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  1. The Stig

    Band directors

    It really depends on the expectations set by the school. I worked with a band director many years ago who made finals in their first year and was let go the next year. To me, it was never made clear on why. I have also heard of directors who have gotten into nasty fights with band boosters (some at that school and some with a different program's boosters) and kept their job. There are schools who just do not want to tenure a band director. Again.. it really depends on the expectations of the school.
  2. The Stig

    Contest of Champions @ MTSU 11/2

    COC being COC.. I am not surprised by the results.
  3. The Stig

    What’s not been done

    Wasn't that like.. most of the 1970's?
  4. The Stig

    What’s not been done

    There would be a happy ending.
  5. The Stig

    2019 Finals Thread

    Gaines really stretched what was possible on Pyware more than anything. Tip top genius level. Zingali.. utterly destroyed the box. You cannot forget Pete Emmons for what he did in basically inventing asymmetrical drill.
  6. The Stig

    What’s not been done

    WW2 show from an Allied prospective that is not heavy in American Music. Possible theme: Siege on Leningrad Potential Music would include Wagner and Shostakovich. I pitched an idea similar to this to one of my band director friends and they basically told me that I'd better have tenure or I'd be let go.
  7. The Stig

    KY Marching Discord

    I'll also do what I can to do a better job.
  8. The Stig

    2019 Finals Thread

    Thanks for the memories. I was there that night.
  9. The Stig

    Changes, one year in

    I personally think 5A took the biggest hit. I have never seen a gap that large between 1 and 4. I honestly think if one of the Hardin County schools were to have attended state, PLD would have not been in finals. However, I do tip my cap to the students and staff of PLD for proving me wrong. I am willing to bet 3A and 4A will have bands not attending next year. I just wish I was in attendance to see one of those semifinals. Just with names alone that had to have been a treat to watch!
  10. The Stig

    Semifinals results

  11. The Stig

    AAAAA Semifinals @ WKU - 10/26

    I didn’t see that happening.
  12. The Stig

    Weather for SMBC

    Old man post the precedent was set in 1997. They were putting cat litter all over the fields. Dunbar had 2” mud pits everywhere. If finals had a grass surface, finals would be cancelled if the field was used that day. Since that isn’t the case, KMEA will find a way to get the show going.
  13. Im gonna say no KY band makes finals unless they win their class.
  14. The Stig

    Is the new system working?

    They've done BOA as long as I can remember and before that as well. What do you all think the goal of the transition is for this year? What about the next few years? There answer to those questions will be the determining factor of how successful this change is.
  15. The Stig

    Is the new system working?

    I wouldn't necessarily put it all on doing BOA. Many schools now have Winter programs. Not very many groups did anything 20 years ago or even 10 years ago. It makes me curious to wonder what the Booster organizations are really doing. Also, how much are groups paying their staff members? I remember seeing kids needing some sponsorship to march drum corps in the early 2000's. Now it seems that you see a gofundme for most everybody. You can either march corps, take your gen ed's in the summer or even buy an instrument with that money. The costs alone have hurt smaller groups.