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  1. trombobble

    New KMEA Guidelines

    Inb4 someone says your opinion is invalid because you don’t live in America
  2. trombobble

    New KMEA Guidelines

    Obviously I hope I’m wrong and everything that’s currently in progress will go without kids and their families dying, but nothing I’m saying is hyperbole or incorrect.
  3. trombobble

    New KMEA Guidelines

    Radical individualism and the American obsession with appearing strong and on top of it no matter what is going to kill us. Self isolating with digital learning isn’t living fearfully, it’s doing what every other country in the world did to lower numbers successfully. We ended quarantine far too early and we’re paying the price. Also, while younger people are less at risk, they can still spread it to all of their family. Opening schools back up and allowing marching band is essentially interconnecting every single household in an area’s diagnosis. If one person has it, they’re going to spread it to everyone else. That’s why it’s not safe.
  4. trombobble

    New KMEA Guidelines

    Sorry, I should’ve picked better words. Absolutely should have some version of school. I meant in person should be cancelled. Not sure why there’s a confused reaction to this post. Anyone saying it’s safe to have a season right now is in denial of the facts. You may believe that the reward outweighs the risk, but you can’t pretend this is safe. Kids are going to get hurt or worse from this.
  5. trombobble

    New KMEA Guidelines

    IMO school in general should be cancelled, meaning marching band competitive and non-competitive as well, but we just need to wait and see what happens in the voting. Speculation that’s just a projection of our own feelings on the matter doesn’t do any good other than stroke some egos when someone’s prediction is inevitably right.
  6. trombobble

    Videos of "old" shows

    From what I know there’s not really any non-official competition videos of it like... anywhere. Unless someone still has a vid saved on their camcorder.
  7. trombobble

    2020 Marching Shows!!

    Still waiting on a “The Black Parade” show... So much good source music on that album. Plus little melodic bits throughout the songs that aren’t good full source material for other sections.
  8. trombobble

    New KMEA Guidelines

    I know everyone hates speculation, and I don’t want to be a debby downer, but we’ve surpassed 50k new cases a day. What’s it going to be like in two weeks as guard and percussion camps start up? Four weeks as camps are ending?
  9. trombobble

    Jobs OPEN in 2020//

    Definitely not band, at least for high school.
  10. trombobble

    New KMEA Guidelines

    I just want what’s safest while also allowing kids to grow as musicians. If that’s full season, that’s what it is. If that’s a livestream, that’s what it is. If there can’t be any season in any capacity, I’ll be okay if it means the kids are safe. But if it’s safe for them to get out there and play and be taught, then I think that should be enabled through some sort of competition. I think KMEA truly does have that at heart while planning.
  11. trombobble

    New KMEA Guidelines

    My thought exactly. I understand that nothing alternative is ideal, but the entire circumstance is ideal. If it’s at all possible for the kids to have any semblance of a competitive season while staying safe, than anything in that regard is better to me than nothing at all. It disappoints me that people don’t seem to want an alternative season if they can’t view it in person.
  12. trombobble

    New KMEA Guidelines

    If they want to do live-streamed competitions, I personally think the best option would be to have a judge/official video call the director/member of staff. Then, the director is allowed to record one take of the band performing. The judge/official okaying the recording would have to be included in the video, obviously. Then that take could be cut into a larger video that is live-streamed and judged. Would allow areas with lower bandwith to compete while also insuring integrity.
  13. trombobble

    2020 Marching Shows!!

    I feel like it’s largely because most modern pop doesn’t lend itself to the epic, dark feel of modern marching band. Lots more focus on groovy, syncopated rhythms and “vibes” moreso than the grand feel of older pop/rock music.
  14. trombobble

    New KMEA Guidelines

    *sound of my voice reverberating into a lonely, echoey, cave, waiting for help* Hello? Anyone? No but for real the lack of info scares me 😬 If it’s cancelled then it is what it is but the anticipation is gonna kill me haha
  15. trombobble

    2020 Marching Shows!!

    I think directors are waiting to see if they can even have a season before getting kids excited for a show, honestly. Show reveals can be a great recruiting method, though, so the moment they get the go-ahead I’m assuming we’ll see about a dozen reveals that same day.