many students, more programs could be available to the students. I remember going through Muhlenberg when the merger was already set but not complete. Some in the community were not too happy. So far it has worked out. Redundancy did cause a really good band director to leave. Muhlenberg count be opening up in the next few years. Mr. Stovall has been there since 1995. Both directors at Hopkinsville and Christian County are both young. Co-Ho
  7. Read this article, nothing is set in stone and there is a good chance nothing will come of it. School board approves architect for possible future construction
  8. Their new director and the new middle school director went to Madisonville. That is the only connection I can figure out.
  9. Yes. He was teaching arts and humanities in Union Co.
  10. John Woods is at Henderson North.
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