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  1. trombobble

    New System

    If I remember correctly, 3A
  2. trombobble

    Bands not going to SMBC

    I've talked to some North Hardin students in the past few months and they're all under the impression that they will not be doing KMEA. This may have changed, but it's seem to have been decided for a while. All solid programs that I'm sad to see leaving KMEA, although I'm sure they have their reasonings.
  3. trombobble

    2019 KMEA BOA and DCI show announcements.

    I hope so, if only so I can hear a high school clarinetist play that glissando on the field.
  4. trombobble

    2019 KMEA BOA and DCI show announcements.

    Wonder which part(s) of Rhapsody in Blue they're specifically using?
  5. trombobble

    2019 KMEA BOA and DCI show announcements.

    You do know your post is still up and people already quoted it, right? Like it's kind of immortalized now.
  6. trombobble

    2019 KMEA BOA and DCI show announcements.

    Why make an edit faking a band's show reveal? Seems kind of pointless.
  7. trombobble

    2019 uniforms

    I wonder how many bands are going to start doing yearly new uniforms through printed shirts? That trend seemed to pick up this year, and I'm curious to see how many bands switch over to that this year.
  8. trombobble

    New System

    I've heard things about a specific program as well. If it's true, I really hope they don't do that. I don't even think it would keep them from moving up a class. If I'm not wrong, they're a good point away. Even if their school size increased bumping them up, keeping the same numbers would keep them in their new class.
  9. trombobble

    BOA Sheets: Friend or Foe?

    What was the purpose of changing how BOA does it? I don't see any benefit to changing it to be more like old KMEA if the purpose was to move away from that.
  10. trombobble

    New System

    How would the new 2A be "painful to watch"? The top 8 alone is all top 6 from other classes, and everything else is just as balanced in placement and talent as before. I wouldn't even call 1A that. I find it kinda disrespectful to the programs in those classes to say something like that.
  11. trombobble

    New System

    This is basically what I've heard from people there.
  12. trombobble

    New System

    This. There's been hypotheticals, but no concrete placements. I assume it'll be similar, although I doubt it'll be 100% the same.
  13. trombobble

    New System

    But they wouldn't be kicked out. They just wouldn't be as likely to be locks. If I were in those bands that now needed to work even harder for finals, it would push me to be even better rather than deter me. But maybe that's just me.
  14. trombobble

    New System

    I guess agree to disagree. I do see flaws with it, like 1A being pretty bad, but I think the stacking of competition in the other classes will make bands more likely to try and push into finals or even finals tier. And this is all coming from a student who's program's placing could be hurt by the hybrid system.
  15. trombobble

    New System

    Okay, let me rephrase my statement. I don't see how these numbers make sense and I would need to see them broken down before an over $100k difference just from cutting regionals makes sense. I'm not doubting the calculations adding up. But I want to know of this accounts for possible increased finals traffic, since it would be a week later and could bring in more parents, locals, etc. (I acknowledge this is possible and not guaranteed.) And like I stated, if the issue is cutting regionals, then don't cut it this year. I don't see the monetary concerns tied to the hybrid system like I do regionals.