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  1. I have absolutely zero idea why, but this song was what I immediately thought of. Honestly, some selective sampling of this could make for the world’s most intense percussion feature lol
  2. I’m not saying anything said is unwarranted because I’m clearly missing some context but man… I really fear the day I graduate and get hired somewhere and it’s announced on here. I don’t know if I’ll be able to handle the confused reacts and “who?” replies.
  3. Ben Lay has been hired at West Jessamine
  4. That was my very first thought. Hope that someone who’s able to make quick decisions and good ones at that is able to come in quick. It’d be a shame for the students otherwise.
  5. If you think these are boomer takes you should join a drum corps group on Facebook lol
  6. But it’s always so fun to see if they attempt a staggered 7/8 marching or a really off 4/4 every quarter note lol
  7. Meant to say too thick with too much bass, as in the synth patch’s sound. Honestly, I think having an electric bass would be 10x the alternative that having a cranked synth is. The next band I see that has a synth louder than any instrument of the woodwind family will be the death of me. But sadly, that’s what I anticipate happening 🥴
  8. I'm especially excited for the left hand doubling the tuba part to be slammed with the velocity of a semi truck on a patch that somehow sounds thin and too thick with bass. /s
  9. I don’t think the hybrid system itself is a farce, but the way they have it set it up now sure is close. Band size SHOULD account, but at some point you’re making exceptions for the exceptionally rare case that hurts others to do so for.
  10. With the 2021 season already having begun with rehearsals and with band camps to happen soon, I thought it would be fun to make a thread and see what everyone’s hopes are for the season, and what they expect to happen Hope? -A return to fundamentals, visually and musically. -More non-pop music based shows. -No shows about hope or perseverance that are a heavy-handed response to COVID. -For classes to be shaken up completely. -UNIQUE SHOWS. There’s not much reason not to do something out of field just to try it. I’m hoping directors take some chances and exp
  11. Cumberland County - Not All Who Wander... Musical selections from James Horner (Avatar), Mary Chapin Carpenter, Eric Carmen, Sergei Rachmaninoff, and Michael Giacchino (LOST). Anyone know anyone else? It seems awfully close to camp for most of this to not be out there by now.
  12. Well that could be varying levels of weird depending on the context of how/why the image and repertoire were made and how/why they’re on here now. 🥴
  13. That opener alone is... ambitious. To say the least. I thought their 2019 music was noticeably easier compared to 2018, so it’s interesting to see a reversal when it’s all too common to play music that’s clean and good a week or two into competition only to barely improve. If their kids can handle the challenge, I’m super excited to see that they’re pushing their personal envelope.
  14. Annnd I can’t tell if there’s some joke I’m missing or if he actually is. Either way.... that adds some intrigue into the world.
  15. Am I being a conspiracist or is there a very noticeable excess of meta shows about winning already? South Laurel’s Dark Horse (I’m assuming alluding to the fact that no body expected them to win, like how 2019 was about being at the top), Bourbon County’s Reign, and whatever this is that PLD is doing. I’m just going off names and assumptions, so I could be completely off the target.
  16. Considering Thomas Nelson and Nelson are both looking for directors (I believe so at least on Nelson, may have misunderstood and apologize if so) I’d be highly surprised to see either make it, which makes September 18th a little less packed to the brim. However, there’s still a few weekends on here that made me raise my brow.
  17. I could actually see this mashed up with something else and working really well. Maybe something classical? Nature vs. technology? Ah, I’m getting too involved with the idea. Let me stop while I’m ahead.
  18. This sucks so bad for the students in the program. I hope KMEA will consider lifting or shortening the ban under a new director.
  19. As a current music ed major, I can say that a massive problem with the culture is that half the people that go to college for music ed do so because they loved being in high school marching band, not because they love teaching and music. Now I could go on about how this is a side affect of directors only pushing marching band, specifically the competitive aspect, but I digress. Of course, over half of those people realistically get filtered out and don’t make it to student teaching, much less a classroom. But plenty still do. And it’s becoming more and more of a problem
  20. This exactly! They should be open about which way they’re leaning, whether that be virtual, hybrid fully in person, no competition, etc. Even if it’s not final, it’s more helpful then nothing.
  21. Yeah, it’s a total non-statement. Like, dude, we already assumed you were meeting and discussing it lol
  22. Watched the livestream as well as the Barren one. With the Beechwood livestream allowing a one hour block for each band with lots of critique time and a second performance, I was able to catch everyone’s performance at both from the safety and comfort of my home. Personally, I found South Laurel and GRC to be the strongest from Beechwood, and Russell County the strongest from Barren. Obviously, with the conditions provided, no one was quite as polished as usual. But given the circumstances, I feel like basically everyone really did do great. Especially considering many of the bands s
  23. There’s a LOT of schools who have been in the red and should’ve been completely shut down by now. But that’s none of my business...
  24. Any news about the Barren show or a livestream for that?
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