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  1. trombobble

    The show must go on...

    Not the point I was making at all, but okay.
  2. trombobble

    The show must go on...

    We’re in a pandemic. Accept that fact and get. over. it. KHSAA shouldn’t be running sports seasons. The fact they are doesn’t mean KMEA made a bad choice or that directors not willing to pump resources into making a modern marching show that requires custom arrangements, drill, costuming, props, flags, etc. are doing a disservice to their students.
  3. From what’s stated here, this is awesome! A virtual replacement is exactly what was needed.
  4. trombobble

    New KMEA Guidelines

    The issue isn’t necessarily the children themselves getting it, it’s the fact they will take it home. If a child gets COVID, their parents will almost assuredly get it too. So now we go from a low amount of dead children (still unacceptable imo) to entire communities becoming cross connected and infected. Side note: glad the brief discussion of bands lasted as long as it did in this thread lol
  5. trombobble

    New KMEA Guidelines

    Have you considered that that’s on the people who have decided not to cancel football rather than the people who decided to cancel marching band? Just because one hasn’t cancelled yet doesn’t mean the others were too hasty. They might just be delaying the inevitable.
  6. trombobble

    New KMEA Guidelines

    The way I see it, NH, MC, and Lafayette represent 3 different types of bands. North Hardin is the program with a really good marching band, but a concert program that’s arguably superior. Madison Central really excels in marching band style playing, but their concert programs perhaps aren’t as good. Lafayette is an equal balance of the two. I feel like basically every band out there fits into one of these three categories, and I find it very cool that the top 3 of 5A really does show the gamut of what Kentucky offers. That’s just my take though.
  7. trombobble

    New KMEA Guidelines

    Sarcasm? Detected? Maybe?
  8. trombobble

    New KMEA Guidelines

    Which is why their marching bands kick butt. A lot of programs could learn from them lol
  9. trombobble

    New KMEA Guidelines

    Agreed. While I do think marching band can still be worthwhile and provide learning experiences and entertainment to students and the community, it’s genuinely bizarre to see directors stating their intent to continue hosting a competition. Either they desperately need the money and they’re hoping it’ll work, or they’re far detached from current events. In my opinion, focus should be on education right now. Beef up those show books, and spend more time on fundamentals rather than a clean show, since you probably won’t be competing any.
  10. trombobble

    New KMEA Guidelines

    Really hope directors are keeping a close eye on rules & regulations needed in rehearsal... Already saw a video on social media of kids on break not distancing, and one wasn’t wearing a mask. Not naming names because honestly this isn’t a “call out post”, just voicing a possible concern that’s going to become more and more present in the coming weeks. (Before anyone asks why I was following a kid in the first place, I was in high school just last year lol) Edit: And now, photos from a band fundraiser where some kids were not wearing masks while being right next to each other. This kind of stuff is exactly why I don’t think it’s safe to have a season.
  11. trombobble


    Phew, I don’t know if a competition could have 15 bands at once. That’s a little high for a competition these days.
  12. trombobble

    New KMEA Guidelines

    I apologize for jumping to conclusions.
  13. trombobble

    New KMEA Guidelines

    Please define what you mean by wrong, because if your definition of wrong is canceling large-scale regional and NATIONWIDE competition, then I have to sorely disagree lol
  14. trombobble

    SMBC 2020 Location

    New location: our basements, gently weeping as we try to figure out for the 10th time how to play our 2018 HD-DVDs
  15. trombobble

    Corona Talk