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  1. The Stig

    New System

    A person that is ego driven refuses to adapt. They have to have it their way. Band directors typically have the worst ego problems. To do something different, would be an attack on their inner beliefs. What I do not understand is why so many groups go to other circuits and have the same results. Did they expect anything different? To me its totally idiotic. Yes, you have different judges. Yes, you have different criteria. You also have more travel and fees than you would with going to KMEA. You could use that money to hire a consultant that you most likely would dismiss because it wasn't your original idea. Is your band any better? No. I guess my philosophies are different than what the current band directors of KY believe in currently. Um.. I would hope not. If that was my situation, I'd run. The line in the sand has obviously been covered up.
  2. The Stig

    2019 Job board

    Johnson Central is posted on KDE. This group has not been competitive in the last few years.
  3. The Stig

    Bands not going to SMBC, part 2

    It's not the choice I would have made either. If I was in his shoes, Id strongly consider going to MCI or VMI before venturing to anything BOA. Its not a surprise either. He's been vocal about KMEA in the past. Another thing, no KY band has enrolled in the super regional in St. Louis for the week before.. 🤔
  4. The Stig

    New System

    I would say combining 1A and 2A.. along with 3A and 4A into two separate classes and having 5A just be its own thing. Have 6 finalists each and we might actually see something different. The quality of state finals will be there. Think about it.. Adair, Murray and Beechwood going after it for a championship.. Huge schools with small bands have issues that aren't mentioned. Some of these include a curriculum conducive to having a strong band program. What kind of recruiting and retention does the feeder have? What kinds of relationships does a high school director have with their community and other teachers? I can go on.
  5. The Stig

    Bands not going to SMBC, part 2

    Add Todd Central to the list. According to their director's facebook, they are going to the Indy Super Regional.
  6. The Stig

    2019 Job board

    Its all an examination on what a school or system values the most.
  7. Sorry, I'm retired. Plus, my left shoulder is in bad shape.
  8. The Stig

    2019 Job board

    Warren Central came open and within a very short time Chris Spivey has landed there. Edit: David Graham has decided to retire.
  9. The Stig

    Bands not going to SMBC

    All about satisfying the ego of so many. On the surface you'll hear one thing but deep down.. its ego.
  10. The Stig

    2019 Job board

    It’s not the first time they’ve hired someone who left the profession and came back. I’m wondering what will happen to the assistant, Lee Davidson.
  11. The Stig

    2019 Job board

    Nathan Clark has been announced as the new band director at Daviess County.
  12. The Stig

    2019 Job board

    Hart county has a position for instrumental music. I am not sure what it entails.
  13. The Stig

    Band Fees

    When I was in high school (class of 1999), my band fees were never more than $100. I was also never in guard. I think they were another 50. However, a lot has changed. You now have more money going toward the marching arts as a whole. Winter guard and winter drumline is a prominent part in many programs. Boosters play an important role in fund raising. As in.. that is one of their main responsibilities. The thing that most of you don't know is that drum corps tour fees have skyrocketed as well. I marched one summer for $800--which covered food, shoes, uniform accessories. Now, you are looking at anywhere in the $3k range.
  14. The Stig

    Job Board 2018

    Let me fix that for ya!
  15. Apollo- Drew Tucker Boyle County- Zach Shelton Campbellsville Central Hardin Daviess County- Nathan Clark Dawson Springs Holmes East Jessamine- Patrick Howell Great Crossing HS- David Centers Hart County Henderson County (assistant) Johnson Central Nelson County South Laurel Thomas Nelson Warren Central- Chris Spivey Webster County