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  1. John Harris

    2019 Job board

    There is an E in cringey, cringmaster.
  2. John Harris

    2019 Job board

    You guys say all you want. I know "first hand" who Trevor is and what he's all about. I stand by what I said. As Batman said to the Joker.....I know who you are
  3. John Harris

    2019 Job board

    Wow Central. Well, we all make mistakes. Hope your hire doesn't hurt the program beyond repair.
  4. John Harris

    State Concert Assessment

    Wow, are you kidding or what?
  5. John Harris

    There has to be a better way

    Welcome to KMEA. Just think how you will feel if you spend numerous years trying to figure out their system !
  6. John Harris

    Job Board 2017

    Oh my, I can't even begin.
  7. John Harris

    Job Board 2017

    Well, Tim isn't retired from his college job yet, as far as I know, but a number of long time directors are leaving the business for sure.
  8. John Harris

    Job Board 2017

    And how about the former students of Tim Allen! Another great band director and teacher.
  9. You would have to get that info from each of the district audition managers. I'm not sure each manager would be willing to provide the info. If you tracked down the appropriate person from each district, and they agreed to provide the info, they could give you the number of kids from each school who made the various district bands. It would take a little "contact work" and willingness from the audition managers.
  10. You're pretty perceptive godsend. I'd probably like you better if instead of pointing out totally stupid stuff, you simply never said ANYTHING. LOL
  11. That is correct. This IS last year's list. Final auditions for the 2017 band are 12/10.
  12. John Harris

    Prayer Request

    I am sorry to hear this news. My prayers go out to the family. I know God will take care of them.
  13. IMHO, even in the BEST years, KY never had bands like some of those from TX or even Indy. But.............being this close to Indy, we are in a great spot to see Grand Nats thanks to the BOA/Indy partnership !
  14. John Harris

    PASIC 2016

    Anyone going to PASIC ?
  15. John Harris

    MSBA AAA Championship

    That's great. Glad you had that experience.