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  1. KMEA Band Fan

    Little did you know

    Just living up to my expectations
  2. KMEA Band Fan

    Little did you know

    Sorry for any false excitement
  3. KMEA Band Fan

    Little did you know

    This thread was an accident
  4. 1A: 1. Murray 2. Williamstown 3. Beechwood 4. Danville 2A: 1. Adair 2. Estill 3. LaRue 4. Washington 3A: 1. Russell 2. Harrison 3. Bourbon 4. Taylor 4A: 1. Anderson 2. Hoptown 3. South Laurel 4. Madisonville 5A: 1. Lafayette 2. Madison Central 3. North Hardin 4. Ryle
  5. KMEA Band Fan

    Heartwarming Moments

    Anderson County finally winning. There was not a dry eye in the whole program. From the kids all the to Patrick Brady. It was the most emotional I’ve ever seen the group and even started tearing up myself just watching them. Seeing the kids reacting and celebrating afterward just melted my hard.
  6. KMEA Band Fan

    10/28 Class AAAAA Semifinals - Papa John's

    I believe Ben Lee arranged their music.
  7. KMEA Band Fan

    9/23 - Nelson County Invitational

    Overall: 1. Anderson (P) 2. Harrison 3. Dunbar (G) 4. Boyle 5. CAL 6. Butler Traditional 7. Atherton 8. Marion county 9. Bardstown 10. Thomas Nelson
  8. KMEA Band Fan

    Week 1 Rankings

    if some bands in the top 10 list got switched around I'd actually almost completely agree with this
  9. KMEA Band Fan


    Just because they won last year doesn’t mean they’re guaranteed a spot. Grant is a perfect example of that. I wouldn’t be shocked to see them not make it. And I wouldn’t be shocked to see any of my top 4 not make it. It’s jusr how 4A is this year.
  10. KMEA Band Fan


    I did say what I came to say. You can see it in predictions. He asked if it was a gut feeling or if I knew something and I simply said to wait and see come Finals. No need to be rude about it.
  11. KMEA Band Fan


    You'll see why when Finals rolls around.
  12. KMEA Band Fan


    A: 1. Beechwood 2. Williamstown 3. Murray 4. Campbellsville AA: 1. Adair 2. Estill 3. Casey 4. Garrard AAA: 1. Russell 2. Bourbon 3. Taylor 4. Boyle AAAA: 1. Madisonville 2.Anderson 3. Grant 4. Barren AAAAA: 1. Madison Central 2. PLD 3. Lafayette 4. North Hardin <p class="rep_bar clearfix right" id="rep_post_131618" style="margin: 6px 4px; padding: 0px; float: right; white-space: nowrap;"> 1 Quote MultiQuote Edit