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  1. trombobble

    Dci starts this week!

    Am I the only one not all that impressed by any corps this year? Like most everyone’s fine right now but there’s no real standouts or anything all that exciting compared to past years, in my eyes.
  2. trombobble

    2019 KMEA BOA and DCI show announcements.

    Estill County - The Crossing Looks to be something about a train. Gives ghostly vibes but that’s just my speculation. Not much info on it. Marion County - The Experiment Green color scheme. Show’s about the dangers of conformity and groupthink. The band tries to get a soloist to conform with them.
  3. trombobble

    2019 Job board

    I know the topic is being dragged out at this point, but I want to weigh in because I have a different background and perspective than others. As someone who’s band director was arrested their freshman year due to inappropriate relationships with a student, I wish the topic had been more discussed and mulled over before and when it had happened. For the longest time, I defended that director. He hadn’t yet been proven guilty, so I defended him. But not only did I defend him, I defended the questionable things he did as well. I thought him spending hours talking to kids in his office after rehearsal was normal. I thought him driving kids home after rehearsal was just the thing directors did. I saw nothing wrong with him considering students friends, texting them after school, or discussing inappropriate subjects with us. I just assumed that’s just what high school directors did. It made me feel grown up. If I had known back then, if any of us had, that this was not normal, things might be different. He might not have taken advantage of a drunk student. She might not have had to deal with that trauma. We as a band might not have had to come to terms quite so hard that our director that we loved so much was a creep all along. Openly discussing the issue at hand is not inappropriate. Brushing it under the rug and just nodding our heads while going “such a shame” isn’t conducive to anyone. And maybe discussing it isn’t guaranteed to do any good either, but it’s a lot better than ignoring the problem. I’m all for respectfully discussing the situation, because I wish people had when I was a freshman. (This isn’t a call to assume he’s guilty either. Everyone deserves a fair trial and for justice to work. I just want people to be able discuss the situation because I think it’s good to have a public discussion about it and the issue of inappropriate conduct as a whole.)
  4. trombobble

    2019 Job board

    Whoever put the laughing reaction, you're not funny.
  5. trombobble

    Show Themes

    There's some here. A lot of it is general discussion though, so prepare to sift through.
  6. Yikes. If you're a kid from MC, you might want to be careful how you represent your program. If not, I apologize for the assumption.
  7. trombobble

    2019 KMEA BOA and DCI show announcements.

    I love the South Laurel uniforms! Very texture heavy and ornate, but it has a very defined visual aesthetic and it makes sense with the show, at least based on the name. Does anyone know why they deleted it from their Instagram?
  8. trombobble

    New System

    If I remember correctly, 3A
  9. trombobble

    Bands not going to SMBC

    I've talked to some North Hardin students in the past few months and they're all under the impression that they will not be doing KMEA. This may have changed, but it's seem to have been decided for a while. All solid programs that I'm sad to see leaving KMEA, although I'm sure they have their reasonings.
  10. trombobble

    2019 KMEA BOA and DCI show announcements.

    I hope so, if only so I can hear a high school clarinetist play that glissando on the field.
  11. trombobble

    2019 KMEA BOA and DCI show announcements.

    Wonder which part(s) of Rhapsody in Blue they're specifically using?
  12. trombobble

    2019 KMEA BOA and DCI show announcements.

    You do know your post is still up and people already quoted it, right? Like it's kind of immortalized now.
  13. trombobble

    2019 KMEA BOA and DCI show announcements.

    Why make an edit faking a band's show reveal? Seems kind of pointless.
  14. trombobble

    2019 uniforms

    I wonder how many bands are going to start doing yearly new uniforms through printed shirts? That trend seemed to pick up this year, and I'm curious to see how many bands switch over to that this year.
  15. trombobble

    New System

    I've heard things about a specific program as well. If it's true, I really hope they don't do that. I don't even think it would keep them from moving up a class. If I'm not wrong, they're a good point away. Even if their school size increased bumping them up, keeping the same numbers would keep them in their new class.