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  1. The first time one of the bands I marched got below an 80 was the second show my junior year. In general that ended up being a disastrous year in so many ways with the band and me personally. For the whole time in high school, the group I was in missed out on an 80 a grand total of 4 performances (prelims, finals at Madisonville, finals at Ohio County, State semifinals at the mudpit of PLD)--all of which were my junior year. We also placed below a band that hated us to end twice that year. That was the hardest thing for me to swallow along with the semifinals performance. I think once KM
  2. Been there.. done that. That was why regionals were created. Yay early 1990's era 1A and 2A!
  3. My wife works in childcare. They need staff and no one comes in for an interview.
  4. In this day and age I wonder if someone was granted an interview, did they actually show up?
  5. I am honestly not surprised one bit. If principals and SBDM councils actually vetted their candidates better there would be several people without a job. However, the resources and the know-how isn't readily available. One reason why I stopped looking for a job in music education was because of some blatant nepotism in the school system I subbed for a few years back. One kid of the assistant superintendent and the spouse of an assistant principal all in the same summer were hired on to be assistant band directors. To this day I have never been so disappointed in my life about something.
  6. It doesn't feel like it was too long ago that JHHS was 5A and a finals contender. HCS really screwed up building that school.
  7. I figured this would be a good show for Bishop Sycamore.
  8. I was told several years ago that KMEA doesn't make much off SMBC at the gate. I am not positive on what they make (if anything) on concession, programs, and other souvenirs.
  9. KMEA collects dues from members. It’s not like they have one stream of revenue.
  10. I won't be surprised if someone gets into finals by attrition.
  11. According to the best news source around (Facebook) Madisonville North Hopkins cancelled rehearsal for tonight due to low numbers. This is the trend I would expect to see.
  12. Not my style. Lafayette has been strong and consistent for way longer than many of us have lived. Is the video up to the same standard as they've had over the last few years in August? No. I am more impressed with the fact they have 175 players on the field while so many bands have their smallest group in their programs' history. I want to see those videos.
  13. Its August. I guess our mindset over time has been what the standard is for Lafayette. They're like anyone else at that point. No one is going to have a polished product. We really shouldn't expect them to have one at all.
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