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  1. BandMom78

    New KMEA Guidelines

    Because of COVID? Or other reasons? I love their marching band.
  2. BandMom78

    New KMEA Guidelines

    Any other updates?
  3. BandMom78

    New KMEA Guidelines

    That’s sad, but understandable. What class were each in?
  4. BandMom78

    Corona Talk

    I agree to be respectful of the decisions made and I’m in no way hoping to have a season and put kids and everyone else at risk. I’m just showing that KY is close to entering phase 1. I work in healthcare and the health and safety of others is the number one priority. I apologize if I came off that way, I absolutely did not mean to.
  5. BandMom78

    Corona Talk

    Here is what Beshear said yesterday: https://www.wlwt.com/article/beshear-says-ky-has-plateaued-but-warns-another-covid-19-spike-could-come-anytime/32229244
  6. BandMom78

    Corona Talk

    I like how you give where you find your facts. It’s very helpful. Let’s keep striving for those and hoping we have a season this year!
  7. BandMom78

    Lafayette 9/14

    Check this out and let’s see if you feel the same about Beechwood: I do agree that Beechwood seems hungry to take that championship back from last Saturday.
  8. BandMom78

    2A 2019

    I found this today:
  9. BandMom78

    2A 2019

    Has anyone seen Murray or Beechwood’s show this year?
  10. BandMom78

    Ryle Tournament of Bands - 9/21

    What do you know bdit? Since they beat Beechwood at state last year...just curious.
  11. BandMom78

    By The Numbers:

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but color guard doesn’t count towards the enrolled members if they are moving to the new classes (kind of based on BOA guidelines). So some of the numbers listed for 2018 include the guard in their total band members and wouldn’t be accurate. Again, I am somewhat new to this, so please correct me if I’m wrong in any aspect.
  12. BandMom78

    Clear Bags?

    Email from our band director: A note from KMEA: Parking at Kroger Field is free and clear bags are not required. Spectators may also bring in umbrellas.
  13. BandMom78

    AAA Semifinals - Boyle County

    Any kind you want to give! 😂
  14. BandMom78

    AAA Semifinals - Boyle County

    Who will be at this contest to give us updates?